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Altair Club Cars NFS Heat Polestar One Heat 5 Cop Chase Trouble

NFS Heat Polestar One Heat 5 Cop Chase Trouble

Well hi ! Seems like this is a good day to get yet again into some cop chase trouble in nfs heat ! Grabbing the keys to polestar one and here we go !

To sleep well as might mean either lack for this new haircut so today we’re gonna take our revenge on the cops that killed us last time and we will obtain a new piece on heat five here 400 plus alright let’s see what you guys can do get off out of my way oh we have 400 yeah so much skill on you guys i will get you in venture i just need to get through all this

Traffic there is no palm city without the traffic it might facetime oh never clara does hold up though okay just one more place to overtake i have no bonus nos potential for a guy to overtake me i mean i really want to get that guy i want to kick-start this video oh yeah like that we both smashed an ambulance no problem especially doing this quarantine yeah

Try to catch me now bro i just had bought into that go go go go go go go go go don’t let anything stop you i’m putting you guys to shame literally no man come on that was not the way that was not the way those not the way we passed me down 500 meters remaining i’m sweating my ass is sweating there you go hit level three of course just just on you i’m telling

You i’m gonna own everyone in this video everyone there’s a copy there’s a cop in there goddamnit oh all the boys sure already escaped ok suck you will suck this video suck this video what don’t suck my video the moment of truth yeah my face so many comes around so many cups around you guys see them you’re just lurking around there look at that guy already

Catching me and stop already thinking he could catch me let’s jump over the ceiling i thought i would almost grab their crash to come i don’t know how i just don’t know yeah go get it on escaping do it you’re bad you bad night all the cars lining up to catch me they won’t pull star 1 don’t just don’t crash that’s all that’s all i need do not freaking crash snap

Back to reality oh there goes gravity oh there goes a video little bell 500 meters remaining going with another wing poster one better than lamborghini or mclaren thanks oh i almost crashed there in effect anymore eat that boy yeah you take a minute careful there’s a cop in there there was a bump entrapped oh he poor finally so i’m getting to fight see this

Is so easy now i mustered enough frustration that i could not get my piece last video that now i will end you guys here’s me talking about my rear bumper is falling man i crashed like really hard oh man i cannot stop i’m gonna lose the race no i’m losing i’m losing no no no ok i repaired i repair with the park it’s traffic is like relentless dude i’m a crash

You and myself are the same time apparently i’ma win this time oh into some win this no i’m not gonna win this we need repair now and hopefully not in direction of cops here i go the repairs left good wait i need money for this man regret that currently trying to evade some cops there’s so many oh boy helicopters okay we’re not gonna brag an escape which is

Not gonna escape right now but we’ll give our best to shake them off right no incoming oh wow i did not take that much damage as i expected yeah it’s fine it’s fine we can still do it we can still do it oh boy traffic’s traffic’s rafacz traffic’s are another rhino jesus christ the second i feel no no i repaired again these guys are very dangerous well this

Corvettes are really aggressive but i think you’re also reckless can i escape can i escape and i’m trying to move so fast another rhino successfully evaded then there’s so many oh there’s a window there’s a window a window of opportunity yeah you do that well where did that guy come from then man i did not expect to crest like that go go go go go yeah no rhino

I will after your crash i need to drop you all in the lake rhino coming from there dude no again dude god dang it dude god dang it i am not supposed to get this part with this car they just don’t allow me to the cops are insane with this car i don’t know why but it has like a curse so if you enjoyed my second fail of getting some part click the subscribe button

I will see you guys next time and hopefully we will defeat the cops once and for all with a post our 1 thanks love watching proofs

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NFS Heat Polestar One Heat 5 Cop Chase Trouble By Ruffyx

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