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Altair Club Cars New Volvo CEO Wants To REIMAGINE Cars Forever

New Volvo CEO Wants To REIMAGINE Cars Forever

The future of Volvo is here and in this video about electric cars we’ll take a look at how Volvo’s new CEO wants to reimagine cars forever with a Volvo concept car that looks like a futuristic car from the future. Jim Rowan is the new CEO of Volvo Cars and Volvo revealed new plans to win the electric car market. What does the future of cars look like? And what does the future of Volvo look like? Let’s have a look.

The era of cars powered by petrol or diesel engines is gradually coming to an end if you don’t know that you should probably come out from under that rock and take a look at the roads the introduction of electric cars and their gradual induction into society is in full swing and in this video we’ll check out volvo’s plan to go all in and risk everything when did

Volvo make this decision and what does it mean for you and the future of volvo and not only that but the entire car market since volvo plays a big role in it join us as we explore volvo’s recent unexpected decision to get you on track with the topic the original volvo group was established in 1915 as a subsidiary of volvo skf a ball bearing manufacturer however

Both the volvo group and volvo cars consider the rollout of volvo’s first cars the volvo evia 4 which took place on april 14 1927 as their beginning the volvo group was mainly focused on the production distribution and sales of buses heavy duty trucks and construction equipment they also supply marine and industrial drive systems along with offering financial

Services but that isn’t volvo will be focused on in this video volvo being discussed as volvo cars which was originally a subsidiary a volvo group until 1999 when the volvo group sold its automobile division volvo cars to ford motor company however in 2010 ford motor company sold the loss making volvo cars to volvo geely when volvo cars were made volvo had one

Major goal cars are driven by people the guiding principle behind every everything we make at volvo therefore is and must remain safety with that in mind every car made by this automaker was centered on being safe for both the driver the passengers and the pedestrians after volvo’s first car series the volvo fvf4 they decided to produce closed-top and cabriolet

Vehicles which were built to remain durable in the swedish climate and terrain the volvo pv44 passenger car entered production in 1947 being the smallest volvo yet and was to take a huge share of volvo production while spearheading their move into the profitable american market the first volvos came into the united states in 1955 after hardware wholesaler leo

Hirsch started distributing cars in california with time texas was added and by 1956 volvo began importing cars to the u.s north america and has constantly provided volvo with their main outlet since when volvo cars became a part of ford motor company’s premier automotive group pag along with jaguar ashton martin and land rover the automaker began to expand its

Range of vehicles significantly after ford motor company sold jaguar land rover in 2008 to tata motors of india volvo decided to keep volvo cars at first despite mounting losses and major economic downturns however that decision changed with time a sales price of 6 billion dollars was put out for volvo there were a lot of rumored buyers like bmw agf germany many

Russian and chinese investors and other manufacturers but volvo geely holding group was ultimately selected to take over the swedish automaker by 2015 volvo cars managed to sell over half a million cars for the first time in its 89-year history with volvo reporting strong sales from all three core global regions sales in europe increased by 10 percent in 2015 to

269 000 cars representing more than 50 percent of the total global volume volvo’s rival in the u.s gained momentum as sales went up 24 in 2015 while china was flat amid a challenging sales environment but sales increased by 11 in the fourth quarter there is no doubt that volvo cars have been doing very well for itself especially since gilly holden group purchased

Them however it seems like volvo has other plans for its future like switching to electric cars this leads to the first question when did volvo make this decision in july 2017 the car company announced that starting from 2019 all of its new models will have an electric motor in their powertrain this was a really big announcement and its implementation could mean

That volvo cars would become the first manufacturer to end the production of vehicles with purely internal combustion engines volvo planned to launch five fully electrified cars between 2019 and 2021. three of which were volvo models and the other two being high performance electrified cars from pole star volvo cars performance car arm according to volvo these

Five cars were to be supplemented by a range of petrol and diesel plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid 48 volt options on all models which represent one of the largest electrified car offerings of any automaker at the time this meant that there would be no volvo cars without an electric motor in the future as cars with pure internal combustion engines were gradually

Phased out and replaced with cars that combined an internal combustion engine with electrified options according to the president and chief executive of volvo hawken samuelson this announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine powered car volvo cars have stated that it plans to have sold a total of 1 million electrified cars by 2025. when we said

It we meant it this is how we’re going to do it well that seemed like a great line of action for volvo the plan changed in 2021 when volvo decided that it will convert its entire lineup to become powered by batteries by 2030 as volvo would no longer sell cars with internal combustion engines this decision came along with a bunch of other automakers who also have

A similar plan for example general motors said sometime last year that it would go all-electric by 2035 and ford motor company also said last year that it would sell only battery-powered vehicle vehicles in europe as of 2030 the maker of jaguar luxury cars also made a similar promise other automakers like bmw audi and mercedes-benz haven’t set expiration dates

For internal combustion models just yet as they fear unsettling buyers of gasoline vehicles however they’re no longer investing as much into internal combustion engines and are working towards producing vehicles that can compete with tesla electric models these plans have been in the works for volvo cars for a while now and that didn’t change when volvo got a new

Ceo in 2022 in the person of jim rowan who was a firm advocate for electric cars this brings us to the second question what does it mean for you and volvo’s future the original announcement made in 2017 emphasizes volvo carr’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact while making the cities of the future cleaner this car company is focused on minimizing

The carbon emissions of its products and operations and they aim to have climate neutral manufacturing operations by 2025. this also falls in the line with the state of the automobile industry which has been leaning towards vehicle electrification for years however the shift has gotten a new sense of urgency following president joe biden’s election combined with

His commitment to fighting climate change this has raised expectations that the united states will provide the kind of incentives that assist in making electric cars the fastest growing segment of the european market in 2020. in july it was reported that volvo carr’s upcoming electric flagship would serve as the start of a shift for the automaker to become

A truly electric only automaker according to the new ceo jim rowan the shift to fully electric vehicles will pay off for volvo furthermore he believes that even though a lot of car makers would prefer to take their time with the transition tesla inc has found major success in the ev market so there’s no reason why volvo can follow suit he also stated that the

Biggest challenge would be making it evident that volvo is a compelling electric only automaker and that volvo plans to reveal the electric flagship suv soon which will be one of the primary keys to making that happen volvo is very serious about its plans to only make electric vehicles by 2030. however for them to get to that point volvo has set a goal of 2025 as

The halfway point this means a lot of things need to happen within the next few years as volvo still makes largely gas-powered vehicles they also offer plenty of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles but its electric only efforts have been somewhat limited regardless the current ceo is pretty confident that volvo can achieve its goals though he’s certain that every

Single decision made by volvo from this point forward will be made with its goals constantly in mind jim rowan added that this isn’t just about individuals wanting an electric car to save the environment instead there’s a certain expectation that comes with any new technology as they hope it will improve and make people’s lives easier the new ceo sees electric

Vehicles more as the next generation of automobiles than simply electric cars for the sake of being electric cars

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