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Altair Club Cars NEW Uber Pro Card For Drivers Announced | Will It Be Worth It?

NEW Uber Pro Card For Drivers Announced | Will It Be Worth It?

🎇Save up to 65¢ per gallon! Free app:

Uber just made the announcement on their new uber pro card which is giving drivers more cash back on gas and ev charging let’s talk about it right now hey everyone my name is chris and welcome to the rideshare guy so uber is launching a new uber pro card and they are partnering with marketa mastercard and branch for faster payments to drivers and cash back on

Ev charging and gas so in the press release this is what it said uber today announced a new partnership with marketa mastercard and branch to power the uber pro card which is an enhanced loyalty and payment experience that will help drivers and couriers save on gas fees and other expenses it’s built for drivers and couriers the uber pro card offers customized

Perks including up to 10 cash back on gas and up to 12 on ev charging now when it comes to cash back on gas and ev charging that’s always welcome no matter what one of the big things too is make sure you download the upside app because you can save money at the pump on top of the fuel savings that you could get if you use the uber pro card link’s gonna be in the

Description and enter ride 35 to save up to 65 cents off per gallon when you first fill up now i just want to make a disclaimer the 10 cash back on gas or 12 on ev charging is not going to be for everybody who has a uber one card basically you have to be a diamond rewards member in order to claim the up to 10 percent when it comes to cash back on gas and 12 on

Ev charging so it’s probably going to be a step tiered so if you’re blue if you’re gold if you’re diamond it’s all going to be different ones and so just make sure you are aware of that what are the other benefits of the card is that you will be able to set up a branch account which will be able to allow you to cash out after every single ride or delivery you’ll

Have that money in your account for your charge so the question is is it worth it now harry recently did an interview with the founder of lean which is a similar product of where drivers can get paid after the job is complete transferred it into their bank with no extra cost so if you want to check that out as well i’ll leave a link in the description to that video

Now the card itself does come with a business checking account that is through branch and that is the way that drivers can essentially get paid after every single trip and that again is going to be free of charge now it also comes with this thing called backup balance feature and that’s essentially where drivers and couriers can get up to 150 anytime they might

Need it now i’m sure there’s going to be some restrictions on that so if you want to read the fine print on that you definitely can now the uber pro card is packed with some other features which is going to include a debit mastercard business card mastercard easy savings which is a rebate program rewards small business owners when they spend in a mastercard receipt

Management in addition to advanced security features including master mastercard id theft protection and 24 7 365 global emergency services so that is the new announcement that they had made when it comes to their uber pro card and as i said is it worth it what are you gonna do are you going to look at getting one are you not what’s your thoughts comment below and

Let us know all right so if you want more information on the upside app you might not know how to use it we’ve been talking about it because it is a great free app for you to download well check out this video right here it is going to give you a full tutorial on how to use it how to redeem and how to get your cash back also make sure you subscribe ring the bell

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NEW Uber Pro Card For Drivers Announced | Will It Be Worth It? By The Rideshare Guy

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