new truck 2014 gmc sierra 1500 s
Altair Club Cars NEW TRUCK 2014 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLT | New Crew Cab Daily Driver

NEW TRUCK 2014 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLT | New Crew Cab Daily Driver

I bought me a new truck! It’s a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab SLT. This truck has a lot of cool features. Leather seats, Intelilink infotainment with bluetooth stereo, Pandora internet radio, navigation and back-up camera. It’s a 2WD truck with the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 and the 6 speed 6L60E transmission.

I got me a new daily driver 2014 gmc sierra sle tv now it’s actually used to me it’s used i bought it with only it was just shy at eighty four hundred miles on it so this thing it’s a lot fancier than i am i mean it’s it’s a fancy pants kind of truck you see on the front here we got the i think all the new gmc s have projector beam headlamps however this one has

The kind of halo led lights just under the projector lamp you don’t see we’ve got the front parking assist which is damn handy let me tell you what real handy to have the color i can’t remember a charcoal gray metallic i think is what they called it at the 20 inch wheels now this took it’s a little bit different than my 2007 gmc i have the crew cab with the shorty

The shorty short bed as i call it it’s the five and a half foot bed my last my oh seven gmc was an extended cab with the six and a half foot bed and i went when i was shopping for a new truck i went back and forth trying to decide if i wanted to stick with the six and a half foot bed or if the five and a half foot was adequate enough for me and then this truck

Came up i hadn’t made that decision and then this i found this truck the price was good i talked them down a little bit more and so i went with this one so and i’m happy with it so far i haven’t missed the six and a half foot bed there may come a time when i do miss it but so far i haven’t and like i said this truck is used and the previous owner had a line-x

Bedliner sprayed in so it’s not the cheap factory spray and it’s a you know legitimate actual line-x does have the backup camera i can’t believe it took them this long to put backup cameras and pickups i think they’ve had them for at least a few years now but i know they’ve been on cars longer net easy lift and lower tailgate which is you know kind of neat and

Let’s see power sliding rear window he’s got the rear park assist as well which is pretty handy the cameras cameras better than these little sensors on here but nonetheless it’s it’s handy and i you know i do pay attention to stuff like that when i back it up so completely unmolested other than the spray in bedliner bone-stock so let’s look at the inside real quick

We go leather interior i still have the seat covers from io7 i might put those on wasn’t a big deal to me but it’s kind of nice this truck only has the heated seats i did drive an slt that had the air-conditioned seats and man i’ll tell you what you don’t know heaven till you’ve sat in air-conditioned seats especially in texas where i live so but i only get the

Heated seats so i may get to use those once or twice in january/february so over here this is kind of neat power folding side mirrors might come in handy send this back so a full crew cab that cupholders there might a seven had cupholders down here which was i think handier than this i guess this works better for backseat passengers but for me i could just reach

Back here put a drink in there you know if i had a bunch of cups or something laying around so no it no entertainment system don’t need any of that no dvd it might actually have dvd capabilities up here in the dash but there’s certainly nothing up there sunroof might be kind of nice and in texas certainly not during the summer at a rosca climate inside we have

The 8-inch infotainment system the intellilink here’s some of my fancy buttons down here that’s for the parking this is actually turn that on so we get the standard cab lights up there on the roof we also have some little leds on there there that’s really cool it’s little things like that that i think cool you know leather seats some kind of whatever about them

Sunroof kind of a whatevs about that as well but stupid little led lights under the bed or pretty handy since i actually use my truck as a truck so a lot of steering wheel controls i guess i do have a heated steering wheel i guess we’ll try that once or twice in january along with the heated seats lastly i want to mention i know everybody’s looking for videos on

The c10 project i hear you i’ve seen it in the view count i have been posting a lot of videos of helping my buddy with his chopper project i know that hasn’t gained a whole lot of traction and i have received a few comments on some of those videos what you know when are we going to see more see 10 videos those are coming i’ve got footage i’ve got raw footage that

Needs to be edited and i’ve got some future plans that are coming up pretty soon they’re probably going to be before i do anything to this truck but those will be coming up pretty darn soon so i just want to let y’all know that i hear you you know i know that’s what you want to see and i’m going to give it to you so but as far as this video i think i’m finished i

Just wanted to share this i’m excited about my new pickup so i appreciate you watching and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe

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NEW TRUCK! 2014 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLT | New Crew Cab Daily Driver By milkcrate82

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