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Altair Club Cars NEW TROOP Clash of Clans TH15 UPDATE – Electro TITAN

NEW TROOP Clash of Clans TH15 UPDATE – Electro TITAN

NEW TROOP! Clash of Clans TH15 UPDATE – Electro TITAN!

Foreign welcome once again fellow fans of clash of clans it’s another sneak peek it is your host galadon thank you so much for choosing to stop by the video as today could be the final sneak peek it says right here we saved the most shocking new revelation of the update for last and here we go most of you have seen the new barracks by now we only have one and it

Has a strange new appearance to it on the top because it will now unleash the electro titan now i’m gonna be really honest with you guys i haven’t made up my mind about this new troop yet i can’t decide if she’s terrible or if she’s amazing i’m really on the fence and i’m hoping you guys can help me out by the time we’ve reached the end of this video we’ll have a

Little bit of an opinion but remember it’s one of those things you can’t really tell until you’ve had a chance to use her and the professionals have put her to use and i i just i don’t know 32 housing space it feels like she’s either going to be op amazing new meta or she’s just going to fall by the wayside and be useless i i just i don’t know and again i’m trying

To be honest with you guys like i always am now look at this she has 8 200 hit points at level three that is an insane amount of hit points she is in massive huge tank no no wait jokes not trying to put her down just saying look at her compared to a pekka way bigger than the pekka more hit points than a level six lava hound and about as many hit points as a level

11 golem that is absolutely insane and you know what else is insane trying to win battles with just electro titans that is what we are going to do in just a moment but let’s take her out on the developer battlefield and show you something very special about her ability and this is something i didn’t see until i recorded this look at the aura and look at what she

Does she’s absolutely destroying buildings without even touching them she is going to cause massive hit point damage to everybody around her this is actually pretty cool and uh it it immediately kind of changed my opinion and i thought wait a minute holy yeah that that’s that’s crazy let’s drop them all and send them in after this is my mini town hall 15 tester

Developer build base right so i was going to end the clip right there but i thought and let’s go over here and see what happens when a gazillion electro titans face off against a few town hall 15 defenses well let’s just say the aura is really cool watch the buildings that are just ahead of the group of electro titans get destroyed before they even get there the

Low hit point buildings go almost instantaneously it is cool to watch it is going to be a whole new destruction for quote unquote trash buildings as the electro titans so much as get near them and they wipe them out look at the barracks go goodbye barracks town hall is next and oh man so this you know honestly when i saw this it sort of improved my esteem of the

Electro titan i’m hoping always every time we see a new update that i see some new exciting outside the box stuff and i’ll admit in this update i was a little bit disappointed by the new town hall and the new walls i didn’t see anything exciting there other than the visual change to the giga inferno i was hoping i was really hoping but i have been for like six

Years now that they would do something interesting and different with the walls rather than just another level and more expensive i understand okay fine so we did that and we’re going to have to grind through 200 walls but check it out as they work their way down now they’re both attacking the expo but look at the damage to the clan castle oh man uh this is just

This is going to be interesting to watch and again in the hands of the professionals it’s going to be way different we obviously have to wait and see what types of uses they could have have but the question right now is are they op are they going to be so strong that you could just bring an entire army of them and wipe out maxed out bases so we tried it a couple

Of times against some of the brand new town hall 15 base layouts i just kind of spammed them down the line from the left and the right and drop the spells in i wasn’t really careful about the spells just to see if this is an attack that could crush and obviously again mtcc on defense not necessarily the best base design but it looks like actually this is probably

What i would expect this is going to be around 68 to 70 percent or somewhere in between at the end of the attack and that’s probably about fair for a fully spammed army of a brand new troop you know sometimes back in the old days we saw witches hog riders even boulders just running over bases when they were first released and you can understand that the clash team

Would rather make a troop too strong wrong rather than too weak when it first comes out for obvious reasons and players hopefully will give it a try and see how it works and it feels pretty balanced right now but at the same time sometimes balance can be boring right i mean you know sometimes hope for a complete meta change and there will be obviously a huge meta

Change on defense because we have the monolith and the spell towers and those are going to spell out a different meta for sure it’s obviously going to have to change you’re going to have to deal with that monolith somehow freeze and viz skeletons bats i don’t know but yes hopefully we will also see people step away from solid air and air and nothing else but lava

Hounds and that sort of attack because lalo has been played out for like the what past two years now it’s been out of control almost ever since the beginning of town hall 14. now this was just two of the many attacks that i tried using spamming the electro titans i tried to get you guys a three star it didn’t happen it just couldn’t be done so my opinion is they’re

Definitely not op but the question is are they up are they underpowered now this is a war attack from a test war where a bunch of us who had the developer build got together and ward each other to try out new strategies new troops new siege machines and of course face the new defenses now i will have a lot more more of these replays in coming days where we can take

A look at some of the greatest attackers trying the brand new town hall 15 troops and defenses and see how things go overall i would say that the number of three stars was really low town hall 15 is going to be significantly harder than town hall 14 was but you know what i think that’s good in fact i was talking about this in a live stream the other day i would

Love to see the difficulty returned to clash of clans and what i mean is it would be so cool if top town hall 15 players were struggling to get two stars if a three star was a unicorn you almost never saw triples and a 70 2 star was considered a solid victory and people were happy about it if anybody is out there who played back in the early days of town hall 10

You’ll remember that even the greatest players in the world would occasionally lose an attack and that was a lot of fun to see i think that is the excitement the pressure that nervousness that you feel every time you attack are you going to win do you have to go for a safe one star are you gonna stretch it and try to get a high percentage two star i would love to

See that come back to town hall 15 but i’ll be honest with you i don’t think that the clash of clans team wants that i think they want it to be relatively easy for players so the average everyday clasher can be winning consistently and that’s fine i understand but it’s just not quite as heart racing edge of your seat exciting as it was back in the day when you

Had to sweat every single attack and even like i said global leaderboard players would worry if they were going to fail an attack so we can just think back to those days and know that clash will never be like that we have to look forward and anticipate town hall 16 now right okay maybe okay it’s not quite time to talk about town hall 16. give me give me like two

Weeks and and i’ll be on it okay but yes remember also gem to max is coming we are going to do our best and i’m not making a solemn promise that we will gem to to fully maxed town hall 15 with those 200 brand new walls but i will try i will see how far we can get i’ll be honest i have not run any calculations or even estimations as to how many resources and how

Many books and how many runes and how many hammers it’s going to take to max everything out i know i have plenty of books for everything but books are not the issue it’s going to be resources that’s going to be the issue and how many millions and millions and actually uh technically billions of gold and elixir it’s going to require to max everything out but i hope

You guys are going to stay tuned i hope you are going to watch it and i’m going to go out on a limb and say that i predict gem to max ends similarly to this attack okay just when it looked like you had everything there was just a couple of things we couldn’t quite get done but we’ll see i am excited for town hall 15. let me know your thoughts down in the comments

Thank you galifam for watching once again all the way to the end of the episode you are my true hashtag galifam that is why i love think about and appreciate every single one of you every single day get out there make the best recipe i’ll see you back here again tomorrow for more full attacks what’s an electrifying update right

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NEW TROOP! Clash of Clans TH15 UPDATE – Electro TITAN! By Galadon Gaming

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