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Altair Club Cars NEW Porsche Macan GTS Review: Great Or Good?

NEW Porsche Macan GTS Review: Great Or Good?

Rory reviews the new Porsche Macan GTS… But gets more than a helping hand from a new face on the channel, Alexandra Legouix, who talks us through the car’s finer points. But can the duo reach a consensus?

This is the porsche mccann gts the fastest most powerful version of porsche’s most popular crossover it’s got a six cylinder engine it’ll do naughty 62 in 4.3 seconds 169 miles an hour flat out it’s orange and it’s it’s good thanks for watching don’t forget to like subscribe hit the bell icon and i will see you on the next one peace ah rory alex that’s it that’s

Your review it’s good well it is good people aren’t stupid they know what a mccann is it’s just it’s a good mechanic right keys what do you mean well if you can’t be bothered then why don’t you get someone else to do it someone a bit more professional do you know someone oh come on please well you what do you reckon you could yeah you’ve got places to be you’re

Very important now rory reid you’re actually going to do this i am going to do it on my channel yes better than you all right but i’m watching you good watch and learn buddy steering wheels on that side suck your face i am watching you good hi everyone i’m alexandra leguin so yes this is the porsche mccann gts which replaces the older mccann turbo and yeah

It is good but there’s more to it than that what is it well this is the newest version of the mccann with the biggest most powerful engine on the lineup which can only mean one thing it’s fast how fast i think we should find out so if you turn the knob on the steering wheel into sport plus mode put your foot heavy on the brake your other foot heavy on the

Accelerator launch control activated my goodness hey yes porsche oh my word naught 62 in 4.3 seconds oh yes i think we can safely say that rory got it wrong when it comes to acceleration this car is not good it’s incredible but the performance is pretty much to be expected because this car doesn’t come cheap the entry-level mccann costs just under 50 grand

But this one costs 66 000 pounds most of that money goes into the engine and a higher level of standard equipment but there are other areas that porsche have upgraded if you look closely i think you’ll notice that it looks slightly meaner than the normal mccann all of the models have this big aggressive front grille but the gts just looks cooler with these dark

Led headlights nice 21 inch dark satin gloss wheels with the red brake calipers nice nod to the gts there with that badge and if you come around to the rear nice black roof spoiler black exhaust and this light i love this light spanning the rear of the car yeah it’s it’s good isn’t it like i said at the beginning i thought you had somewhere to be i did but

I came back what to say i told you so yeah but also to get your opinion it’s incredible no incredibles way too strong a word it is merely good and i’ll tell you why the price it’s 16 grand more than a standard mccann do you know what you could buy for 16 grand an entire new car let alone a lot but it has almost everything that you’d want almost everything you’d

Want this pain 700 quid yeah the tinted glass at the front 320 quid okay another problem open the boot if you can you found it no one ever finds it right look this nine pounds they charge you for a first aid kit that seems all right to me this boot though it’s it’s not great is it no but it is good for god’s sake your words rory read your words carry on i

Don’t think anyone rory included could argue the interior isn’t good too it’s more sporty than the standard car thanks to plenty of alcantara a newly designed steering wheel and plenty of tech including apple carplay on a nice big 10.9 inch touchscreen and lots of fancy capacitive buttons that are actually quite easy to use it’s also spacious enough for a family

Of four with heated seats up front and isofix in the rear the thing i really like about the mccann gts is that it’s really nice to drive it is so fast and because it’s a porsche it is an awful lot of fun i think what i like most is the steering is so responsive it’s a little bit like driving a racing car nice smooth gear changes as well and you can of course

Put it into automatic if you want to make life a little bit easier or use these paddle shifts just behind the steering wheel if you want to have a bit more fun being a porsche the gts is a lot of fun to drive in the corners it has sticky tires and chunky wheels that give you plenty of grip it also has great breaks coated in a special tungsten carbide material

To reduce rusting and make them feel stronger for longer there’s also a ton of technology to keep it facing in the right direction if you get a bit too enthusiastic it’s fast but also safe one thing i don’t particularly like is that it’s just not quite as comfortable as the normal mccann it has these big wheels and the suspension is a good 10 millimeters lower

Than the original car which means you can really feel all the potholes in the road this is especially true if you keep the car in either sport or sport plus modes where the suspension steering and engine are in their most aggressive settings but thankfully in normal mode everything calms down nicely and is pretty easy to live with that is what i like most about

The mccann gts is the fact that it just does everything so well of course the standard mccann is better value for money but honestly if you can afford the souped up version then why not buy it it’s beautiful to look at incredible to drive and so fast so yeah porsche mccann gts it’s not just good it’s really good you

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