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Altair Club Cars NEW Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT SUPER SUV Review | Carfection 4K

NEW Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT SUPER SUV Review | Carfection 4K

Henry Catchpole drives the range-topping 631bhp Cayenne Turbo GT.

This is the sportiest cayenne or cayenne coupe to date in fact porsche is so confident of its motorsport performance that it is for the first time an suv with two very significant letters in its name welcome to the porsche cayenne coupe turbo gt i know i know i’m sorry i can tell some of you are absolutely seething and i i get it i get it why have they done it

The people that create the gt3 andreas proning and his team why have they put their name to a cayenne coupe it’s just it’s unnecessary and i can i can feel the outrage not since porsche decided to create the cayenne in the first place has there been so much hue and cry pointless needless it’s actually quite good i’m sorry it is i nothing would give me more

Pleasure than to say that this was the automotive equivalent of dad dancing that you know the gt department was writing checks that the cayenne can’t cash but it’s it’s it’s really quite i’m sorry it’s good i can’t lie you know it’s it works it’s like a big hot hatch and it’s really quite fun to drive so what are the changes to this compared to a normal cayenne

Coupe well let’s talk about the bits that you can see first the differences are as follows we’ve got new blades on the front sounds dangerous i know but apparently not then we’ve got larger intakes here for increased cooling and a larger lip just around there larger wheels too as you move down the side of the car 22 inches front and rear and they’re wearing bespoke

Pirelli p0 corsa tires fives at the front three one fives at the rear we’ve got a little no marker there then neodymium as well the color of the rest of the car well that’s arctic gray i’ve just walked straight past a carbon fiber wing mirror how careless of me you think up the top carbon fiber roof and then back here we’ve got a bespoke spoiler with these carbon

Fiber end plates there’s also a new spoiler or larger spoiler here which is 25 millimeters more protruding my favorite bit though well it’s down here hiding behind the new carbon fiber diffuser is a bespoke titanium exhaust i love a bit of titanium it saves 18 kilos on this and looks particularly cool because well this scent is blue overall it’s no beauty but

It’s definitely a discrete option than a lamborghini urus of course that’s in the same way that a jalapeno is milder than a scotch bonnet everything’s relative anyway inside you get gray dials with yellow needles neodymium highlights bespoke stitching eight-way sport seats in the front and just two sport seats in the rear subtle but what about the mechanicals

Let’s deal with the engine first because it is the turbocharged four liter v8 so it’s pretty ubiquitous across the vag range seen in the euros and obviously rs q8 and things like that but they’re saying they haven’t just turned the wick up on the turbo on this so we’ve got 631 brake horsepower 627 pounds of torque which is slightly less power but the same amount

Of torque as the urus but a lot of the internals have changed in this engine so the actual boost is only up by 0.1 bar but it really does feel more responsive sadly it doesn’t actually sound quite as good in here as it does outside the line from porsche is that it’s an engine designed in vicek and assembled in zuffenhausen the crankshaft con rods pistons timing

Chain drive and torsional vibration dampers have all been uprated compared to the turbo the injectors also flowed 10 percent faster the shifts of the 8-speed tiptronic s auto have been sharpened to match the engine too and there is additional water cooling for the gearbox transfer case the result is that it is mighty quick in a straight line not 62 in 3.3 seconds

However it’s really what this card does in the corners that just defies belief and actually makes it credible the spring rates are 10 stiffer in normal mode and 15 stiffer in sport plus we’ve got stiffer dampers at the front we’ve got stiffer damper mounts top mounts at the rear as well the idea being sort of better support gives you more control at the back

Thankfully the ride doesn’t seem to have suffered on julie it’s a touch firmer obviously but perfectly acceptable for everyday or long journey use we’ve also got a wider track at the front and it’s running a full degree of negative camber on the front wheels the chassis has also been lowered 17 millimeters compared to the turbo and seven millimeters compared to the

Gts you also get the full suite of sort of extras as it were so you get pdcc which is porsche dynamic chassis control ptv plus porsche torque vectoring plus and rear wheel steering as well which has been specifically tuned for this the end result well it’s a kind coupe that will go around the nurburgring nordschleife in seven minutes 38.9 seconds and on a road

Like this it’s just baffling the precision through the corners and the way that it will rotate mid corner both sort of on a trailing throttle and when you get on the power it’s remarkable put it all the way into sport plus and you can actually hustle it the poise and precision of it just defies belief frankly sometimes these sort of cars work in the sort of

The quick flowing stuff but there’s some really tight corners on this road and it’s so agile it has of course got the big carbon ceramic brakes as standard millimeter discs on the front 410 at the rear all of which helps when you’re heading down a steep road like this but i mean you shouldn’t be able to have something that has this much mass this high up break

Into a corner and feel so stable so controllable it’s just that when you get on the throttle out of the corner you feel it square off the corner but it turns in as well baffling in some ways i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised because well porsche has got previous with making things with ungainly weight distributions handle incredibly well here’s looking at u911

So there we are yes it’s big and it’s heavy and i mean the coupe version of the cayenne in itself you know that outraged people i get that too but it works it’s it’s genuinely quite quite fun to be honest though good as it is if i had a hundred and forty thousand pounds to spend on a big four seater i would buy the equally preposterous bmw m5cs what would

Actually make the cayenne really desirable for me is if it exacerbated attributes that a saloon just can’t compete with what i’d really like to see porsche do next is something like this this is the cayenne s trans-siberia as you can tell from what it says down the side and it’s just it’s brilliant isn’t it this was never actually a production model so this won

The trans-siberia rally in 2007 and i think they came sort of first second third fourth fifth and sixth in 2008 and they did do a tribute production version but it was just a sticker set no i think more manufacturers not just porsche should do things like this with their suvs make them you know like an aerial nomad to the atom you see you know what i mean proper

Travel in the arches like this you know snorkel lights on the top there’s i think there’s an appetite for this sort of car it’s just cool isn’t it i think it’s something the cayenne could carry off too perhaps more than any other suv after all it has been defying convention and surprising people all its life and this turbo gt well it just continues that trend

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