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Altair Club Cars NEW Porsche 718 Cayman T: Road Review | Carfection 4K

NEW Porsche 718 Cayman T: Road Review | Carfection 4K

Alex Goy reviews the new Porsche 718 Cayman T on the road to see where it fits in the Cayman lineup.

This is the new porsche 718 cayman t the t stands for turing which in porsche ees means less power more toys and an emphasis on driving experience this porsche reckons is purity to find out what it actually means we’ve been given the keys pointed toward some shiny shiny roads and told to go and have fun the simulating boxster and cayman have been with us for

A while each of them get four-cylinder turbocharged motors the base car the 718 gets a 2-liter motor with 300 horsepower the s gets a 2.5 liter motor with 350 horsepower and the gts the range topper gets that 2.5 liter engine but with 365 horses the t-slots itself between the base car and the s it keeps the entry-level cars 2 liter engine and pumps out the same 300

Metric horsepower 296 brake horsepower and 280 pound foot so what makes it special things things make it special namely things that you could previously only get on the higher grade s so what do you get well you get a ride height lowered by 20 millimeters you get 20 inch alloy wheels you get sport chrono which means you have sport and sport plus and individual modes to

Play with to tailor the car to your every single win you get porsche torque vectoring you get a whole host of cosmetic tweaks your standard six-speed stick shift gets auto rev matching so you can be a little bit of a hero and you get black tips for your sports exhaust so it’s the base car with more stuff on it to make it more engaging so far so good performance-wise

No matter whether you go for the boxster or the cayman it’ll crack 62 in 4.9 seconds with a manual for 4.7 with an optional ptk you’ll see the front side of 170 miles an hour if you’ve enough space as well the extra toys give you a minor not 262 improvement the top speeds stayed the same you remember the old adage less is more well porsche has taken that to mean

Remove the infotainment and sound system it’s great if you want the purest driving experience imaginable but not so great if you’ve got no sense of direction i’m really like listening to music mercifully you can spec it back in free of charge if you want to as they have here also you’ll notice at the door pools aren’t the normal handles they’re bits of fabric like

You get on racing cars and gt3 rs is and stuff like that that’s all to save way in fact porsche reckons that our cayman t with all the weight saving bits done to it weighs in at just thirteen hundred and fifty kilos spent the idea behind the 718 tee as with the 911 tee is to add something extra to the driving experience take the lowest power output and throw some

Extra driving pleasure in there so why not give the punchy toys to the tt motor consider if you will dear viewer some of the all-time great drivers cast the original golf gti literally any caterham even the new alpine a110 a truly stunning car to drive they’re all hilarious but how have they managed that well modest power and low weight which is what porsche is

Going for here with this in mind is lowish weight comparatively modest power and some extras on board a good thing for the 718 well 300 horsepower isn’t an enormous amount of power but it’s not a small amounts of power either in fact you can get up a decent lick in this thing this has a very small little 2-liter engine i look 2 litre engine has to work quite hard

To well to do its thing there this has a turbo on it of course because everything is a 2-liter turbo these days but i want to demonstrate something this isn’t about driving purity this is just about being sensible so imagine you’re around town and you’re doing 20 miles now and you’re in 3rd gear and you think oh the speed limits changed in 20 to 30 or so foot down

Time 20 it’s really something 20 and change now we’re a xxx it’s not exactly quick is it the turbo comes on song between two and three thousand rpm which does mean that if you’re outside of that turbo range it is a little bit sluggish and that’s not really ideal you’ve got to keep it in a lower gear keep it on song as we are now we’re in second gear and you can

Point it a straight line and go and your fly however flying in the game of d does come with a little bit of a caveat the noise isn’t great and for a car that offers driving purity and experience even with the sport button pressed it just makes a noise that isn’t very pleasant even louder the gear shift this 6-speed manual it’s got such a nice action to it it’s

Not g it’s short throw the clutch is nice and easy it is fantastic steering is pure porsche loveliness it’s so direct as far as the brakes go to want for more they are so good responsive the pedals easy to modulate and when you really need them little boy these only don’t one for any extra bike to them this thing is so good to drive find yourself a neat little

Switchback properly play with it you will have the time of your life the small chrono thing gives you extra driving modes to exploit the car so you can make it no easier you can make it a little bit sharp you can turn on sport plus make everything angry including the springs and dampers and all that what i will say about that is that if the road is even slightly

Rough don’t don’t turn the springs on because it’s just uncomfortable as a drive i really can’t fault it it’s exciting when you want it to be exciting and when you want to turn everything off and just have a normal drive you can you can fit stuff in the front you can fit stuff in the boot it could be a genuinely practical car if you don’t have children or do a

Big weekly shop or need to buy anything from ikea ever apart from light bulbs everything is within easy reach the entertainment system works so you know if you do want one of these spec that it’s great there are lots of buttons it hasn’t gone touchscreen century that is beautiful i love that because you can press one thing and know exactly where it is and what it

Does and the look of the car it’s such a pretty bit of kit it is stunning to look at the tea does come with a bit of a floor you see this car costs about five thousand pounds more than a base seven eighteen which means for all the toys you get you get a really good deal but that also makes it around seven hundred quid cheaper than the s and the s comes with more

Power now admittedly to spec an s to the same standard as you would a tea you do have to spend a lot of extra money but for seven hundred quid that extra power is awfully appealing this leads us to something of a hart head moment do you go for the lower powered more focused car or do you drop a few extra pennies on the more powerful one how much experience do you

Value over having the right badge this car really isn’t one for the badge snobs this is for the people that seek out driving enjoyment they don’t care for the glory they want to live in the moment the kind of people that lament the fact that manual gearboxes are going away but at the same time actually go out and buy them with their own money the people that make

Stuff that celebrate cars the people that just go on a road trip just for the hell of it those are the people need to be applauded the team for me is an absolute sublime driving machine steering the gearshift that breaks when the motors on song and you’re just hooking up corner to corner to corner it is an absolute joy this is the car you buy if you really want a

Porsche and you want to feel a porsche drive and if you live with the noise good for you

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