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Altair Club Cars NEW Nissan ARIYA 2023 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk) 63 kWh Evolve

NEW Nissan ARIYA 2023 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk) 63 kWh Evolve

Taking you on a first full review of the Nissan Ariya 2023 that I filmed in Sweden during the special event that Nissan organised with this model and Qashqai e-POWER.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video and today i’m gonna show you all the details of the new nissan aria first all electric crossover from nissan with impressive design and some impressive numbers and specs so first of all three versions are available this is the version with a smaller battery and the front wheel drive you can also

Go for the all-wheel drive version with bigger battery so the all-wheel drive is always with the bigger one but you can also get the front wheel drive with the bigger battery and uh yeah well as i said very impressive design look at the front with this shield that has this japanese inspired elements and the signature datum running leds are very slim and they are

Integrated into this shield itself main units are here and overall the appearance on the road very dynamic and a real eye catcher on the road everyone is turning their heads and you know looking at it moving on to the side so the model in our video has got the 19-inch wheels very aerodynamic 5555 r19 that’s the dimension of the tires gloss black wheel arches and

Gloss black side skirts let me show you the view from this angle look at this so sporty and also huge amount of room since this car is made on the all-new cmf ev platform that means we have long wheelbase short overhangs and huge amount of room inside let me move on to the rear so there we go unlock it and this is the key by the way with the new nissan badge

Connected lights to give it a unique appearance on the road nissan lettering in here and the aria lettering very clean design of the bumper itself gloss black finish and uh yeah well this is the exterior design let me show you the charging port dc charging up to okay i need to unlock it dc charging up to 130 and ac 22 kilowatts which is really good and more

Technical details will be in the description but now let’s check out the trunk space i believe you can do this there we go nice square shape and once again the trunk space depends on the version that you get so all the details exact liters will be in the description and underneath this you have additional room so you have like a double floor press this to

Close it and we are now ready to explore the interior let me just show you once again the dynamic indicators how cool is this all right then on to the interior and this is really impressive because as i said because of the new platform they were able to make this interior so spacious and they also integrated this very modern ambient and you see completely flat

Bottom one interesting fact they moved the motors of the ac towards the front that way look at this oh flat bottom and lovely alcantara and leather the door pocket is divided into those sections here and the classic switches for the mirrors and for the windows lumber support for the seats and yeah now without further ado let’s see it from driver’s perspective

All right then this is it let’s turn it on and you immediately uh go into your position so yeah beautiful ambience here really i mean this is something else alcantara dual screens 12.3 inch ones haptic feedback on this and you control the temperature on those in here let me change the view and show you more details okay then 12.3 inch screen touchscreen for

The infotainment system hazard lights are here you also have the button here for changing of the tracks and also the button for the volume air vents are well hidden here almost look like a design piece and not the errand itself once again the haptic feedback this comes to life when you turn on the car so very clean design and look at this very cool feature if i

Press this how cool is that you can also put it like this or close it fully now speaking about the adjustments look at the central console we can move it and that way not only do you adjust how much space you have here but you can also adjust where you want the gear selector to be so depending on your preferences additional room is here usb port usb c port 12

Volt power supply and yeah overall i mean 10 out of 10 for practicality that’s for sure some storage area cup holders wireless charger for the phone and we also have the spec list here so the model in our video as i said the smaller battery 63 kilowatt hours evolve back and these are the specs so 160 kilowatts 300 newton meters of torque 7.5 seconds to reach

100 and top speed is 160 kilometers per hour and yeah you see now the ac charging 22 kilowatts and dc is 130 so yeah some technical details you can pause the video here to see all the details and the bigger battery would be the 88 kilowatt hours and now uh well we can check out the digital carpet and the infotainment system but i’m just gonna quickly show you

Because we really don’t have much time so uh yeah you see bunch of stuff available in here you can also configure the widgets yourself depending on what you like the navigation is really cool you have the nice graphics very responsive and the 3d shape of the building so let me just find okay let’s find some buildings okay i think here yeah so you see there we

Go really cool anyway let us move on off to the digital cockpit here is where you control the views you can have the classic view more classic view and also the minimalistic view let’s call it like that with the navigation in here and range for this model a bit over 400 kilometers by wltp standard i think around 403 and as you can see very accurate because

91 we still have 382. you can change the information that you see here in front of you and uh yeah well that’s pretty much it i also want to show you the drive mode selector which is here sport standard and eco and you can also turn on the e panel and this by pressing the e pedal electronic parking brake is hidden down there and ambient lights are very cool they

Are here and also at the bottom but of course we would need more dark for that but stay tuned when this car hits the market i will film the night point of view drive as well sun visors let’s see this a convenient feature for your sunglasses and uh panoramic roof on this one and you can slide it all the way so now it’s time to check out the rear bench let’s

Do it great angle of opening for the doors and just by looking at it you can see that there is a huge amount of room i mean just look at this one meter 87 and uh yeah still huge amount of room left completely flat heated seats and usb-c as well as the standard usb air vents storage area what else do we have let’s see the armrest so there we go with the cup

Holders view on the front view through the panoramic roof and now the headspace still some room left very clever design of this roofline and uh yeah well i mean just look at this i’m on meter 87 and i can be here comfortable for hours and hours of road trip time oh and another thing that i need to show you there’s an option of the digital rear view camera okay

Guys and that was it thank you very much for watching this video do subscribe to the channel point of view drive is coming and see you on the next one bye bye

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NEW Nissan ARIYA 2023 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk) 63 kWh Evolve By crospotter13

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