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Altair Club Cars New Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 – Incredible Midsize Family SUV

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 – Incredible Midsize Family SUV

The Mitsubishi Outlander has always been an SUV designed to offer great value. It was the first choice for many families after a dependable SUV that didn’t have all the bells and whistles, but also didn’t break the bank.

The 2022 mitsubishi outlander is here and it looks good replacing an suv that felt outdated even when it debuted in 2012 the next generation outlander crossover also benefits from mitsubishi’s fledgling partnership with nissan which the spreadsheet repeatedly proves its powertrain wheelbase and several interior parts are shared with the 2021 rogue mitsubishi

Has been allied with nissan and renault since 2016. being a part of this international automotive coalition gives the company access to all kinds of cool stuff like platforms and technology this is why the new outlander is fundamentally a nissan rogue underneath the two vehicles feature the same powertrain and major dimensions but they are not carbon copies

The 2022 outlanders tuning is totally different and it features unique interior materials one other major distinction is the country of origin the outlander is assembled in japan while the robe is screwed together in tennessee the 2022 mitsubishi outlander takes its stylistic inspiration from the engelberg tourer concept though it’s been toned down for series

Production somewhat however the split headlight arrangement remains which gives the outlander a distinctive appearance razor thin leds up high serve as the daytime running lights and turn signals while a three zone lighting element lower on the bumper incorporates the lead fog lights and high and low beams the company says that the c-shaped strips of chrome

On either side of the grill are meant to recall the brush guards one might find on an old montero suv while the bumper’s lower opening pays homage to the lancer evolution x the new outlander is far more exuberantly styled than its predecessor the engelberg tourer’s side profile ports over largely unchanged in the new outlander with available 20-inch wheels

And bulging front and rear wheel arches imparting a planted rally raider stance the rear view features crisp thin tail lights that echo the front driving lights as well as a bulging hexagon on the hatch skin that mitsubishi says is meant to recall the external spare tyres of its previous suvs thanks to a little help from nissan the 2022 outlander offers some

Serious tech upgrades compared to the last gen model a fully digital 12.3 inch instrument cluster is available a 7.0 inch display between two analog gauges is standard also on the options list is a 9.0 inch touchscreen an 8.0 inch unit is standard a head-up display is also available mitsubishi dresses up its cabin with some brand specific colour options as

Well as semi-aniline leather and genuine aluminum trim on top shelf models a knurled finish on the drive mode selector and other knobs and an attractive four spoke steering wheel under the hood the 2022 outlander is optimized more toward the value side of the midsize suv segment the standard engine is a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated if-4 with 181 horsepower

And 181 pound-foot of torque fwd will be standard and a multi-mode awd system will be available fuel economy numbers read 24 miles per gallon city and 30 to 31 miles per gallon highway the 2022 outlander offers more standard and available safety features than its predecessor all using rebranded nissan technology called mi pilot assist adaptive cruise control

And lane keep assist reduces driver fatigue on the highway it also offers some traffic jam assistance bringing the outlander to a halt in heavy traffic and accelerating if the vehicle has been stopped for less than thirty second traffic sign recognition automatic high beams predictive forward collision monitoring automatic emergency braking blind spot warning

And lane departure intervention round out the long list of drive assist technology thanks for watching and give your comments below you

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