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Altair Club Cars NEW Mercedes AMG CLS 53 4Matic+ REVIEW on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

NEW Mercedes AMG CLS 53 4Matic+ REVIEW on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

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$60 worth of stuff you get free worldwide shipping so go check them out link is in the description what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by out the top and out my name is max and today we’ve got the mercedes amg cls 53 4matic plus and if you have seen one of my earlier reviews of one of the two cls’s we have driven you know that i’m not a big

Fan of the rear end but i’m happy to report that at least that problem has been fixed today there is a really nice duality to the character of this car i’ll tell you all about that in this review first i’ll walk around it show you the spec then we’ll take it for a drive along this road there was zero to 100 kilometer our measurement and take it to the autobahn but

Before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to receive updates when we upload a new video and follow us on instagram at o2 topping out alright so this fact we’ve got it in its a graphite gray car and we’ve got some 20 inch amg wheels with pilot sports 4s tires by michelin which are incredible we’ve got amg brakes so these are composite

Brake discs and we’ve got these amg brake calipers which look pretty cool of course you have seen the cls in a couple of earlier reviews so i’m going to cover that quickly shark nose really nice nice grill we’ve got a little bit of amg trim of course because this is the the medium amg beautiful roof line and this is the part i was talking about so it seems to me

That the cls is rear end which i really didn’t like can be fixed by two things number one most importantly is this little gurney spoiler this little flap what it does is it sort of cancels out those droopy eyes that the regular cls has it the regular cls i’ve seen a couple driving in the real world it just doesn’t look good with this spoiler it does it sort of

Fixes that problem the second thing is that we’ve got this diffuser this rear bumper with the cold exhaust tips which are also black which is also pretty cool and that sort of fixes the problem of this big slab of rear bumper that it used to have so i think those two things really fix the rear end of the cls and we’ll take a look at the engine because in here is

You’d think after all the times i’ve driven these cars that i know where they are immediately but it’s always a struggle we’ve got the inline six three litre engine by amg linked to a 48 volt mild hybrid system it has a twin squirrel turbocharged and it also has an electric compressor so it’s sort of twin charged the electric compressor taking care of the lower

Rev range so when the turbo doesn’t really work yet that’s when the electric compressor works and the turbocharged are taking over after that we’ve got an amg sports steering wheel which is excellent one of the best steering wheels out there i’ll get this phone mount on here so we can do a zero to 100 measurement all righty driving the amg cls 53 4matic plus what

Is it like well as i said there’s sort of a duality to the character of this car one being that it is an amg but it’s also a hybrid and number two is that this car if you have it in comfort mode and gearbox and drive is very very comfortable it has amg ride control + air suspension and it has a 9 speed automatic gearbox and those two combined in comfort mode mean

That it’s super super comfortable it is really nice and floating even with those 20-inch wheels which is pretty great because a regular mg or a regular mg a 63 doesn’t really do that it’s always hard firm stiff it’s always old and this one is a little bit more civilised when you have it in comfort mode especially in suspension ok so we’re going to switch to sport

Plus mode and esp sport we don’t have launch control so i’m just going to brake launch it now in it it thinks it has lord control but it because it jerks forward on the shifts that’s a 4.5 3 second 0 to 100 run which i’m not going to approve on i think because it’s supposed to do 4.5 so 4.5 seconds to 100 forms now that’s actually very quick the top speed is 250

Which which we are going to test on the old amount of course and this car also has the amg drivers back that means that it has a top speed of 270 kilometers an hour but driving now in sport plus mode that means that the air suspension tightens up it lowers a little bit on higher speeds as well and it’s actually very direct okay that was a little slight i think if

I had my traction control all the way off it would have gone which is nice there’s a nice balance to this car and in sport plus mode it really feels like an amg should the suspension the chassis because other than that you know you have that nice inline six sound but it doesn’t really get edgy there there isn’t really an edge to it and that’s sort of missing if

You want to feel like you’re driving a real amg a true amg but that’s also because as i said the duality of the car but because it has that duality to the character of course you are going to lose some of that edge because it’s a 53 and i would characterize the 53 as being a little bit of amg but still very comfortable and and you know daily drivable but still a

Little bit of fun the exhaust pops a little bit on the overrun on the downshift all right so we’ll get a speedo going for you guys because we are at the ultimate esp off yeah it allows for a little bit of slip that 4matic plus system of course you don’t have the drift mode like in the full-blown 63s drift mode 4matic plus so first we are going to do it in sport+

Shifting manually here we go so we get this little bar over there telling me when to shift and it starts blinking at me so but it is actually very quick it’s nice and steady you do get some wit nose from the mirrors or the a-pillars what i mean look at that it it’s no problem it’s very effortless 270 seventy-two seventy-six i think that’s the limiter and it

Drops out through 73 yeah so that’s not bad at all it is it is actually really quick it feels very nice because you don’t really notice it all right and as i said now we’re going to do it in regular mode so in comfort mode to show you what the difference is because when you drive this car around in comfort mode it is super quiet for one it’s super smooth as well

Because you have that mild hybrid system which is also the starter alternator that means that you have seal mode you have a very very quiet start/stop system but it really settles down it really relaxes you and now full throttle the exhaust is a lot more quiet as well the air suspension is nice and soft this is the mode you choose when you have to cover a lot of

Distance it’s still pretty fast i mean you know now even more – before you don’t notice how quick it is – 60 i mean you could take a nap in the back if there would be enough space because it’s not that spacious 275 for three and it dies down again to 72 three that’s weird so it is super quiet i mean even more than i was expecting this is full throttle you don’t

Hear anything it’s crazy so i’m happy to report that you know the cls has been fixed basically it seems like they designed this car as a name g and then removed the rear spoiler and the four exhaust tips and the diffuser and i thought oh well that’s fine that’s just a regular cls but it’s it’s not good it looks weird and now as an amg as a 53 it looks right and

It goes right as well man this this thing is fast i kind of like to drive it in comfort mode because it’s so drama less okay but you guys prefer it when i drive it in sport+ i guess so i’ll just do that for you guys one more cool you immediately notice that body roll is a low class of course little bumps in the road you feel those better as well but it’s still

I mean this is a big bump it’s still relatively soft compared to a 63 i like this interior as well i really like this steering wheel i like these seats they are very comfortable although the seating position could have been a little bit lower it’s a nice place to be this it’s a nice car and i really don’t understand why now this car has a 53 because i thought

That they skipped the amg sold the cls because you now have the amg gt four-door which also has a 53 so i’m a bit confused but i kind of like this car so-called bad not bad really nice to drive i guess you could compare this to let’s say a porsche panamera 4s or something like that or a panamera for a hybrid and of course bmw is coming later on with an 8 series

Gran coupe a i think that’s more competitor to the amg gt 4-door so it’s interesting to see how this segment is going to develop that’s it for this review guys i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button right here you can also check out this pov review or go check out this playlist and i’ll see you at the next one bye

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NEW! Mercedes AMG CLS 53 4Matic+ REVIEW on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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