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Altair Club Cars NEW Mercedes 2022 EQE Full Electric E-CLASS Interior Exterior Walkaround

NEW Mercedes 2022 EQE Full Electric E-CLASS Interior Exterior Walkaround

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I AM BACK with the World Premiere of the Mercedes Benz 2022 EQE 350 in alpine grey on our YouTube Channel! 😍

And here we have it guys welcoming you all with the brand new 2022 model mercedes-benz eqe guys as we have launched the eqs a few months ago today i will be presenting you the eqe and in today’s video i’ll be concentrating on what makes this so different to the eqs by showing you the entire exterior doing a full walk around afterwards jumping inside for interior

View and afterwards finishing it all off with a resume so let me talk about this car here in specific here we have the brand new mercedes-benz eqe 350 edition one as you can see with a nice and beautiful looking amg line we have the alpine gray exterior paint which is specific for the edition one and a lot of features i need to show you this car here is 90

Millimeters short in the wheelbase compared to the eqs the battery itself is also a bit smaller we have a range above 700 for the eqs for the eqe we reach about wltp plus 600 but we’ll be concentrating on all of this soon in my future videos where we will be maybe driving it but yeah let’s just get right into it and start with a walk around starting with the

Front of the new eqe guys look at this there are a few similarities which we’ve already seen on the eqs but what makes this so different let’s just focus on the headlights guys because you can instantly spot that we have this digital light option here with the led line and a single torch here you can see that all the people including me i expected a led line

Here an led bar and two led torches with the eqs we have three i expected two for the eqe but we have a single one so it’s kind of weird continuing here we have the black panel front i mean it’s not a grill just a full black panel with the nice mercedes star patterns i love the way this looks we have the 3d mercedes-benz star emblem here also on the hood as

Always guys looking and concentrating on the front bumper guys i need to say that this looks so much more sportier than what we have already seen with the eqs for example you can see that the amg line styling gives this a very cool looking touch especially with the exterior paint which comes very close to the uni gray classic gray which we have with the cls

All in all this car is also comparable to the cls model you can also see that by the trunk which i’ll be focusing later on so now let’s talk about the side as i mentioned the eqe is 90 millimeters shorter than the eqs but still you have a lot of space in the back seats which i will be also demonstrating you later on so let’s focus on the wheels here we have the

Very nice looking amg line option 21 inches multi spoke full black finish which i love they look super super nice on this car we have no night package full chrome finish here very decent looking spec i love the exterior paint on this i’ve never seen it before it’s also a new color coming with the edition one of the eqe as we know seamless door handles as usual

Also illuminated we have the comfort doors for the eqe as well but only for the two front doors with eqs we even have them and the rear doors as well guys let’s just continue here nice looking wheels i love the way these look and now it’s time to talk about the rear guys look at this so let’s focus on the rear guys and you might think hey this looks exactly

Like an eqs but no let me show you the differences first of all focusing on the taillights you can instantly spot the 3d helix design which we already have with the eqs uh all in all i love the way these look honestly especially in the night guys but as we continue looking at the rear bar here you see this we don’t have it with the eqs for the eqs it’s just a

Straight line but with the eqe you still have this line here looking very cool especially as it is moving exactly like the part over here with the lights which one do you actually prefer do you prefer like the straight line on the eqs or this nice line with the eqe leave it in the comment section below as we also had it on the eqs we have the rear spoiler here

Better aerodynamics i wonder what iero drag coefficient we will have with the eqe in the future there’s nothing official yet but now something different to the eqe and eqs as soon as i open up the trunk which you can do by pushing the mercedes-benz you can instantly see that it opens up like the cls for example with the eqs it opens up like a gt4 though as the

Entire bag is moving up here like a casual normal mercedes-benz or normal car although you can also close the trunk again super soft and easy the rear diffuser full finished in black here looks exactly the same as with the eqs i mean there’s no difference at all but yeah we also have a brake light on top over here which we don’t have with the eqs all in all

Guys how do you like the exterior of the brand new mercedes-benz eqe what do you prefer eqe or eqs leave it all in the comment section below but now it’s time to step inside for an interior view but before we do that i have the keys here of the brand new eqe and as you can instantly spot with the eqs key you had all these parts here the plastic parts finished in

Gloss piano unlocking the car as you see the door handles instantly popping out illuminated so let’s open up the door here normally you have the comfort doors here but the function is set off as we have a demo car here and here we have it guys the brand new eqe interior wow look at this now it’s time to focus on the interior but before we step inside as usual

We have the door panels here the blue leather finish bright beige stitching then we have here on the bottom again the neva gray leather which looks super super nice we have the edition one entrance board edition one floor mats so let’s just jump inside and start talking about this interior as we have the comfort doors with eqe as well it’s an option we have

It on this car as soon as i would press the brake like this normally the doors would close automatically but as i mentioned is a demo car they’ve just disabled this function we have the nice animations here you are already familiar with what we see here as this is exactly the same what we’ve seen with the eqs guys the hyperscreen you can also get used to it i

Mean the hyperscreen you will see it on a lot of models in the future all the eq models will feature the hyperscreen it’s official guys and i love the way this looks this even looks better than what we have with the normal s-class just with the screen very very cool looking especially with the ambient lighting but before we focus on that let’s just talk about

The steering wheel here we have the non-amg land avant-garde steering wheel no flat bottom or else which we’ve already seen on the c-class yes i mean you already know this but the cool thing about this one it’s the first time for me seeing it in a bright color tone as this is finished in neva gray as well with the c-class even if you have a bright interior you

Always have this finished in black this definitely looks very cool yet again airbag cover finished in plastic i don’t get it i mean there’s no plastic part in the interior and mercedes does it every single time plastic on the epic cover but let’s skip that as well um i like the look of the steering wheel i mean it’s like very basic let’s continue talking about

The hyperscreen we have the start stop button over here as we also have it with the eqs starting up the ignition and the nice animations here as you can see very beautiful i love this especially in combination with the ambient lighting there we go something different to what we have with the eqs with the edition one of the eqe you see that it’s full finished

In a wooden trim but as soon as you have a closer look you have these blue details as they fade away here which i love this honestly looks super nice just a side effect guys side note the eqe also and the eqs are super spacious cars i mean you have a lot of space you have a lot of like space compartments like this you can put your bags and stuff inside also

Over here inside you can place your phone right here you have the cup holders here and also as soon as you open this i mean you have a lot of space s-class customers might know there is no space for this in the normal s-class therefore i highly appreciate it and i love the way this looks also new cup holders here you just push them and then they just move

Out use pc charger ports all in all everything you already all might know continuing here talking about the seats guys i have a big problems with the seats i mean they don’t get me wrong i say it a lot of times but they are super super comfortable and very nice even on long distance traveling i’ve tried them out on the eqs already also something cool these

Are illuminated the leather everything is fine but the look i mean the look is not as elegant as this you know as soon as you look at the seeds they look like a a-class seeds look how thin they are also on the back it’s like full finished in plastic you see that i mean the the touch and the feel of of this seat is i don’t like it honestly you know i’m very

Honest with you guys and i already told the mercedes people but i don’t like the feel just the feel i mean when sitting inside super comfortable everything cool but you know as i need to touch things and as soon as i touch this it doesn’t feel like mercedes-benz quality but let’s just skip that on the back you can also see the seats for finishing neva grey nice

Stitching here on the side again door panels full ambient lighting here boom master speaker covers a lot of space let’s also move to the back and let me demonstrate you how much leg space and leg room you have i don’t like this now i have just moved the seat in a normal position this would be exactly the same way i would drive this car in a normal driving situation

And as you can see i’m 190 tall guys i have a lot of problems always sitting in a bag of like c-class or e-classes normally classes based let me just close the door here and i have i have to be honest i have a lot of space a lot of space i don’t feel comfortable at right at this moment stepping on bright floor mats like this therefore i’m holding myself a bit

Back but as i mentioned guys like super spacious also in the back you can also pop that out here push this out move this one out and you have your cup holders for the back seats as well very cool but yeah all in all that’s it so let’s just move out of the eqe now and let’s finish it off with a resume so that’s it basically for today’s video i hope you all

Enjoyed watching guys tell me how do you like the brand new mercedes-benz eqe would you go for the eqs or the eqe i will be definitely driving this in the future soon hopefully i’ll be sharing a lot of information also technical insights with you soon therefore leave me all your questions in the comment section below guys honestly as i look at the headlights

Here as i just mentioned i expected like two led torches showing that this is the eqe this is something that i quite don’t understand and also something these are way too simple i mean you just have this line and this led line that’s it but as soon as you look at the taillights look how complex these look i mean you have the 3d helix design on this one guys

I mean you’ll see these taillights and these front lights yeah maybe i need to get used to it what do you guys think i hope you enjoyed watching guys looking forward to see you all again and wish you all a great day i will be back you

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NEW Mercedes 2022 EQE! Full Electric E-CLASS! Interior Exterior Walkaround By Mr. Benz

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