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The all-new mazda cx60 further expands our suv lineup back in 2012 just two percent of our sales for suvs but with the introduction of the cx-60 suvs will now make up 70 of our total sales in 2022. this is the first new model from our large product group to be introduced in europe and will be followed by the seven seat cx-80 within the next two years the mazda

Cx60p hev represents everything that we’ve built into our dna over the last 100 years from outstanding exterior and interior design to the finest japanese craftsmanship the latest innovations in human-centric technologies and world leading powertrains a mazda 660 phev launches ahead of the six-cylinder petrol and diesel mild hybrid powertrains it combines a

Skyactiv g 2.5 four-cylinder direct injection petrol engine with a large 129 kilowatt electric motor and a 17.8 kilowatt hour high capacity battery this combination of engine and motor delivers a total system output of 327 ps and abundant torque of 500 newton meters making it the most powerful road car mazda has ever produced the mazda cx60 phev delivers highly

Impressive performance accelerating from 0 to 62 in just 5.8 seconds and onto a limited maximum speed of 125 miles an hour the new mazda phev also displays outstanding environmental credentials wltp combined fuel consumption is an impressive 188 miles per gallon and co2 emissions just 33 grams per kilometer the positioning of the high voltage battery between the

Front and rear axles and as low as possible within the body shell gives the new mazda cx68 particularly low center of gravity when combined with a permanent all-wheel drive system this gives the car superior handling characteristics on a par with the best in the premium market the all-new mazda cx60 is based on mazda’s skyactiv multi-solution scalable architecture

Which features numerous enhancements that offer excellent driving dynamics while a comprehensive range of advanced driver assistance systems ensures active safety at the highest level and targets a euro end cap five-star safety rating we’ve always offered a high standard specification on our cars and with the cx60 we see another step change in the quality feel

And the level of equipment that really elevate cx60 the entry exclusive line specification level offers 18-inch alloy wheels a black interior 12.3 inch center screen heated steering wheel and front seats head-up display and the ability to preheat or pre-cool the car through the my master app moving on to the humura this car gets gloss black external trim 20-inch

Black metallic alloy wheels front ventilated drive and passenger seats with both cooling and heating functions heated rear seats a 12-speaker bose sound system and the mazda driver personalization system and i’ll talk about this neat feature shortly then top of the range is the takumi which comes with white nappa leather maplewood interior accents unique interior

Stitching 20-inch black machined alloy wheels and chrome exterior detailing and a full-length panoramic sunroof is optional on both the hamura and takumi models we’ve associated the phrase crafted in japan with the mazda cx60 but why foreign foreign cx-60 expands mazda’s award-winning suv range joining the uk lineup above the ever popular 2022

Mazda cx-5 the new flagship suv is launched with mazda’s first plug-in hybrid technology powertrain which combines a skyactiv g 2.5 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a 129 kilowatts electric motor and a 17.8 kilowatt hours high capacity battery foreign this combination of engine and motor delivers a total system output of 327 ps and an abundant torque

Output of 500 newton meters making it the most powerful road car mazda has ever produced mazda’s first phev also displays outstanding environmental credentials with wltp combined fuel consumption of 188 miles per gallon and wltp combines co2 emissions of only 33 ge km foreign cx-60e skyactiv phev offers 39.15 miles of combined electric motor power driving with

The vehicle running at 62 miles per hour or less while the performance of the combined drivetrain delivers a zero to 62 miles per hour performance of just 5.8 seconds demonstrating mazda’s commitment to a multi-solution approach to sustainable mobility and the principle of the right solution at the right time the mazda cx-60 meets the growing needs of the segment

By combining strong environmental performance with the driving pleasure inherent in every mazda foreign mazda the cx-60s interior achieves the very highest standards of craftsmanship combined with new technologies and human-centric ergonomics to deliver a premium interior rooted in japanese heritage the elegant premium quality interior design introduces the ideas

Of kaicho an element of disruption which mixes different materials and textures with the flagship takumi grade materials such as maple wood napa leather combined with uniquely worked japanese textiles and chrome details and masobu the art of binding which was the inspiration for the specially detailed instrument panel stitching the all-new mazda cx-60 is the first

Of two new models from the company’s large product group to be introduced throughout europe during the next two years with the second being the three row mazda cx-80 in addition joining the 2.5 liter e-sky active phev drivetrain in the cx-60 lineup at a later date will be two brand new mazda engines that have been developed using the right sizing concept which

Calls for optimized displacement for improved fuel and power efficiency the new generation straight 6 3.0 liter eskayactive x petrol and 3.3 liter e-sky active diesel engines which feature m hybrid boost mazda’s 48v mild hybrid system combine high output with excellent fuel economy and emissions performance they will join the cx-60 range in the future both power

Plants are mated to the same 8-speed automatic transmission and i active all-wheel drive system as the phev but the east skyactivate diesel unit and the east skyactivx petrol engine have also been developed to be equipped with rear-wheel drive only the all-new mazda cx-60e skyactiv phev heralds a new chapter in mazda’s successful suv history and joins the battery

Electric mazda mx-30 mazda m hybrid mild hybrid equipped mazda cx-30 and recently updated 2022 mazda cx-5 and mazda’s comprehensive suv lineup thank you foreign foreign

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