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Altair Club Cars NEW Maserati MC20 Review: A Legend Is Born? | 4K

NEW Maserati MC20 Review: A Legend Is Born? | 4K

Rory hops aboard the new Maserati MC20, the company’s latest supercar to examine its origins, its abilities and its impact on the greater automotive landscape. But he might not be alone on the journey!

She calls on you to greet her wearing her dripping crown and if you go to meet her she ups and drags you down this is the legend of blakemair pond in leake it tells of a beautiful woman who rejected the advances of a local man upset he accuses her of being a witch and convinces the local townsfolk to drown her in this very lake but with her final breath the young

Woman mutters the curse against the man and three days later his body was found by the pool his face covered with claw marks and thus began the story of a mermaid who still haunts blakemir to this day it’s an inky black bottomless saltwater pond tucked away right next to one of my favorite driving roads they say if you come here at just the right time the mermaid

Will grant you eternal life or drag you to your death scary but if we’re gonna believe in folklore then it’s only right we believe in another legend one that’s powerful enough to protect you from the mysterious forces of the deep the legend of the trident this particular trident is attached to a supercar and i’ll tell you what you’d need a hell of a mermaid

To catch this thing it’s the new 190 000 pound maserati mc20 it’s powered by a three liter twin turbocharged v6 that makes 630 horsepower 730 newton meters of torque and it will do 92 in under 2.9 seconds not to 124 in 8.8 top speed over 202 miles an hour this thing makes waves and that’s more than you can say about other modern maseratis in recent times this

Company’s cars have been more functional than flamboyant but with this thing maserati are back in the game it’s genuinely hilarious it’s so fast this thing the trident synonymous with maserati was adopted as the logo when one of the company’s founding brothers was inspired by a statue in the company’s native bologna depicting neptune roman god of the seas legend

Has it the staff has the ability to control water and the forces within it and yes that does include according to folklore mermaids not that anybody would really notice because the trident and well maserati as a whole well it’s all a bit of an enigma isn’t it still glamorous still desirable in a way but maybe they’re not building the types of cars that we really

Expect them to but the mc20 is different this thing is proper bellissima it’s a car of two halves the upper section finished in this body color blue infinity is the more emotional side of the car and this was designed entirely by hand and in the lower section that’s the more engineering-led side of the car is finished almost entirely in carbon fiber and that was

Designed by computer two halves one really cohesive hole i also really like this enormous front grille here which feeds cool air into the radiators and nestling just in the center is that enormous trident badge it looks like it could be really expensive to repair if you were to ram it into a curb or into a bit of a pothole but luckily the mc20 does come with a

Handy nose lift around the side it’s got this very prominent badge mc20 has a meaning by the way it stands for mermaid catcher 20. just kidding mc stands for maserati corsa and 20 marks the year this car was first unveiled and the year when maserati decided to start producing world-beating cars and also re-enter the world of racing these wheels are 20 inches in

Diameter wrapped in bridgestone potenza sport rubber and check out the wheel design with the triple tridents black calipers and carbon ceramic brakes it’s a mid-engine car which does necessitate side air intakes for cooling but maserati has preferred to keep a simplistic design almost hiding these away the rear meanwhile is a sea of carbon but the highlight is the

Lightweight lexan engine cover whose vents if you look closely are in the shape of a trident this gives you a glimpse of the three liter twin turbo engine which sits low in the heart of the car it’s an understated elegant design apart from one element the butterfly doors which give the mc20 rather an exotic touch the only problem with these doors is that you need

A meter of space on either side of the car in order for them to open if you park in a normal uk parking space next to other cars you’ll be stuck in your mc20 forever and even if you park away from people if people decide to park next to you well then you won’t be able to get back in okay i’m out one of the mc20s best tricks is not only does it look the part it

Also drives the part it’s difficult to work out whether this is a gt car or a more hardcore sports coupe because it does both of those things so well it’s fast sure but it’s also very usable it feels quite compact so it’s easy to drive even on narrow b roads in terms of usability seeing out the back is basically impossible because of that big lexan screen however

Maserati has included a camera that faces backwards and the rear view mirror is a screen so you can see exactly what’s going on behind you in terms of practicality the boot is big enough to accommodate a couple of medium-sized weekend bags and there’s a front trunk which is big enough for well it’s not big enough for anything but it’s a thought that counts the

Infotainment system is quite good as well there’s no physical buttons on it so it does take a little bit of time to wrap your head around but everything you need is in there it’s got apple carplay android auto even alexa voice recognition one major complaint and it is quite a major one because this car does cost nearly 200 000 pounds is that it has the worst

Speakers in any car i’ve driven ever in my entire life it is inexcusably bad luckily the mc20 drives so well there’s almost no reason to listen to the stereo the experience is incredible regardless of how you happen to be driving this knob in the center console gives the mc20 so much bandwidth there are four main driving modes there’s wet and by the way if you’re

Driving a supercar in wet mode you don’t deserve to drive a supercar but there’s also gt sport and corsa in gt mode wow it’s a brilliant gt honestly the suspension is so supple and soft it’s a bit like driving a big sexy ford focus you can daily this car and drive it for hours on end it is genuinely remarkable twist the knob again and you go into sport mode where

Things get a little bit more serious the exhaust valves open up the steering becomes slightly more meaty the accelerating pedal gets more responsive and the suspension firms up slightly but if you push the button in the center of the knob you can slacken off the suspension and make it supple again but then there’s coarser mode twist it one more time and things get

Even more extreme the throttle gets a little bit more responsive as does the steering and the suspension gets even firmer probably a bit too firm for the public road but again press that center button and it slackens off to a medium setting where you can start to enjoy the car i will admit though corsa is very very extreme one of the things it does is to slacken

Off the electronic stability control so when you floor it and it dumps that 730 newton meters onto the rear axle things get pretty lively and it does have a tendency to step out on you even on a motorway in a straight line if it’s even the most remotest bit damp the back end will feel like it’s trying to rotate around it’s incredibly exciting and scary i love it

The engine code named nachuno meaning neptune is a 90 degree v6 that uses f1 technology specifically pre-chamber combustion with twin spark plugs apparently a first for a road car that allows for a 15 increase in compression while still passing emissions laws and it’s a beast 630 horsepower is way more than the 577 made by the mclaren arturo’s 3 liter v6 albeit

With no additional electrical assistance not that it really needs it this gearbox is fun too it’s the same 8-speed transmission they use in the chevrolet corvette and in auto mode it’s absolutely fine at low speeds and in manual mode it’s not quite as responsive as the one you get on say a ferrari f8 but particularly in corsa mode when you’re chasing that 8 000

Rpm redline you do get a big shutter through the car as you change up which makes it feel super responsive super engaging and you always want to drive this car in manual mode because that’s where it’s at it’s most fun regardless of which mode you’re in the steering is consistent light but fast and very accurate and the mc20 feels incredibly agile thanks in major

Part to that rigid carbon fiber chassis and relatively low 1500 kilogram per weight if i was being harsh i would definitely have a bit of a moan about the sound that the car makes or lack of it it’s definitely nowhere near as extreme or as loud as some of the supercars lamborghinis in particular but you do get some quite lovely whistles and chuffs from the turbos

Just over your shoulder particularly as you change gears so it is forgivable and it does drive well this car it really does the tyres take a little bit of warming up particularly in damp or cold conditions but once you’ve got some heat in them you can really lean on the rubber and there is a phenomenal amount of grip obviously you expect that in a supercar but

One thing you might not expect is the level of engagement the steering has a surprising amount of feel and feedback in it there’s a precision and a delicacy in the steering that makes it so rewarding and fun to drive even the brakes are brilliant in this car carbon ceramics tend to be a little bit snatchy particularly at low speeds but these give you comfort when

You want it but also a face melting geforce generating aggression and stopping power when you need it the mc20 is a genuine contender and should really worry the rivals it goes up against it doesn’t deliver the oral delights of a hurricane it lacks the badge of an f8 tributeo and it might lack the tech of a mclaren arturo but it’s a genuinely thrilling package

Exciting fun different and beautiful all at once it should also be future proof the platform allows for full electrification and convertible body styles if it sells and i really hope it does it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future and i would be over the moon if that were to happen look i’ve never been the biggest maserati fan when it comes to the mystique

And the mythology of the trident i’m not convinced it’s anywhere near as good at attracting customers in the real world as it is at warding off murdered murderous mythological mermaids in the fictional one it’s never really captured my imagination but i’ll tell you what has this mc20 wow you

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