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Altair Club Cars New LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 X (2020) – first look & FULL REVIEW (P400 AWD)

New LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 X (2020) – first look & FULL REVIEW (P400 AWD)

Taking a first look & review of the all new Land Rover Defender. This is the 110 version (5 doors) with X trim (top trim) and P400 engine.

Hi guys welcome to the channel welcome to landrover standard frankfurt and this is the most anticipated car i think of the frankfurt car show of course it’s a new land rover defender now this is the icon reborn because after four years we have a new defender land rover said they were gonna you know retired the model however they did make a new one at it is so so

Good so let’s start with design of course land rover defender always had a unique design this you know square shape of the elements you would immediately spot it on the road and it was a tough job for the designers to you know design a car that is modern but yet has the elements of the defender at this is what it is this is really they nailed it with this one so

Let’s start with the front led lights so you do have it they are a bit inside so maybe if you’re looking at like this and you have a different view but they are actually here inside then you have a single bar front grille with the land rover sign and defender badge at the bonnet now i think they really did a great job and this is the defender 110 x so x version is

Let’s say the your the top trim version and this one is also a special version made for more than you know more of urban look so you do have the gloss black finish here at the wheel arches massive wheel arches also you do have this very nice optional 22 inch black alloy wheels and overall the car really looks magnificent in my opinion so look at this this is so

Good they really did a great job with the design i love the fact that you are still you know you can clearly see that it’s a defender you know what i mean and yet it is very modern i love this element over here so you do have the air intake over here then goes all the way here up to the engine just look at this element so the car is finished finished in the set

In color and then you have the combination of the gloss black and the roof with the setting and it really looks very good i also love this detail so self floating c-pillar this is optional but i think it adds up to the overall look of the car very very well this is the view you have from the behind so basically you have four led lights at the back they do look

Very very cool indeed so let’s look at this one two three four and they’re actually you know also inside and this part is illuminated and also this part this part defender badge is here now of course what would a defender be without a spare tire that’s the first thing the designers decide that they were gonna keep the spare tire inside to add the overall value

You know hand of the car so let’s take a look inside i believe it’s open now yeah okay so last defender you may remember had really well basic interior but this one combines robust you know muscular design and modern technology so look at this for example screws really cool sort of industrial design massive really really good and materials are superb then you

Also have this leather seat some good elements and the steering wheel this is the steering wheel and this is the digital cockpit in front of the driver you have the four-spoke steering wheel with some of the buttons over here you also have this main screen that is of course where you control the infotainment system and everything when you open you turn on the

Car this car has the sort of data banking they were talking to me about those features so basically it updates over the year and over the air all the time you just press the update and then when you leave it in your garage during tonight it will update itself but the design is very robust ik and yet modern so dual screen layout you do have this gear lever here

And why well because there’s an option of the third seat over here so when you have the third seat then this is why the gear leaver is in this position now also lovely part of this interior is this so you can have a few things in here you also have the defender logo don’t know if you can see it but there’s a integrated defender logo here and here you now see the

Main screen over there i love also the rearview mirror it’s very lovely designed and yeah well now okay so here it is this is new infotainment system and i mean i just look at this it is pretty pretty good i love the layout look at this some of the examples i believe this is some kind of demo mode to demonstrate what the car has so i’m going to show you you know

Everything that it has here because this looks really really good it’s a navigation system it’s a 3d shape of course a/c controls are here this is something that is important so land rover drivers they don’t want to get distracted while driving for example on the off road and speaking of off-road land rover defender is the most capable land rover ever and that

Tells you a lot so this car can really go everywhere you want it to go so that’s a big plus for for this car really yeah so basically what else can i show you this part here is huge because of the option of the third seat and then you also have huge storage space over here you have the wireless charger for your phone two cupholders you also have additional storage

Space here so really for people who love adventures who have a lot of things for example even for sports or something like that so that’s a really really big plus and i’m sure that people go crazy after this car i mean i’m obsessed with it already so look at this how so so so cool industrial sort of industrial design i’m really a huge fan of this and the containment

System brand-new one let me show you how the things are at the back so there you have it we have the spare wheel which we can see and you feel so high in this car ground clearance is around 29 centimeters i think so that’s really crazy now you have a huge mirror so you can see pretty much everything that you need to see and overall really i know i’m really obsessed

With this impressive interior of this car what else can i show you let’s go at the back i will now adjust the seat for myself and then we can go at the back and see what’s new there and how is that how are the things in terms of the space okay so entering the back once again this self floating c pillar looks very very nice again this crazy design over here and well

This is comfortable alright so what do we have here we have huge amount of space i mean just look at this on one meter 87 i was sitting at the front and now i have huge amount of space for my legs for my head so big plus for that you also have these handrails here of course this car is made for off-roading so if you go off-roading this is where you will keep your

Hands if you are at the back of this car which is really capable of going through all kinds of terrains let me show you what do we have here also as a passenger you do have the ac controls over here you have look how many chargers that’s crazy 12-volt i believe they’re like more than 20 12 volt this connections so really really a good one and this is the wood and

This is how it looks from the rear okay so now you can also see the leds and last open the trunk this is practically waterproof almost you can drop a lot of things here without having to worry about scratches about you know getting water in here so real proper adventure car and well i’m really really loving it as you can see it you can tell from my video and my

Reactions to this car just insane and let’s go through the specs of the car in here so this is the defender 110 x base price fifty five thousand six hundred euros this one of course one hundred and two thousand because of all the options that it has so really a great looking car in my opinion totally crazy i mean just look at this how cool is this ok guys so thank

You for watching the video this is the new defender 110 x there are also some other defenders i will try to film them tomorrow so you do have the 90 versions with the two doors and you also have the adventure version which is packed with all the kind of off-road and outdoor you know activities such as these letters and all the things that go with outdoor activities

So do subscribe to the channel in order to see all of these videos a lot of them are coming your way also from this stand and also from the other stands from frankfurt car show but until then enjoy subscribe hit the like button and the bell icon so that you can see the notifications for my new videos and on that note it’s time to say goodbye to you from frankfurt car show

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New LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 X (2020) – first look & FULL REVIEW (P400 AWD) By crospotter13

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