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Altair Club Cars NEW Lamborghini Urus Review: The Ultimate SUPER SUV? 4K

NEW Lamborghini Urus Review: The Ultimate SUPER SUV? 4K

Fast SUVs are ten a penny these days. Rory hops aboard the original super-SUV to find out whether it’s still king of the hill, or if rivals have begun to catch up.

This is the lamborghini urus the world’s first super suv but since it came out in 2017 its rivals have started to move the game forward it’s no longer the most powerful it’s no longer the fastest and that raises a couple of important questions is it beginning to lose it shine is it still relevant and in 2021 is it still worth a hundred and seventy thousand

Pounds absolutely because the uterus is outstandingly powerful and incredibly quick it uses a four liter bi-turbo engine that makes a pretty astonishing 650 metric horsepower that means it’ll do north of 62 in 3.6 seconds supercar territory and flat out it will hit 189 miles an hour you know what i’m feeling generous i’m going to round it up flat out it’ll do

190 miles an hour it sounds glorious as well whack it from strider and into sport mode and that exhaust just wakes up listen to that absolutely tremendous lambos always sound good most of their sports cars will use either a v12 or a v10 this doesn’t it’s the turbocharged v8 and you might expect it not to sound very good but not a bit of it this car it’s one

Of the best sounding cars on the road today believe me on that sounds like a range rover sport on crack just sounds like armageddon like gunshots listen the eu are meant to have restrictions on the amount of noise that a car can make but lamborghini and akropovic who make the exhaust i’m pretty sure they didn’t get that memo so the urus is a special car and it

Makes a special noise with power that lets you conquer any road but with its big ground clearance and all-wheel drive this super suv can also conquer an entirely different landscape you thought i was going to say off-road didn’t you nah don’t be silly come on no one’s stupid enough to take their hundred and seventy thousand pound euros off-road they’ll get dirty

But they will take their hundred and seventy thousand pound euros through places like this high streets towns cities the burbs of course you can still take a hurricane or an aventador through places like this i’ve done it but believe me the likelihood of it getting keyed or nicked is extremely high and at the end of it all you’re going to end up with backache

What i love about the urus is that not only is it quick but it’s also comfortable you put it back into strada mode and it’s chilled out it’s soft the suspension air suspension as standard by the way is just lovely it cruises over bumps like they weren’t even there on top of that it’s got five seats so you can take four of your friends along for the ride you can

Do the school run you can pop to your local coffee shop your local nissa your fish and chip shop ordinary stuff that supercars would struggle with it’s also really quiet remember that noise that i mentioned earlier on i can’t really hear it in here everything is so cocooned and insulated and also you’ve got great infotainment it’s like an audi even smells like

An audi and that’s the thing with the urus it delivers audi smell audi comfort and audi usability so you might be justified in asking why we’re only getting audi level benefits when we’re paying lamborghini money this is a tin of beans and this is a tin of beans this tin of beans cost 22 pence while this tin of beans costs 85 pence why the difference in price

Well i can tell you that they’re both grown in the same soil probably from the same bean farm and they even come in very similar packaging and yet this tin of beans is four times the price of this cinnabeans why is that well it’s a similar story for the lamborghini urus i mean it’s based on an audi q7 but if you look at the auto trader app what you’ll see is

That this car costs around 52 000 pounds whereas this car the minimum you’re going to pay is around 190 000 pounds and for that kind of money you’ve really got to ask yourself what you’re getting for your cash the simple answer is that a lot of what you’re paying for is just branding the urus and the q7 sit on the same audi group mlb platform they use almost

The same infotainment system just with different fonts they use the same mirrors the same buttons and in the case of the top spec rs q8 even the same engine albeit with the audi having about 50 horsepower less however the cars do look very different the 2021 urus is available in a standard model that’s this one as well as a pearl capsule which comes in a range

Of bright colors like orange and green or graphite capsule which gives you mac paint options and a two-tone interior speaking of which that interior has a host of very lamborghini bits of theater that only lamborghini can really pull off the thing that really stands out for me are these amazing switches on the center console which let you choose your drive mode

And reverse gear it look like something out of an alien spaceship and then the start button has a little flappy switch to it that looks like something out of a fighter jet and because this is a lambo it has to have some weird quirks that make you question whether the designers hate the end user for example look at the anime switch this lets you choose your drive

Mode and i get what strada sport and corsa are i think that’s road sport and track but what’s sabia terra and neve i mean i could probably find out if i looked in the manual and i’m guessing it’s something to do with off-roading but i mean you’re going to get confused between sabia and neve at one point or another aren’t you surely and then that’s how you engage

Reverse gear this huge big clunky switch to go backwards how do you go forward you have to pull the paddle on the right of the steering wheel that’s fine that’s how you engage first gear in a normal supercar but this isn’t a normal supercar so the paddles aren’t mounted to the steering column they’re mounted to the steering wheel and that means it turns so

When you’re trying to do a three-point turn and you go in reverse that’s all right but then first gear suddenly might move from the right hand side to the left hand side to the top or the bottom depending on where the steering wheel happens to be at any given moment it’s lamborghini madness and again i love it i also love the fact that despite it claiming to be

A slightly more sensible lambo for everyday use it still does what every modern lamborghini does best going from zero to whatever violently all right i’m gonna do a launch control corsa esc off foot on the brake mash the pedal lift set that is like falling off a building while being kicked by a horse that is unbelievable for an suv tremendous there’s a lot

Of fast suvs out there but one of the reasons that the urus is so entertaining i think it’s down to that gearbox this thing gives you the advantage of being able to feel truly violent truly engaging up shifts and yeah i get it there are people out there who don’t appreciate that sudden spike in talk you get whenever you shift up but i love it that is one of the

Reasons that supercars feel so engaging that’s one of the things that makes the eures so engaging i’m going to talk about the power some more i know i’ve mentioned it already but honestly power is one of the things that makes this car so appealing i also know that there are other cars out there that have surpassed this there’s a list of stealth that now makes 666

Horsepower there’s a kn turbo sc hybrid that now makes 680. the jeep trackhawk makes 717 metric horsepower but honestly there hasn’t been a minute in this eures where i’ve felt that the 650 on offer isn’t enough it’s got power for days and it puts it down that you wouldn’t believe okay handling it should fall down here but it doesn’t this car weighs 2200 kilograms

Physics go completely against it but lamborghini have beaten physics to death with the use of technology they’ve applied every single trick in the book courtesy of audi and thrown it into the urus and they’ve made it handle one of the weapons in this car’s arsenal is all-wheel steering so it can turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels

By up to three degrees at low speeds to help the car rotate at higher speeds it turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels to maintain stability then there’s a steering it’s fast it’s precise not much feedback but you know exactly what the front end of the car is doing at all times it also uses torque vectoring by braking so it can break

The inside wheels as you go around the corner just to help the car get rotated and you can really feel it working plus it has a proper active rear diff honestly the urus is massively impressive on the road it’s scary to think what it could do on a track i reckon it could actually be quicker than a lot of supercars the brakes are stunningly effective too behind

Those 23-inch wheels the eures uses the biggest brake discs on any production car 440 millimeter carbon ceramic discs with 10 port calipers at the front and 370 millimeter ceramics with six spot calipers at the rear tire options include p0 corsa for the track or pirelli p0s fitted here delivering grip and traction that feels more than up to the task of keeping

The urus shiny side up i dread to think what the urus looks like from the outside it probably looks like a high speed house but inside it feels like a sports car it’s like if a sumo wrestler entered the olympic hundred meter sprint and won it doesn’t make any sense this car just blows my mind to answer the original question of whether the lamborghini urus is

Losing its shine whether it’s still relevant in 2021 and whether it’s still worth 170 000 pounds i mean to me the answer is pretty obvious the eurus was the original super suv and to this day i still think it’s the best rivals will come and rivals will go but i’m not sure that there are any that are more effective when it comes to mixing speed with comfort or

Theatrical design with everyday usability and that’s why for me the eures is still the greatest in its class it’s still the ultimate super suv you

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NEW Lamborghini Urus Review: The Ultimate SUPER SUV? 4K By AutoTrader

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