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Lamborghini have upped the ante with their Super-SUV, with the new Urus Performante! With more power, in fact 666 horses, less weight, more carbon and extra downforce, the Performante brings it all to the table including a new Rally driving mode. Let’s check it out at the Lamborghini factory in Italy!

Hi guys i’m shmee hello and welcome back to the channel where today we are taking your first look at the new lamborghini urus perfomante the performance badge that we know from the gallardo and the urakan the even sportier even more supercar-esque version in this case on lamborghini’s super suv the urus that means it is lower with new suspension and dampers it is

Wider a new track carbon fiber bodywork found all around new wheels spoiler back here titanium exhaust some new modes on the inside and plenty that we’re going to go through in detail and i’m currently without an suv in the garage could this be the one the eros performante been interested in it for a while it’s a follow-up of course to the immense success that

Lamborghini have had with the urus since its introduction a few years ago but today let’s have a full first look and go through the new urus perfomante in detail we’ve got a lot to talk about when it comes to the new eras performante we’re going to go through all of the updates and changes that have gone into this car from the exterior side of things we’ve got

The visual changes the design but all of the aerodynamics as well we’ve got extensive use of carbon fiber the visual parts but also the bonnet plus the optional carbon fiber roof we’ll go through the technical things also like the facts and figures behind it the updates to the powertrain and the suspension and talk about the things that might not initially meet the

Eye on a car that i think is going to be really quite popular now if we rewind back the first concept of lamborghini’s suv after of course the lm002 from back in the past was shown over a decade ago it was ten and a half years ago in april 2012 when they pulled off the wraps of a car that really looks quite familiar to this in fact the urus was introduced its full

Official market introduction just shy of five years ago and since then they have sold over 20 000 units a game changer for lamborghini a hugely popular model and in fact massively expanded capacity even with the new assembly hall which we’re actually above right now and stay tuned we might have a sneak peek through the curtains a little bit later on we’re upstairs

Above the assembly line but this car is the perfomante now what’s in a name back with the gallardo which was the first v10 baby supercar you could say in a lamborghini lineup they had the superleggera which was the more hardcore coupe but for the spider they named it the gallardo perfomante since then we’ve had the urukan and the perfomante version of that which was

The more hardcore both kupe and spider but this time around it’s carried through to the suv as well the super suv the ssuv if you would like and in fact the urus perfomante has set a record suv time up the famous pikes peak hill climb in the usa in colorado of 10 minutes 32 seconds proving that this is a pretty capable beast now we need to go through all of this

In full i suspect we’ll start at the front make our way around then check out the interior and the engine as well visually there are quite a few changes so let’s run through all of these in terms of the design the aero plus the use of materials and this particular example of the urus performante in the verde viper the viper green looks spectacular especially with

All of the contrast of the carbon fiber now starting from the very front you’ll notice these new flicks that come up towards the grill i think inspired by the aventador s they’ve also changed the shape of the leading edge which typically would run around here introducing these new lines which just give it a slightly more aggressive slightly sportier appearance as

We come further down you have all the openings here for the cooling through towards the radiators and we’ll have a look at the engine bay in a moment plus things like your adaptive sensors for the cruise control then you have all of the exposed carbon fiber and there is so much to this car the front splitter sections the wheel arches the side skirts the mirrors

The roof the spoiler the diffuser and the bumper at the back we’ll go through all of that but even the painted sections like the bonnet where they’ve left these louvers exposed again just enhancing the look of the car it’s a touch wider the track is increased by 16 millimeters hence you have these new carbon fiber arches running over all four corners as we come

Around towards the side of the car we’ve got the new spoiler back here contributing to an eight percent total increase in the downforce and in fact the spoiler itself has increased by 38 percent the downforce versus the regular urus as we come down towards the back that lip spoiler the bumper the diffuser and a new exhaust system here the akrapovic sports titanium

Exhaust system all contributing to a total weight loss in the performante of 47 kilos down to 2150 kilos from the 2197 before it’s also sitting 20 millimeters lower two centimeters lower than before they’ve changed the air suspension that it used to have for a new steel spring setup to give it this sportier drive plus as we come have a look at the wheels we’ve

Got the optional 23-inch wheels here 22-inch wheels come as standard these are showed in the pirelli p0 tire the standard tire but it’s also available with a trafeo r which is the semi-slick you normally associate with being found on hyper cars we have titanium lug nuts in here we have the carbon ceramic brakes included as standard as well plenty of other details

That go into the visual side of things as you can see just changes pretty much wherever you look but maintaining that very sporty suv format the five door effectively with this full carbon rear end really quite spectacular the amount of carbon if you’re into that side of things let’s come and take a look inside the eras perfomante there have been some more changes in

Here notably you will immediately spot the use of alcantara throughout the alcantara steering wheel the alcantara on the new sportier seats and the design with the inlays that you have here as well plus a change in the driving modes so let me take a step inside i’ll start running you through a little bit more of what we actually have inside here if you are familiar

With the lamborghini urus you will recognize most of this by way of the interior but there have been some changes as i mentioned the alcantara that we have here for the hand grip sections of the steering wheel we’ve got the nice painted 12 o’clock marker up towards the top and still the leather for the other sections as well but also the tamburo now has new settings

So this is where you choose your different drive modes you go down between them or you pull and hold to jump back to strada so we still have strada sport and corsa as you find on most lamborghini models but in place of the additional off-road settings where you had snow and dirt and sand and those kind of things we now have rally now rally is about going very fast

Across dirt tracks keeping the suspension low of course we don’t have the air suspension but allowing a little bit of slip for maximum performance now to wake it up quickly pop up the flap just there press the start button we have new urs perfomantic graphics we have the welcome sound all of the digital displays both for the dashboard all for the dashboard the

Infotainment plus your climate control settings here as well with your selector for reverse you’ve got the shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel about eight speed gearbox but there’s a lot of alcantara in here the dashboard with the contrast stitching the lower section here behind the lamborghini badge all of the carbon fiber the satin finished carbon

Fiber throughout the central console area the new look to the seats with the perfomante embroidery there to the sides as well the lamborghini crest up on the headrest the armrest in alcantara all very very nicely presented the newer style key they had an updated key on the urus a short way into its lifespan that’s the newer key design that it comes with and a

Car that i think ticks a lot of boxes it’s got all the technology you could want from it but also the sporty side of things as well now i’m going to give this button a little press right here foot on the brake sounds nice on the cold start with the v8 and this is where as i said you can go down through these different drive modes this is brand new not fully set

Up yet as you can see but we can go down into corsa or we can go into rally in rally mode you get various different charts like your angles and how you’re driving what’s going on and also here in the main multimedia as well you can set this up completely and have a series of different displays to show you what’s actually happening the anime settings in here even

With ego where you can configure it yourself and have that exactly how you would like it your assistants of course we’re all in italian here at the moment as we are here at the lamborghini factory itself where these very cars are built and assembled we’ve come to the end of the cold start cycle you can independently change your four-wheel drive system the dynamic

Steering which is sharpened as is the pedal feel and your suspension here you’ve got the controls for all of that given we’re indoors i’m just gonna switch that off for now and then this is your selector to go straight into the ego mode obviously the steering wheel gives a very sporty feel especially with those shift paddles on the back the carbon trim continues

Through the alcantara door card plenty of storage spaces the nice bang olufsen sound system with the tweeters that rise up out of the dashboard as soon as you start the car up just very very nicely presented all around i want to show you also into the back of the car the amount of space that we have back here too same theme continues and it’s just the same level

Of quality the full alcantara backs of the seats really quite like that and back here we’ve got the three seat configuration address again with the embroideries and all of the details that we’ve seen up front plus we also have soft clothes all around the doors will tuck themselves in nicely smoothly those extra details nice bit of carbon there just for the b pillars

If we come around towards the boot the luggage space the trunk powerful tailgate open that up back here it continues the rails for your storage nets whatever it might be that you want to pop back here the parcel shelf up top you can slide out but again finished in alcantara with that stitching running around some very very nice details and a very practical

Lamborghini with the amount of luggage space that it actually offers back there let’s come through to take a look at the engine so we’ve got the lever just down here driver’s side look at the details as well down on the pedal set also i didn’t mention we’ve got the new black anodized inlays as opposed to the regular silver that you found before but if we come

Around of course this is where we have our full carbon bonnet flick that pop it open not too much to see on that side of it but you can see the exposed weave of the carbon that’s used for the bonnet itself so we’ve got the four liter twin turbocharged v8 horsepower is up from the standard 650 to 666 yes the number of the beast 657 brake horsepower if you’d like

To go that way 850 newton meters as before so no change on the torque front still with that eight-speed auto gearbox permanent all-wheel drive but shortened acceleration times as i said zero to 100 kilometers per hour is now only 3.3 seconds and it will go to a top speed of 306 kilometers an hour 190 miles per hour that’s actually one kilometer an hour faster

Than the regular urus but of course the idea is that you can do that on the gravel on the dirt off-road wherever you might be having fun with it especially if you’re on the right tires for the occasion making this car even sportier than ever before we’ll just shut this back down into place you still maintain all of these familiar lamborghini shapes like the y the

Epsilon inside the headlight spot the lamborghini technica led badging that you have just inside there as well all the technology that you would expect with a comfortable usable machine of this kind of nature it’s really quite interesting to look at each of the individual weight savings and see how they all add up for example the titanium bolts that i mentioned

The full set of the titanium bolts actually goes to a 1.3 kilogram saving which is probably more than i would have expected that’s your unsprung mass along with the wheels and tires which actually with the lightweight options save another 6.3 kilos then you get to the suspension with the fixed steel springs as opposed to the air suspension that’s 13.6 kilos the

Exhaust system having this akrapovic titanium exhaust is 10.4 kilos lighter than the standard system then we get to soundproofing now taking out some soundproofing might save some weight but to you and i it also means inside you’re going to hear even more of that exhaust bubble which is exactly what you want but even that is 3.1 kilos as it happens then you have

All of the exterior materials and plenty of other things that go into this total cumulative 47 kilogram saving now i’m not gonna pretend on a 2200 kilo car you’re going to notice 47 kilos of weight saved but obviously it’s good to go to those extents to make it a touch more dynamic and to have all of these extra features and just the technology and what it is

Capable of and what it does do and what it does offer which you get in this upgraded package with the eures performante this is where we are in the most fantastic location taking a look at the new eros performante as the curtains opened to reveal the urus assembly hall this was built here at lamborghini’s hq and santagata bolognese a couple of years ago for the

Production of the lamborghini urus and we can see the colorful suvs making their way through the assembly hall where in not all that long the customer cars of the euros performante are going to be joining them to be assembled to be manufactured and ultimately being shipped out to the clients around the world it’s crazy to think that in effectively about four years

Of production lamborghini have manufactured over 20 000 of these for some perspective the aventador is more than twice the age and they’ve built a bit over half the number so four times the rate that’s how popular the urus has been and that’s how popular i imagine the urus perfomante is going to be obviously the segment has evolved if you rewind back it was when

Porsche introduced the kn that was a huge change for the brand that enabled them to go on making the cars that petrol heads people like myself absolutely love and i think for lamborghini that’s been a big part of it with this as we look towards the next generation v12 supercar as we look at other derivatives of the v10s perhaps of this kind of nature as well at the

Spy shots of anything to go by but this is going to be hugely popular as i’ve said i think it suits bright colors very well given you have the smaller areas of body color with all of the contrast against the gloss black of the carbon fiber which i’m sure that you could also opt to have in saturn you can go through at the sonam you can create all kinds of liveries

Options unique paints different options everything that you can imagine really for a car like this and i look forward to getting behind the wheel i’ve been lucky to drive the regular urs on a number of occasions including on track and see many of them out in california in the middle east areas where you would expect this kind of thing to be hugely popular and they

Certainly are and this i think we’ll just take that formula refine it even further enhance it even further and give you something that’s probably really quite fun and i imagine with that soundtrack sound the part as well so today we have had a full first look at the new eros performante certainly something for me to contemplate and consider a little bit further

Perhaps i should hear some of your feedback on that one as well but i hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to the home of lamborghini to take a look at this to talk all about it so thank you very much for watching that is it for now and i’ll see you again very soon cheers you

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