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New Lamborghini Aventador 2024

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The lamborghini aventador is dead still it’s had a good earnings hasn’t it’s been around since 2011 so 11 years it’s nuts the final swan song was the ultimate 780 horsepowers worth the swansong and what an amazing thing that’s the past let’s look to the future the new aventador which won’t actually be called the aventador but it will be the aventador’s replacement

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the car in this video and show you what i think it’s going to look like because i’m at watson and you’re watching car wow buy sell car wow how do i know that there’s going to be a replacement for the aventador well dark of course they’re going to have a flagship car aren’t they but also because of this it’s

A spy shot of a prototype being tested and it’s a lamborghini prototype and you might be thinking well how do you know it’s not the replacement for the hurricane why is it the replacement for the event at all well look at the size of this thing it’s too long and too wide to be the replacement for the hurricane and some of the design cues as well if you look at

The front of the car the way it’s all sculptured around the headlights and it’s really really camouflaged but if you look at that and then you compare it to the front of the turso millennial concept can you see that outline it’s close isn’t it also if you look at the scoop in the roof and the big air vents by the doors what’s that like it’s like the sion then

You go around the back you’ll notice the tail lights and the rear diffuser are like those on the centenario yes this is definitely the aventador replacement and i’m pretty sure that the actual road car when it’s unveiled will look rather like this yeah you thought the aventador was badass when it was first unveiled this is going to blow you away we’ve only seen

One angle of it there’s more to come and it’s just as good from whichever way you look at it now let’s talk about the engine and you’re probably quite worried because a lot of manufacturers are downsizing and going hybrid and yes lamborghini will go hybrid for the replacement for the aventador however they won’t necessarily be downsizing stefan winkelmann the boss

Of lamborghini has said the replacement for the aventador will be a v12 though it will still be hybridized and this is part of a move that lamborghini is going to ensure that all of its models from 2024 will have some form of hybridization anyway back to the v12 you see lamborghini has been fitting its flagship models with a v12 engine for almost 60 years in fact

In 2024 lamborghini will be celebrating 60 years of building production v12 engines the first one went into the 350 gt and since then the miura’s had one the countach has had one the diablos had one the murcielago has had one and the aventador has had one and so too will its replacement so far the most powerful v12 lamborghini has produced is in the cm so it’s

Essentially the 6.5 litre natural aspirated v12 from the aventador only with power boosted all the way up to 785 horsepower that’s not quite enough so they added an electric motor which has 34 horsepower so combined the cnn has 819 horsepower now lamborghini isn’t just going to take that unit and put it into the aventador’s replacement stephen winkelmann has said

That won’t be happening they’re going to be building an all-new v12 for the new car and you can bet it’s going to be more powerful than anything that’s gone before not only will the engine be used so will the hybrid system you see on the cian it didn’t use a normal battery use super capacitors now they’re really good because one they’re lightweight the whole system

Only weighs like 34 kilograms and they can actually discharge their power really really quickly for an instant performance boost they can also charge up again really really quickly what they’re not so good for though is sustained power boosting over a longer period of time batteries which while being heavier are much better for that i’ll tell you what batteries

Are also much better for reducing your emissions especially in the european test cycle and lamborghini has this target to reduce its overall emissions by 50 by 2025 so all of its range are going to become plug-in hybrids in fact in the future probably about 10 years away they will release an all electric hyper car but that’s some way off yet now lamborghini has

Actually dabbled with plug-in hybrids before see in 2014 it revealed this the asterian concept it’s a grand tourer with a plug-in hybrid system however the project got canned because they wanted to focus all their attention on making the urus suv and what a brilliant business decision that was because the urus is lamborghini’s best-selling car ever in fact i know

Someone who really loves anuris yeah him all day every day anyway the asteroid used the 5.2 liter natural aspirated v10 from the huracan only it was supplemented by one electric motor and then it had a further two electric motors on the front axle and combined the electric motors could actually produce 300 horsepower between them and they give you electric only

Range of 31 miles but when you add in the 610 horsepower from that v10 engine you’ve got a combined 900 horsepower though this was a concept car and concept car performance figures always a little bit optimistic so what does that mean for the hybrid aventador well they’re probably going to adopt a similar setup to that is stereo you see that setup is similar to

The ferrari sf90 now the sf-90 uses a four liter twin turbo v8 made to an electric motor then two electric motors on the front axle and combine those electric motors produce 220 horsepower and the petrol engine 780 horsepower for a combined 1 000 horsepower now we already know that lamborghini’s next v12 will be more powerful than the one in the cyan which does 785

Horsepower so it’s going to do at least 800 horsepower just from that internal combustion engine alone and you can bet that lamborghini’s three electric motors are going to put out more than the 220 of the ferrari so that you get a combined output of more than 1000 horsepower so more than the ferrari sf90 in fact lamborghini are clearly benchmarking that car when

Developing the replacement for the aventador because an sf90 has been seen testing outside lamborghini’s factory not only is lamborghini keen to trump ferrari in terms of the actual horsepower figures it’s going to want to actually beat it with stats out on the track so the ferrari sf90 can do not 60 in 2.5 seconds and i’ve timed one over the standing quarter mile

At 10 seconds dead so you can bet that the aventador replacement will go a bit quicker so not 60 two to maybe 2.2 seconds selling quite a mile they’ll be trying to get it under the 10 second barrier but they’ve got some way to go the fastest i’ve ever had i have a lamborghini svj in a drag race is 10.4 seconds over the quarter mile 0.4 of a second it’s quite a lot

Now one of the ways that lamborghini might make up some of that time is through the gearbox you see in the current aventador you’ve got a seven speed single clutch robotized manual when you launch the car it’s so brutal it just dumps the clutch and it often spins up its wheels which loses you a few tenths of a second over a quarter mile the new car will get a dual

Clutch system which can just launch better also it will be helped out by those electric motors on the front wheel because electric motors can actually monitor their power delivery much better than a petrol motor can so it can just taper it back to reduce spin so you’ve always just on the limits of traction which is perfect for launching and the replacement for the

Aventador is really going to need to be able to put its power down because i know it’s going to be starting with over a thousand horsepower but lamborghini being lamborghini over the car’s lifetime the power output will steadily increase they do with all their models i mean even with the current aventador it started off with 700 horsepower then they released the

Sv which had 750 then the svj came with 770 horsepower now the final one the ultimate has 780 horsepower now how would you like to see me drag race all those cars if you want to click on the pop-out banner up there for the link in the description below it’s an epic race now usually manufacturers wait a while after they’ve released a car to issue a special edition

One with a bit more power but lamborghini might have to be a little bit quicker with the replacement of the aventador because of this you see it looks like a ferrari sf90 and it is but it’s a special edition version called the vs which will have a bit more power and so lamborghini don’t want to release their new aventador and then just be left there with the second

Most powerful car in this class do they they’ll soon be releasing special edition versions and if you want to find out exactly what those special edition versions will be you need to follow this channel so make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon and as soon as we get information about those cars we’ll update you obviously before the lamborghini released

The special edition versions it’s got to release the car itself first so when’s it going to arrive well lamborghini has said that it’ll unveil its first hybrid car in 2023 but it probably won’t be the aventador replacement it’s more likely to be a facelifted version of the urus that uses the hybrid system from the porsche cayenne turbo se hybrid kn thingy majig

Whatever its name may be anyway that car will have about horsepower so pretty powerful no you have to wait till 2024 for the aventador replacement so how much will it cost when it does arrive well if you think about the original adventure when it went on sale back in 2011 that started at 250 000 pounds an svj is 350 000 pounds a ferrari sf 90 is 380 000 pounds so

It’s quite likely that the aventador replacement will top the 400 000 mark anyway i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know what you think about the aventador replacement is it good that it’s going hybrid if you want to watch some more videos click on those boxes there and if you click on that box there you can go to carl to find out how

Much your car’s really worth just upload some photos of your car and our dealers will bid on it you can see how much you could get for if you want to sell it

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