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Altair Club Cars NEW KING?? — 2022 Hyundai Tucson vs. 2021 Toyota RAV4: Comparison

NEW KING?? — 2022 Hyundai Tucson vs. 2021 Toyota RAV4: Comparison

This segment is HOT and Hyundai is bringing its A-game with this new 2022 Hyundai Tucson Limited! Join us as we put it head-to-head against the 2021 Toyota RAV4 and see which one your family should buy! Go ahead: CLICK to find out 🙂 Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review — it helps us more than you can imagine!

What’s going on youtube so as evident by the number of them you see on the road the toyota rav4 is one of america’s best-selling vehicles and when combined with its other japanese competition make up the vast majority of compact crossovers sold in america however as shown through a ton of home run vehicles recently hyundai is here to play ball and they’re hoping

This all new and super stylish tucson will be the product that takes down the rav4 so were they successful in that mission let’s go ahead and find out so to get things established here let’s quickly talk about the pricing and option levels of these two hyundai has always been known for value so they’re offering even this all new model at a good price point we have

The fully loaded limited trim with all-wheel drive and optional carpeted floor mats coming in at a total of thirty seven thousand four hundred fifty four dollars after destination now the rav4 is one of the pricier options in the class so to keep things equivalent we have the rav4 xle premium all-wheel drive with a lot of options after factoring in those options

And the destination charge we have a total price of thirty seven thousand three hundred and forty seven dollars so with very equally matched price tags let’s go ahead and see who’s going to come out on top so first we have the exterior of these two crossovers and they are on completely different planets the new tucson looks like it could be extraterrestrial with

A very sharp and angular design that certainly stands out by comparison the rav4 has a handsome and traditional suv shape that looks tougher but the boldest part of the tucson’s front design is definitely the lighting it has a futuristic led daytime running light made up of five cascading bulbs that are embedded directly into the grill this is like nothing we’ve

Ever seen before and certainly stands out over the toyota and its incandescent turn signal as far as the headlights themselves both have full led units but the tucsons are more advanced projector leds instead of reflector that being said only the rav4 will give you fog lamps continuing our way around to the sides you’ll see the same design themes continue the

Hyundai has a ton of interesting body lines and angles with 19 inch contrast alloys that have a very angular design as well the rav4 is more slab sided and has chrome finish 19-inch alloys in the back both have partially led tail lights the tucson hides the rear wiper and the rav4 includes dual exposed exhaust tips it’s also worth mentioning that when properly

Equipped the hyundai can tow 25 percent more weight now checking out some of the individual odd and end features both of their mirrors have heating and blind spot monitoring as well as their brand’s latest active safety suites included within those are full speed adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection and

Auto high beam headlamps the hyundai also includes a convenience feature for tight parking situations called smart park where you can park the car unmanned and the last thing on the outside are the warranties as you probably know hyundai has the industry leading 5-year 60 and 10-year 100 000 mile warranties and it’s also now including three years of complimentary

Maintenance compared to the toyotas ii but anyway that concludes the outside so now let’s move inside the cabins before we take them out for a spin so walking up to the doors both will come with smart entry systems and remote start from the fob just keep in mind that the rav4’s remote start system is linked to your intune remote subscription and will be disabled

After the trial period ends now opening up the doors you will be struck by just how dissimilar these interiors look in every way beginning with the seats themselves both have eight ways of adjustment heating and two-person memory however the tucson has a couple advantages since it has real leather instead of leatherette and seat ventilation once inside the

Cabins we can check out the broad category of material quality both have similar materials with a mixture of soft and hard touch plastic however the hyundai includes some cloth and piano black trim to add some extra visual interest additionally the rav4’s door trim is made almost entirely of hard touch plastic while the tucson’s is all soft materials so it’s going

To get the point here after startup we have the gauges which are again super different toyota is using a 4.2 inch multi-function display while the hyundai goes super premium and includes a vivid 10.25 inch full digital setup in addition to looking very nice the gauges also allow for hyundai’s exclusive blind view camera system coming back to the steering wheels

Both are leather wrapped with heating and they have rain sensing wipers but moving on to one of our other most important elements let’s discuss storage under the cinder consoles and in the front storage bins they are roughly equivalent to each other however the rav4’s big distinguishing element is its signature storage shelf which is a great place for loose items

Both have wireless phone charging pads but the rav4 has an extra usb port on deck now diving into the shifters we don’t normally debate electronic versus physical shifters but in this case the hyundai’s push button style shifter with park off to the side was more difficult to get used to the most when in reverse you’ll see backup cameras appear the two sons is

A 360 degree camera with several different views to choose from while the rav4 would need a significantly more expensive model to get that feature moving up the dashboard both have dual zone automatic climate control setups normally touch capacity buttons aren’t the best solution but in the tucson’s case they are very responsive and really no harder to use than

The rav4’s knobs the same cannot be said for the volume controls though which are quite hard to modulate now due to a cell service issue when filming the tucson we don’t have an audio sample to compare to the rav4 but as you can see the toyota has a three speaker advantage and in person the rav4 did seem to sound better so now let’s go ahead and start to

Unpack these infotainment systems first off the tucson has a significantly larger and higher resolution display at ten and a quarter inches versus eight inches and it also has an integrated navigation system which requires a more expensive rav4 both have wired android auto and apple car play abilities moving up from there the rav4’s mirror has a special trick of

Being a camera to cut out all the obstructions but the tucson fights back by including a panoramic sunroof at this price point now heading around to the rear the stuff back here is probably just as important as what’s in the front and these two are some of the most spacious offerings in the class the new tucson has increased its length by over six inches which

Has now propelled its leg room past the rav4 it also has the advantage in headroom but not by more than a five percent margin required to score a point now once you actually get inside both have rear air vents as well as two charging usb ports but only the tucson throws in seat heating at this price point moving out back both have power tailgates but only the

Hyundai throws in hands-free opening once inside you’ll find very similar and very good dimensions with the seats in place the tucson has less than a five percent advantage but with everything folded its advantage grows to seven percent more cargo capacity all right this comparison is not over yet so now let’s take them out on the road and see how they stack up

So far through this video there have been enormous differences between these two however under the hood they are more similar than anywhere else that’s because they both have two and a half liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines paired to 8-speed automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive systems however the rav4 makes a decent amount more power than

The tucson at 203 versus 187 horsepower and it definitely feels faster getting to 60. okay so first taking off in this 2021 rav4 uh you are gonna have the same engine as last year as you probably expect so that’s going to be a two and a half liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine 203 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque so those are definitely uh numbers

Actually that are on the upper end of the segment more than you know like the rav4 nissan rogue and many of the rivals and you know getting up to speed definitely does a good job you can tell that you know this is a pretty peppy engine uh it really gets you up to speed nicely all right nice so that’s first taking off with this all new 2022 hyundai tucson so what

We’re in right now is the naturally aspirated gas motor it’s two and a half liters and it’s making 187 horsepower 178 pound feet of torque which is competitive numbers for the class it probably just about right in the middle although it is a little less than what you get out of like a rav4 yeah like i already mentioned both have all-wheel drive and eight-speed

Automatics that really do a nice job of keeping them in their power bands there are also nice improvements over the cvts that many in the segment have part of that has to do with the fact that this comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission so if you’ve been shopping in this segment you know that a great deal of competition comes with continuously variable

Transmissions so having the traditional eight speed on board i think is a benefit not only in responsiveness but just in everybody having a more traditional feel which i think most people prefer having now as far as other driving characteristics both have nice ride quality and well-controlled dynamics around corners neither are wallowy and the steering setups

Are appropriately light but accurate as far as our sound level readings are concerned at 55 miles per hour the tucson is quieter though not by a big enough margin to score a point okay now we’re up to speed here i will get the sound level reading and we’re looking at 55.5 decibels that’s a good reading um like we’re going to be sitting around 58 decibels and

Lastly for fuel economy the tucson lags behind several of the biggest rivals including the rav4 by 10 combined normally we would evaluate value at this point in the video but since the price difference between these two is only 107 dollars that won’t be needed today and with that we conclude this comparison as you can see the new tucson really has a lot going

For it with tons of style technology and space for the whole family which is why it’s today’s winner of course the rav4 isn’t number one for no reason since it offers a really well-rounded package with more conservative styling and toyota’s legendary reputation for reliability so let us know which one you choose in the comments below anyway guys thanks for

Joining us for this card infections comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons and our signature full review videos take care and stay safe out there

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NEW KING?? — 2022 Hyundai Tucson vs. 2021 Toyota RAV4: Comparison By Car Confections

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