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Altair Club Cars New KIA SPORTAGE 2022 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior & infotainment) GT-Line (European model)

New KIA SPORTAGE 2022 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior & infotainment) GT-Line (European model)

Today I show you the full details of the new Kia Sportage 2022 model that had its world premiere at the IAA Munich car show.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today i’m going to show you the first details of the kia sportage with the gt line and today we have the european model in our video european model is a bit shorter to the global model and let’s start with the front end with the design now the sportage has the all-new design it is very brave very

Unique i am a big fan of it because it just looks you know out of this world look at the front lights we have the matrix leds you have a massive front grille this is the gt line version let’s change the view back to the standard one so yeah nice matrix leds we have the new logo that suits the car very well this is in brushed aluminium i don’t know if camera is

Catching it but overall gorgeous design and i am a really big fan of this new look from kia models the interior has also been improved i will show you that in a moment but for now let’s check out the side profile of this car so the wheels that we have here we have the michelin primacy for tires and we have the 19-inch wheels dual tone nice new logo from kia here

In the middle and yeah 235 50 r19 is the dimension wheel arches are in gloss finish and we have the dual tone as well let’s change the view once again now you see it so a bit shorter compared to the global version of course to meet with the european needs and let’s take a sneak preview of the interior here i will do a walk around and detailed look later on uh

But yeah yeah of course so yeah very funky design of the air vents and digitalization is really you know on a new level compared to the older model at the back we have a very slim led lights and they are connected with this gloss black panel here to make the car appear even wider the model in our video is a plug-in hybrid i will go through the specs in a moment

Tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on this i really believe that you know they will have good results because uh well yeah definitely something that you know compared to the older model is completely new and let’s open the trunk we have the electric tailgate with gloss black finish camera at the back as well additional room here 12 volt power outlet

On our left and you can fold the seats you just do this and the seats fold and here as well hooks for your shopping bags and of course if you don’t want people to see what you have in the trunk you just do this so all nice and easy to use in order to close the trunk you just need to press this and it closes look at the aggressive design of the bumper so this

Obviously faint diffuser but uh looks pretty nice and yeah once again from this angle dolton we have the big roof spoiler actually and now it is time to explore the interior and one cool hidden feature here you will find the rear wiper so it’s hidden just like on the hyundai tucson and uh yeah well it’s nice feature because otherwise you would have it here it

Would not look that good but like this we have a clean design and let us now explore the interior so here we have lovely alcantara and funky design of the door handle these are the new seats so you have the alcantara and these are the gt line seats and now let’s take a closer look and see how it looks from driver’s perspective and this is the view from driver’s

Perspective so in front of us there is a new gt line flat bottom yeah this is the 12.3 inch digital cockpit and 12.3 inch touchscreen with the infotainment system it’s the new infotainment system we have a 3d shape of the buildings on the navigation screen i do love this touch sensitive panel it’s actually pretty easy to use it and the ac on or off adjust the

Air blower here and temperature on those knobs hazard lights nice clicking sound moving on here you have the 12 volt power outlet usb port this is the wireless charger for the phone start engine gear lever it’s very interesting one so it’s very easy to use it actually heated seats heated steering wheel cooling of the seats as well on this particular model have

The cup holders we have some wipes here for this infection this is the switch for the driving mode and you see that we change the views on the digital cockpit when you change the driving mode you also have the snow mud and sand so all of them are available and yeah you have the ev mode here the view on the camera is here and yeah the auto hold some additional

Storage room as well as here middle armrest same pattern as the seats this is the glove box and you know you can also do this so look at this this is very cool we have the animation of the car same spec actually and you can check surroundings and that’s really cool moving on so in order to go back you go to the home menu this is very similar also to the new

Hyundai infotainment of course so this is decent pretty responsive and nice 3d shape of the buildings back to the home menu radio and the list of stations in here and you also have a bunch of settings available here for the vehicle this car is packed with safety systems driving convenience forward safety driver attention warning speed limit blind spot safety

And parking safety all is here and cluster you can select the theme of the cluster on this one you can link it to the driving mode or look at this this is very cool dynamic view classic c classic b or classic a we’ll put the dynamic looks pretty nice and that’s pretty much it i can’t go into the details but yeah tell me in the comments how do you like it let

Me change the view for you to this one and yeah overall i am a fan of this new interior it is very much improved compared to the previous one and when you sit here you see a lot of cool elements first of all some storage room look at this convenient hook for your shopping bag the air vents you can adjust them by pressing this adjust the temperature you can also

Adjust the passenger seat from here and there are usb ports at the back of the seat how cool is that in the middle we have the armrest and leather with cup holders which aren’t adjustable and now i will also show you the situation for my head so this is the situation i still have plenty of room and cool thing is that you can also lean this rear bench so look

At this if i lean back i have even more room and we also have the sunroof on this car so if you don’t go for the sunroof i think you would have even more room and i’m on meter 87 and i have no problems whatsoever and i have no problems here with space whatsoever so look at this really comfortable and uh yeah thumb up and this is how it looks under the bonnet

So this is a plug-in hybrid a combination of petrol engine and electric motor with total output of 265 horsepower have in mind that there are a lot of options available with this new sportage so you will have the hybrid plug-in hybrid mild hybrid but also a diesel so tell me in the comments what would be your choice tell me in the comments what do you guys think

Subscribe to the channel as there will be many videos to come from the venus car show that’s it for now thank you for watching and see you on the next video bye

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New KIA SPORTAGE 2022 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior & infotainment) GT-Line (European model) By crospotter13

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