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Altair Club Cars New Kia Niro EV overview | Huge tech upgrades

New Kia Niro EV overview | Huge tech upgrades

We take a look at the recently revealed updated Kia Niro EV.

Hey what’s up youtube today we’re going to be taking a look at the recently revealed kia nero ev for 2022. now the outgoing e nero was the second best-selling electric car in the uk since the start of 2021 so there was a lot of promise for this new version but we’re going to take a look at today to see whether the updates can keep up with its rivals in an increasingly

Competitive market so let’s take a look and let’s go so this is the all-new kia nero ev now overall i will get into this in this video not much has changed but where they have made some slight improvements is on the design tech and the refinement now it’s an increasingly competitive class now with much more family evs entering the market so kia has had to step

Things up a little bit compared to the old e-nero and there has been some improvements now on the downside is the range it only beats his predecessor by an official three miles so we that is a little bit disappointing to be honest we were hoping to see some improvements in their battery capacity and technology um is still under 65 kilowatts an hour and it still

Only produces 201 brake horsepower um it is it’s slightly faster now so your zero to 60 time is seven and a half seconds as opposed to 7.8 now 99 of the population is not going to notice the difference there but there we go anyway let’s look at the design and here is where there are some big changes personally i think the outgoing model looked a little bit dull

And it’s just a bit bland this has a much sharper new look and i think it looks quite stylish it’s it’s a little bit like a volvo xc40 or xc60 and there’s even is slight hints if you can see them of this you know the sportier and conveniently named kia sportage so it probably has taken some design elements from there um and actually i’m a bit surprised there is

No full eevee of this kia sportage yet i think that would probably have been a little bit more popular than this um but probably they may not want to kill the kia ev6 so this is probably you know the sweet spot um but anyway let’s not get into that today now even though this version is bigger in dimensions than the previous it’s actually 20 kilograms lighters

As it sits on the new high-end ikea k3 platform so that’s really quite impressive so um even though there’s improvements to the battery um it’s still nice to see that the car is like looking at the interior now this is where we start to see the kia ev6 similarities and there is a huge step up in tech compared to the old version so you’ve got a similar layout

To the ev6 um a same steering wheel and touch panel and i think this looks great you’ve got those two 10.5 inch screens not available on every spec but we’ll get into that later um and that’s that’s it above the steering wheel and the infotainment system the material quality is meant to be good although it’s not quite as posh as the ev6 but that probably makes

Sense considering the slight price difference between the two in the back here you get uh plenty of space and headroom and there’s also a nice big boot perfect for families the 451 litre uh boot is actually 15 liters bigger than the outgoing nero so that’s handy now driving many reviewers say the biggest change outside of the tech is the actual ride quality of

This car it’s meant to have a much more relaxing comfortable feel with precise steering and great refinement now for most families and most buyers in this class that is exactly what you need right it’s a great evolution on the outgoing model now obviously touching on this again we had hope to see improved range and it is a little bit disappointing um ranging cars

Is improving rapidly so this may well be you know outdated in a year or two um but for now 285 miles of official range and actually most testers have got quite close to that figures which is really good um that’s going to be adequate for most people um at present so lastly pricing so at the moment the nero starts at thirty six thousand two hundred and forty five

Pounds for the base two trim now that’s the one that you won’t get the 10.25 inch touchscreen that only limits you to eight inches and then you’ll get some black towel bits um however it does get apple carplay android auto you’ll also get 17-inch alloys led lights rear parking sensors and a reversing camera it’s that’s an option um on even some mid-spec cars which

I think sensors should just be standard these days but anyway stepping things up to the next level which is called the three price starts at thirty eight thousand nine hundred and ninety five so there is a two and a half k uh difference here in price but that will get you upgraded alloys at 18 inches front sensors as well as the rear and you do get the bigger

Screen so i definitely think if you’re considering between the two just go for this version it is the sweet spot and it is worth the price difference you also get heated uh front seats and heated steering which is really nice and wireless charging it’s probably the value for money in the tire range it’s probably the the one that will sell the most um and is the

Sweet spot and lastly we’ve got the top spec 4 which will give you ventilated seats now ordinarily i would say we don’t really need that in the uk but it’s august and we’ve had two heat waves probably another one so you know what with all with their club warming and the increased heat wave that we are getting it’s probably not a bad shout um at the moment um

You do also get heated rear seats for your passengers which is really cool a 10-inch head-up display a sunroof and a powered boot tailgate which i think is really handy for families especially if you’re going to be carrying your shopping an electric boot is always really really useful so it is fully loaded um but it does come in a price of 41 745 pounds so that

Is still pretty respectable compared to other top spec models within this um category so these figures or pricing does put the ev around about the other the upcoming reynold mcgann e-tec which i will take a look at in the next few weeks and rivals stuff such as the crew cooper born um which are both good evs um but you know it’s interesting to see how this will

Compete with these two um but certainly shows a lot of promise in this evolutionary update for this car all right youtube thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed the review i personally really like the updated uh kia niro here um it’s you know if you can’t quite afford the kia ev6 this is probably a good um place to consider your next ev and obviously you get

Plenty of warranty and reliability with kia thanks for watching again and please do remember as always to subscribe if you haven’t already and give this video a thumbs up and let me know down in the comments below whether you like the new updates or whether you prefer the older one and whether you’ll be considering buying uh nero anytime soon thanks and peace out

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New Kia Niro EV overview | Huge tech upgrades! By EV Logic

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