new jaguar f pace 2022 facelift
Altair Club Cars NEW Jaguar F-PACE 2022 (FACELIFT) – FULL REVIEW exterior, interior, infotainment

NEW Jaguar F-PACE 2022 (FACELIFT) – FULL REVIEW exterior, interior, infotainment

Taking you on a full review of the new Jaguar F-Pace 2022 Facelift model. In this video I show you the exterior, interior, trunk & infotainment.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today i’m going to show you the first details of the facelifted jaguar f base and we have a very special model here the aerodynamic trim looking gorgeous especially in this combination so the gloss black and the gray silver color looking very nice especially with those wheels so let’s start with

The front here on the facelifted version we have the new lights they have the new signature double j signature that we are used to seeing on the new jqr models massive front grille jqr badge looking lovely and the front camera is here our dynamic lettering so that you don’t mistake it for anything else and yeah also the more aggressive bumper on this trim let’s

Immediately check out the specs so this is the plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive of course and these are the specs of the car this is the edgar gray color really gorgeous and the total price of the car is here this is in swiss francs we are at the city car show in switzerland and yeah you can pause the video here to see all of the equipment that this car has but

I will show you now the side profile there you go let’s see those wheels gloss black finish paired with the pirelli tires and dimension of the tires is here 255 50 are 20. also the jaguar badge in the middle glass black finish here with the logo as well we also have the gloss black edges of the windows and at the back you will notice the new led lights the new

Signature badge everything here also in gloss black and very clean and modern design i do love those changes that they’ve made on the facelifted version let me show you the trunk here we have the rear view camera check your logo and gloss black and this is it and underneath this you will find the space for for example the cables since we have a plug-in hybrid

And yeah well you have the net hooks for your shopping bags and also the 12-volt power supply is here as well as the lights on both sides if we press this this closes and we are ready to explore the updated interior look at this so first thing you notice is that the materials are really top quality this is everything and leather we have some ambient lights

In here door pocket pretty big one jaguar lettering illuminated the seats also have the logo here and let’s jump on board there we go so this is new let me close the door and let’s start with the main star the new 11.4 inch touchscreen with the new pvpro infotainment system much better than the previous one if you ask me you can also configure the things that

You have here in front of you and here is where you adjust the various settings for the system and the vehicle let’s go to all settings now here for example you can check out the driver assist systems safety systems and stuff like that we also have the general settings and stuff like that not going to go through that right now let’s go to the main touch screen

When you press this it goes into the well widgets and since this is a plug-in hybrid we also have the ev button here we have the ev range as well as the total range of course the car does not have the fuel right now so that’s why it’s so small charging the status of charge is here and yeah this is basically the combination of petrol engine and electric motor

And we also have of course the battery let’s see the navigation and this is very nice just look at this it’s really impressive and you can also search like this search for the parking for the ev stations for the food and stuff like that if we press this we go back to this menu you can have a bunch of information about the drive here and well yeah that’s pretty

Much it of course phone connection is available let’s see dynamic eye here is where you adjust the dynamic mode you do need to select dynamic mode in order to access it and of course we can’t do it right now the car is not turned on but you can configure the engine steering suspension and gear shift we also have this top watch laptimes and g meter i’m not sure

If you will be using this in an suv but yeah well it is here if you want to use it and that is more or less it i’m gonna go through all the details of the infotainment system but yeah this is the home menu and yeah pretty nice place to be the gear selector is also new start engine button is to adjust the volume cup holders and 12 volt power supply and in the

Middle usb c usb 12 volt power outlet and that’s it the glove box is pretty big and we are ready to go outside once again and let me show you the specs of this hybrid and this car also has the ambient lights you see them here and also at the doors as well as at the back and speaking about the engines many options are available this is a plug-in hybrid here and

There’s also an option of mild hybrid petrol or diesel so four cylinder and six cylinder engines are available a lot to choose from tell me in the comments what would be your choice thank you very much for watching this video do subscribe to the channel in order to see more car reviews and that’s it for now thank you for watching bye bye

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NEW Jaguar F-PACE 2022 (FACELIFT) – FULL REVIEW exterior, interior, infotainment By crospotter13

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