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Altair Club Cars NEW Hyundai Ioniq 6 review: rivals beware

NEW Hyundai Ioniq 6 review: rivals beware

With advanced tech and 382 miles of range, Hyundai might have another hit on its hands.

Foreign x6 is just sensational thank you this car has a lot to live up to the hyundai ioniq 5 surprised pretty much everyone who drove it when it launched last year and in the best way possible it’s a cracking machine and remains one of the most compelling evs on sale today the ionic 6 is the five’s more streamlined more expensive cousin and hyundai is having a

Go refining that winning recipe with a tesla model 3 rivaling salute calling it a korean mercedes cls would be harsh because this thing really doesn’t look like anything else on the road but this car is about so much more than just the looks because i think this as a package and if you’re not going to spend silly money on an ev there’s really nothing out there that

Offers this car’s talents under one roof there’s just a quality to the way the ionic six does things so this car rides on the same egmp architecture as the ionic 5. and we already know that’s a really good base to build a solid ev from but straight off the bat this is not a sports car it’s not designed to be a sports car it’s designed to be a relaxing cruiser but

What you find is because of the controls the calibration it’s actually it’s not fun but it’s actually quite satisfying to thread along a tight road like this so the steering the rate of response is really measured it’s in tune with the car’s body movements super accurate as well this rack so when you’re on a road like this you can play with the regen so i’ve got it

Turned up all the way to max and it just means you leave the brake pedal alone and just glide along on the throttle adjusting the car through these curves it’s actually pretty satisfying but obviously this isn’t a super communicative car it’s a big heavy v weighs two tons but where it’s most at home is when you’re just cruising around when you’re chilling out now

It’s really comfortable most of the time really compliant but you do find it comes a little bit undone when you go over sort of harsh imperfections in the road like an expansion joint or something like that a pothole you just feel a jolt and sort of shimmy through the car but these sort of longer wave bumps it really absorbs well and you just float along it feels

Really good from behind the wheel hyundai started off with such a good recipe with the ionic 5 and it feels like they finessed it they’ve just fine-tuned the damping the control weights and the interior which is a bit more snazzy than the arnic five you’ve got some nice metal trims around the screen and these screen bezels they’re now black instead of white which

I think blends in much better with the overall cabin the ionic 6 feels really well made the general cabin layout is very similar to the ionic 5 but there’s just a touch more flair this time just look at those wing-shaped digital mirror screens it’s a thoughtful attractive interior and the dual 12-inch screen setup is pretty slick despite the odd fiddly sub menu

Our only real reservation is in the back there’s loads of leg room but the shallow footwell isn’t ideal for long legged passengers we don’t have an official boot capacity yet but the opening doesn’t look that big either but if the ironic 6 has a party trick it’s those aerodynamics the draco fishing is just .21 thanks to that slippery shape and this is key to the

Car’s range if you go for the rear wheel drive version with the bigger 77.4 kilowatt hour battery you get 382 miles on a single charge that’s 67 more than arnik 5 and more than a tesla model 3 in long range spec the one we’re driving is the dual motor rx 6 which has a shorter 362 mile range but a very healthy 325 brick horsepower and if you switch to the sport

Mode well it properly shifts this thing so we’re doing about 30 miles an hour right now national speed limit sign coming up full beans flipping out man you do not need any more performance than that on the public road i mean this thing does naught to 62 in 5.1 seconds now that’s as quick as my old lotus elise and trust me you don’t need to go faster you really

Don’t so this dual motor version is absolutely rapid traction is never an issue and it just bullies the road it really does you do occasionally feel the weight because over some bigger undulations it struggles to contain the vertical movement but this car is korean specific the uk spec of the rn x6 will be a little bit different in terms of springs and damper

Rates but this car it does feel very secure very neat and tidy but here’s the thing okay i think the sweet spot of the range with the rnx6 is going to be the rear wheel drive version with the big battery because with that you get the most range and if you go for the 18 inch wheels well you’ll get even more range again and a better secondary ride because this car

Is just a little bit busy a little bit coarse over rough surfaces so that car that will be a cracker it’s not quite bmw i4 level in terms of its agility and precision in the controls but it’s not going to be as expensive as an i4 either we reckon this car is going to cost around 45 grand when it comes out and for the money you’d be hard-pressed to get something as good as this

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