new honda hr v 2022 full in dept
Altair Club Cars New HONDA HR-V 2022 – FULL in depth REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk & infotainment)

New HONDA HR-V 2022 – FULL in depth REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk & infotainment)

Taking you on a detailed tour & review of the all-new Honda HR-V 2022 model. Tell me in the comments how do you like the car?

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today i’m going to show you all the details of the new generation honda hrv we are in barcelona here at the honda stand where we have the chance to see all the details of this new generation which is packed with technology and also it’s got the brand new design so let’s start with the design itself

First of all this is the all-new face of honda more clean more modern look and definitely you know it will be impressive to see it on the road look at this on the front we have the grille that is so nicely integrated into the front bumper look at this even has the same pattern so almost like it’s the same part the new led lights very slim they’re connected with

This chrome part and overall this looks pretty elegant tell me in the comments what are your thoughts skip plate also very robust let me show you the car from this angle it is actually a bit higher from the ground compared to the predecessor but also a bit lower that means more sporty and more dynamic and definitely unique styling just look at the uh c pillar and

The way it is inclining so quite cool the wheels are massive 18 inches standard here we have actually the 18 inch wheels 255 50 r18 paired with the michelin primacy 4 tires so the 18 inch wheels and tires in this dimension the wheel arches are in gloss black as well as the side skirts and you see this orange also probably part of the trim of this model the a-pillars

Have been moved a bit back and we have the elegant long hood relatively short overhangs and overall once again very unique styling of the car itself let’s check out the specs so the name of this vehicle is here advanced style is the package we have a hybrid with 131 horsepower 10.7 seconds to reach 100 official combinated consumption 5.4 liters 4.34 is the length

Of this vehicle and these are the options and equipment but well i don’t know spanish so if you know you can pause the video and let us now take a look at the back of this car which is definitely unique we have the dark tail lamps that are connected in the middle you have the honda badge with this blue part here which says hey this is a hybrid official name of the

Car and the model lectering so everything is here let me go and show you the car from this angle hidden handles are quite cool if you ask me what i would love to see is the tinted windows i guess that is you know available as an option but here we have sort of like a diffuser this is the exhaust so no fake exhaust that’s nice and uh here is the rear view camera

Let’s open the trunk of course electric tailgate square shape really a lot of room because honda has this advanced system with the fuel tank in the middle and optimized you know room a lot of space inside which you’ll see in a moment led lights are on both sides hook here for your shopping bag and when you fold the seats you got the flat bottom so it’s all really

Nice and if you think something is missing here it’s not this goes up when you open the tailgate let’s press this and close it and we are now ready to explore the interior so let’s see this the interior is definitely more modern and more advanced let’s start here with the door panels leather leather some plastic but it’s nice on touch and some chrome lines

Classic switches this is divided into two sections the seats manual adjustments combination of some cloth and the leather nice stitching orange stitching and cool pattern actually on the seats but let’s see it from driver’s perspective all right so we will start with the wide view in front of us the new steering wheel the 7-inch digital cockpit as well as the

9-inch main touchscreen and this is all nice in leather the air vents also have a different design i will explain to you in a moment what that is about but now let’s change the view back to the standard one all right and now we have the system turned on if we press it here you have the home screen and this is much like the mobile phone and that was the main goal

To have a similar layout as on your phone especially if you have the android i think this is more of an android setup and i must complement the responsiveness of the screen i mean just look at this very very impressive and very fast let’s turn on the navigation you see the map it is pretty nice you also have i believe the buildings yeah you can see the buildings

We are currently in barcelona the beautiful city of barcelona and yeah you can adjust various functions here you can also put the day mode so you see but i prefer the night mode so i will put the dark mode on let’s go back to the home menu you can go back with the physical buttons so those are the physical buttons as well as this volume knob and here to change

The track or the station or whatever you are doing phone connection apple carplay and android auto are available fm let’s see this the station list it is loading and now we have the list of stations once again very responsive thumb up definitely a big improvement compared to its predecessor let’s go back two times smartphone connection as i already mentioned you

Know apple carplay and android auto usb you can put the usb and have the media that you want here you know on your screen or listen to the music that you like general settings are here system settings display settings and stuff like that you can adjust day mode night mode stuff like that i’m gonna go through that sound settings are here as well not gonna go to

Those settings but the vehicle settings here you can see a bunch of systems that are available so let’s go here driver assist system setup so here we have the acc we have the lane keeping assist beep you can turn it on or off blind spot information so whether you want audio and visual or visual alert only traffic sign recognition you can turn it on or off system

Over speed limit warning so when you exceed the speed limit it can warn you if you like it or not if you don’t like that and you want to pay a fine so uh yeah let’s go back meter setup here is where you adjust the trip and stuff like that keyless access setup you can adjust it as well lighting setup door and windows setups a lot of setups are available here

Power tailgate setup as well you saw the power tailgate when we were opening it and uh yeah you can configure settings for it here let’s go back chip computer and that’s pretty much it you can also change the display mode here system update so this car has the over the air updates so that’s cool you will notice that we also have some of these shortcuts here so

Navigation phone fm bluetooth audio dub and the display mode but let’s go to navigation this is the nicest view indicators the ac is still on the classic switches we also have two usb ports this is the wireless charger for the phone and the gear lever for the automatic transmission maybe this could be a bit more modern if you ask me but i do love this pattern

Much better than for example gloss black that we see in most cars today drive mode sport normal and eco so those are the options you have the different let’s say animation here when you change those electronic parking brake the sort of like adjustable cup holders but not so much i would love to see the roller here and the auto hold and well decent amount of

Room here in the middle this is fixed so you can’t move it this is in leather the glove box decent amount of room in front of us there is a digital cockpit i mean the left part is digital seven inch screen and on the right you have the classic dial for the speedometer you can configure the things that you have here so if we press this go home okay so go home

It’s not registered uh recent okay now we have it speed alarm seat belts safety support customize display so whether you want some of the functions and settings here or not it’s best to have them all on and yeah you can see the power flow so let’s see this formation key is not here okay safety support seat belts speed alarm navigation phone audio speed and

Time range and fuel power flow powerful it’s a cool one so you see the battery at the back and very clever solutions by honda let’s go back power and charge i think this is the best view to have so yeah that was the infotainment system now i need to mention the air vents so look at this l shape and the air actually blows through here now this is a new system uh

By honda because they say that uh you know standard air vents the big ones actually blow directly into your head where this blows all the way here so the air goes throughout the whole system throughout the whole car and therefore it’s much more pleasant for the driver so tell me in the comments what are your thoughts it would be interesting to drive this car to see

It the power button is nice here and it has got this impulse red and well yeah that’s pretty much it the air vent has the same pattern on the right frameless mirrors the sun visors are here led lights and actually this has a frame sorry but it’s really a small one and now it is time to check out how much space i have at the back and now let’s check out the rear

Bench we have the hidden door handle and let’s immediately jump on board these are the magic seats and we have a 35 millimeters more room just look at it this is really clever and yeah well let’s jump on board and see this huge amount of room okay maybe the seat is a bit uh towards the front but i mean it’s a decent driving position even for me and look how much

Space i still have this is really really impressive and i was expecting this i knew that they did a good job and they actually you know said that in their release but this is something you know really really special and definitely clever solution you have a lot of room here in the middle so three person uh road trip would be no problem i mean three person at the

Back five percent road trip uh would be no problem at all usb ports aren’t there i don’t know if you can see it and the storage room additional storage room here air vents and in the middle we have the armrest and leather with cup holders and let me show you how much space i have for my hat but before that this is the view on the front and this is it’s still some

Room here for my head i’m a meter 87 even though we have those uh special lines and the shape of the seat pillar this is all really clever in terms of design because you know the roof goes down down there not here so yeah you have decent amount of space but here i mean for my head it’s okay but for my knees it’s just you know out of this world and the magic seats

Means this literally a magic so look at this you do this pull it and you can pull this now this is holding you can put two mounting bikes here for example and definitely a very very clever solution all right time to open the bonnet and do this and here we have it there we go no hydraulic struts so i’ll be back with you in a moment all right so this is it it’s a

Hybrid with two electric motors paired with the 1.5 liter petrol engine and that is the only option so far so tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on that 131 horsepower and that’s the total output for this vehicle okay guys and that was it a first look at the new honda hrv tell me in the comments how do you like it and subscribe to the channel as there

Are plenty of more videos to come thank you for watching bye bye

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New HONDA HR-V 2022 – FULL in depth REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk & infotainment) By crospotter13

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