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Altair Club Cars NEW Honda Civic review – The best yet? (11th generation) 2022

NEW Honda Civic review – The best yet? (11th generation) 2022

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A lot has changed in 50 years man took his first step on the moon the invention of the personal computer the first and last flight of concord the world has entirely changed as we know it and in that time 10 generations of honda civic have come and gone and evolved throughout the years now in its 11th generation it’s better built and even sharper to drive than

Before if you can believe that and now with a hybrid only powertrain it should prove usefully frugal in a time where we’re all placing greater focus on the rising cost of living if you don’t want an ev just yet the new honda civic is a very strong contender in its class hi guys i’m tish and welcome back to my channel auto social uk today i’ve been very kindly

Invited down to marshall honda in leicester to drive the all-new 11th generation honda civic today i’m going to find out if this is the best civic ever made i know very bold claims if you do like new car reviews and car content also don’t forget to hit the subscribe button okay let’s get into it at 4.55 meters it’s the longest car in its class and at 1.41 meters

High it’s the lowest too in a segment coming under increased pressure from crossovers and suvs the civic looks like a very conventional old-school hatchback the engine has been lifted from the crv the 2-liter ehev system has been tweaked and refined to make it more powerful but also quieter and more efficient unlike hybrid systems from rival manufacturers most

Of the time the engine acts as a generator to power the battery rather than the wheels making it feel more electric more of the time the engine can however send drive straight through to the front axle if it’s under a heavy load or perhaps at higher speeds if you demand it to the ecvt transmission isn’t a gearbox in a conventional sense but the aforementioned

Setup in the honda civic should mean that it’s a much smoother powertrain and you don’t have that sudden rise in revs that you find in a standard car with your average cvt gearbox i don’t know about you but i love a magazine especially in automotive magazine nothing feels more special than seeing new cars in glossy print but every time i buy a magazine i feel a

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Convinced then you can follow the link down below to get two months free cancel at any time to try it out thank you so much reedley for sponsoring the video okay let’s get back into the review previous generations of honda civic have definitely divided opinions they’ve been borderlining a little bit out there personally i love the styling but i can see how this

New generation appeals to a far larger audience it’s now much more subtle much more simple you’ve got a honeycomb black front grille which remember the honeycomb because it’s mirrored onto the interior as well which i’ll chat about later you’ve got a set of slim headlamps and on this sport model i’ve also got an exterior pack which is giving me some kind of chrome

Detailing on the outside however be careful because this little accessory pack for the outside can cost over a thousand pounds which though it looks nice seems a little bit expensive because this is the sport model i’ve also got a set of gloss black alloy wheels and some rear tinted windows the previous generation of car may have looked outlandishly sporty from the

Exterior but the engines were a little bit of a disappointment including a one liter engine which a lot of customers just didn’t think was big enough for this size of car well the new generation of civic hasn’t held back with its power nowadays when cars are electrified i feel like manufacturers don’t feel the need to have particularly large engines i guess it makes

Sense because a lot of them have that low down electric power which gives you a lot of torque and you can pull off quickly but most of the time they don’t give you much beyond that and then once you get up to a certain speed it runs out of that power well the honda civic hasn’t held back with their new generation of engine it actually gets 181 brake horsepower and

A naught to 62 time of 7.9 seconds that means at all speeds the new honda civic feels pretty quick of course when it comes to heavy electrification that equals a heavier car so it makes it a tougher job to still make the honda civic enjoyable to drive but when it comes to handling honda have done such a good job to make this car still fun it’s actually now 22

Percent more rigid and that means as you go around corners it doesn’t flex as much it feels really rigid and solid and that means you feel like you can tackle those corners at a slightly higher speed grip levels are impressive as well and that’s because it gets michelin pilot sport four tires as standard and it has a wider rear track remember i mentioned about that

Honeycomb grill being bought onto the interior well it’s here across the air vents but to me it looks a little bit like chicken wire when it’s finished in this chrome detailing everything feels really good quality this center console is really nice and solid you’ve got a nice mix of materials used you’ve got physical climate control dials which is really nice to see

And a decent amount of storage as well you’ve got an armrest you’ve also got nice cup holders here you’ve got an okay sized glove box it’s a little bit disappointing from the outside it looks massive but on the inside it’s not that big but as you can see you can fit a decent amount inside of it and the door cards are pretty good as well now here is a really nice

Feature that one of the sales executives from marshalls told me about and i’m so glad they did so when you pull out this little removable part in the armrest on the back of it i don’t know how well you can see this so i’ll do a close-up you’ve actually got a little sketch of the original honda civic and you’ve got the year the day and the time and it rolled off of

The production line i absolutely love that that’s such a cute little feature these seats are nice and comfortable in the sport model they are still manually adjusted which isn’t too much of an issue i’ve also got reach and height in my steering wheel adjustment as well so it’s really easy to get comfortable now in this sport model you have part leather part cloth

Seats but i feel like they just look a little bit dull for a sports model when anything has sport in the name you always think red stitching so i would like to see some red stitching around the seats and around the steering wheel but actually all in all everything is very unoffensive it’s all so easy to use i love how logical honda is everything has a button that

You’re able to press and it’s all in a logical place where you think you’d find it one thing however to me which isn’t logical is this gear selector so it’s the same one out of the crv and i just find it a little bit complicated in my brain i want to pull down to drive however on this you’ve got a button to draw life and then you’ve got the little pull down if you

Want to go into reverse this is a very small complaint as i can feel that after a few days you’d get completely used to it but because i’m jumping in and out of other manufacturer’s cars it just feels a little bit backward with the civic now being the longest car in its class that makes way for its trump card inside the new honda civics boot you’ll find 404 liters

Of space which is massive in comparison the volkswagen golf gets 380 the ford focus 375 although it’s not all positives the load area is a little bit clumbersome due to there being quite a high load lip but because the civic is really low it means that loading items in and out shouldn’t be too much of an issue you’ve also got a rear parcel shelf which is attached to

The boot lid and then you’ve also got this second pull across partial shelf which tucks away nicely on the left meaning all of your items will be concealed at all times even if you don’t go for a sport model which gets a tinted rear screen being the longest and the lowest in its class gives the civics some advantages and disadvantages and you don’t have to be that

Bright to work them out i’ve got loads of leg room it’s really accommodating but i’m 5’5 and with this headband on my head is just about touching the ceiling so it’s not great for really tall people in the back it’s got a nice amount of amenities including a palau armrest but that doesn’t feel the best quality and i’m really surprised that there isn’t any through

Loading considering this car has such a practical boot i’ve also got two usb charge ports but they are the old style and not the new style usbc foreign because of the distinct lack of any engine actually doing any engineing unless you’re at very high speeds honda have actually found a way to reenact the car changing gear and they’ve also gone one step further in the

Honda civic if you pop it in sport mode you get the sound of an engine revving and changing gear as well and i’m not quite used this yet it makes me laugh but it does give you that feeling of a performance car that noise wait let me put my foot down and just show you foreign it’s kind of strange and you feel the car change up as well but it’s not actually doing

That which is just the strangest sensation but it does give you that sporty feeling that you expect from a car which has a 180 brake horsepower the new civic starts at 29 595 stepping up to the sport trim increases the price to 35.95 with top spec advance coming in at 32 995 so the 11th generation civic isn’t exactly cheap but much of that can be put down to

The lack of entry-level model the civics base model is more like a mid-spec for most manufacturers its sole powertrain is significantly more powerful than pretty much all of the range-topping performance models of its rivals and that’s if they offer a performance model put it against a more representative competitor say for example the 150 brake horsepower say at

Leon fr and the civic isn’t bad value for money at all in terms of monthly payments it’s actually cheaper than a lot of these rivals plus it’s also more available so i’ve been chatting to the guys at marshall honda in leicester and they say if you want an entry-level civic then you can have one by the end of the month if you wanted this sport model then you’ll be

Waiting a couple of months but overall it’s got much shorter lead times than most of its rivals if you did want any more details on those lead times or anything about the honda civic then follow the link down below to marshall honda so to answer the question do you think this is the best civic ever it’s a difficult one for me to answer there’s no denying that the

Powertrain and how it drives is improved over previous models but for me it’s just a little bit subtle but let me know what do you think pop it in the comments down below if you’ve enjoyed the video please go ahead and give it a big thumbs up and if you wanted to see any more videos from me then hit the subscribe button and once more thank you so much for readly

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