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Altair Club Cars New Genesis GV60 2023 | Auto TopSV

New Genesis GV60 2023 | Auto TopSV

New Genesis GV60 2023 | Auto TopSV

The ambitious genesis luxury brand is tackling the luxury f segment with its satisfying and whimsical 2023 gv60 crossover the gv60 incorporates styling elements found in other genesis models but it lacks the brand’s large trapezoidal grille that stretches between the dual element headlamps substituting a slimmer lower grille across the front bumper inside the

Gv60s cabin looks decidedly premium with a large monolithic display screen serving as both gauge cluster and infotainment system and a novel crystal sphere shifter that rotates to reveal itself when the suv is powered up at launch buyers can choose from the 314 hp advanced or 429 hp performance trims estimated driving range varies from 235 to 248 miles per charge

Rival luxury suvs such as the audi q4 e-tron the volvo xc40 recharge and the coupe like c40 recharge off a similar prestige and driving range but the gv60s detail-oriented design and amusing flourishes make it an attractive and off-beat alternative the gv60 is a new model for genesis and the brand’s third suv it’s also the brand’s first foray into the electric

Vehicle marketplace and it shares its underpinnings with the hyundai ioniq 5 and the kia ev6 while we’re tempted by the performance trim which unlocks a maximum of 483 horsepower from its two electric motors the better buy is the advanced trim while the advanced only makes 314 horsepower it also comes with a slightly longer 248 mile driving range and still comes

Generously equipped with 20-inch wheels a bang and olefs and stereo system heated and ventilated front seats and a host of driver assistance features among many others although three different power trains will eventually be offered only the all-wheel drive arrangements with dual motors will be available at the gv60s launch the advanced model makes a combined 314

Horsepower while the performance trim makes 429 horsepower that number can be temporarily increased to 483 horsepower though when the performance models boost driving mode is engaged with that driving mode in use we launched the gv60 performance to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds the gv60s road manners are quite refined and its handling is reminiscent of the

Porsche mackin when cruising the cabin remains whisper quiet but encounter a stretch of winding road and the gv60 offers enough athleticism to entertain the driver and enough sure footedness to inspire confidence all versions come with the same 77.4 kwh battery pack but according to the epa the all-wheel drive gv60 advanced will offer up to 248 miles of driving

Range while the performance model carries an estimate of 235 a base rear wheel drive powertrain is rumored to join the lineup later with a longer driving range hooked up to a dc fast charging station genesis says the gv60s battery can be charged from 10 to 80 capacity in just 18 minutes on our 75 mph highway fuel economy test route the gv60 performance provided an

Observed driving range of 200 miles as the smallest suv in the genesis lineup the gv60 isn’t as spacious as the larger gv70 and gv80 models however it offers a unique interior design that’s more high-tech in its appearance genesis has taken some chances here and integrated some cool motifs and features including a gear selector that flips upside down when in park

And has the appearance of a crystal ball the gv60 also boasts some novel tech such as a facial recognition system that allows the owner to unlock and start the vehicle without needing a key other biometric tech such as fingerprint readers are also incorporated into the suv’s design all gv60 models come with a large 12.3 inch infotainment touchscreen that shares a

Panel with an identically sized 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster apple carplay and android auto are both included although neither works wirelessly the genesis infotainment system works well enough and can be controlled via a click wheel on the center console if touching the screen itself is too far of a reach a bang and olives and stereo system is standard which

Is a nice feature that most rivals would charge extra for a full suite of driver assistance features is standard on every gv60 model including automated emergency braking blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control for more information about the gv60s crash test results visit the national highway traffic safety administration nhtsa and insurance institute

For highway safety iihs websites key safety features include standard automated emergency braking standard lane keeping assist with lane departure warning standard adaptive cruise control with a lane centering feet

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