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Altair Club Cars NEW EQS 580 (523hp) | 0-100 km/h & 100-200 km/h acceleration | by Automann in 4K

NEW EQS 580 (523hp) | 0-100 km/h & 100-200 km/h acceleration | by Automann in 4K

Launch Control & Autobahn accelerations with the 2022 Mercedes EQS 580 delivering 523 hp & 850 Nm of torque. I have to say. These electric cars are getting better and better. Yes, its still not a 100-200 km/h monster but this is on pair to a V8-powered S580 in the end…plus all that hyperscreen stuff inside, awesome! Please also make sure to follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #Mercedes #EQS #Autobahn

So hello guys how are you doing listen to this yes you can hear it we are sitting in the next generation of an electric car i would say this is the all-new mercedes-benz eqs you can already see that by that hyper screen this part is not even turned fully on yet um yeah this is the 580 we are having 523 hp and 850 newton meters i would say um so this is a pretty

Powerful piece um in the end of course today i want to try uh to see how fast this car goes um using the race box testing how fast it goes um 0 to 100 on the country road here but later on of course also look at the 100 to 200 time on the autobahn as we know 19200 is not let’s say the party piece of those electric cars but nevertheless like this could be quite

Interesting because of the shape of this car and yeah the sheer power that it has of course it’s not a lightweight car it’s a huge s-class it’s an electric s-class that we have here but nevertheless i think it’s very very interesting to see this car perform and of course um it’s a super luxurious ride um to also sit in here and enjoy this relaxing comfort that

This car has yeah and i guess without further talking let’s kick it off with the first launch zero to 100 of course we have the rollout function turned off um it is the pure and right zero to 100 kilometers that we’re testing here we have winter tires and it is a bit cold outside but we still have something like i think it was 95 state of charge so that should be

Should be pretty good full power oh my goodness this sound already is pretty amazing first run we did was already a 4.3 um i will give it a second try just to see if we can get it get it any faster it feels super strong specifically zero to fifty feels super strong let’s see yes 4.3 seconds pretty much flat surface here um i would say that’s it maybe with the

Summer tires it could be better and also i’ve more or less pulled the car out of the garage i mean i don’t know i have a few kilometers on it now um it might perform better if everything is let’s say well heated in the battery system and the high voltage system that might be potential to get another 10th or so out of it so i trust the numbers that the factory is

Giving us um overall i mean it’s simply amazing how brutal such a i don’t know is a 2.6 ton car is accelerating let’s now see how fast the eqs goes 100 to 200. that’s electronically limited to 210 gaining energy back as we recuperate or reuse that energy um quite impressive that acceleration is i have to admit i actually did this acceleration um two or three

Times already and it’s always in that number here 11.7 seconds perfectly flat 100 to 200 which is i would say quite okay we have seen some pretty nice times i would say um please remember and do not directly compare them to the ix 50 times that we have set the settings of the box i’ve already put in the back again in the ix to 100 to 195 and 0 to 195 compared to

The real 100 to 200 times that we measured here so that makes already of course um a small difference nevertheless i think 4.3 seconds zero to 100 in those winter surroundings on winter tires uh plus of course also something like 11 point was it six 11.7 100 to 200 um is strong enough i would say for such a car um it’s not too far away from the powerful let’s say

Light amg’s we we’ve seen in the in the past or something like like a v8 even in an s-class um you will not get any better figures i would say those cars as well so it’s it’s comparable to those luxury engines and that’s all you need um could you maybe also live with the eqs five 450 i’m not sure i don’t know i cannot i cannot say anything um specifically on the

Autobahn of course this powertrain here um is very potent and um yeah is is a very good made to this luxurious and uh and powerful drive yeah so i guess without further talking um hope you enjoyed this video there will be more stuff coming very soon about this car uh and um yeah open for any debate about electric cars open for your thoughts about this car but i

Think we can summarize it quite well that this likely is um the best or one of the best electric cars currently on the market um yeah it does everything well has no downside i would say besides the price

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NEW! EQS 580 (523hp) | 0-100 km/h & 100-200 km/h acceleration­čĆü | by Automann in 4K By Automann-TV

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