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NEW CAR TOUR I 2022 Toyota C-HR

welcome to my new whip!

Hey guys and welcome to my long-awaited car tour so this is her she is my 2022 toyota chr and it’s the xle premium edition so there’s the le there’s the xle premium and then there’s the limited edition main difference in all the versions is the interior mostly so this one has fabric seats and it has the blue trim all around it which i’ll show you in a bit this

One is the pearl color the white pearl i believe and it has a black roof on top hide and come with me and i’ll show you a little bit of how the inside looks so this is the key to the car and um it has power folding mirrors so anytime you lock the car the side mirrors fold in when you open the car then they automatically fold out they are also heated mirrors so

When it’s snowing or when it’s foggy they automatically heat so when you walk in you see automatically the blue trim on the on the door on the front of the car so here you just have the the basic storage there there’s a cup holder i already have some papers in there you have your window buttons and then you have a button to lock and open the car and a lock for

That and then some other buttons here the blue trim kind of goes all the way around into the front of the car here i did get the rust proofing so if you see any yellowing on the car that’s just the rust proofing that the dealership did so yeah as you can see you can see the blue trim on the seats there the middle console is also blue leather um to go along with

The blue theme um this thingy is also leather and the top of the dashboard is also blue leather so let me go inside the car so once you’re in the car you can kind of see this so your steer steering wheel has a few buttons here um for volume switching songs you can answer the phone on here you have a couple other buttons you can measure your how the distance of

Your trip the car does have lane assist so when you aren’t really paying attention to how you’re driving and you start going off of the lane it’ll kind of shift you back into your lane um this button is for cruise control so i really like the cruise control in this car because when you set a certain limit once you start getting closer to a car in front of you

It’ll kind of break for you so you don’t even have to stop the cruise control to break in the car you also have the blind spot camera so when it senses someone in your blind spot it um puts the light on and if you’re trying to turn into the lane it’ll also shift you back into your spot right below on the left side of the steering wheel and kind of below you have

A couple buttons so you just have the light light settings you have the heated steering wheel and the button to open the gas tank this is the display and then on this side you have your 8 inch touchscreen which is compatible with apple carplay and android auto it’s 4.2 inch color tft multi-information display it has a six speaker audio system and then when you

Look up you have roof mounted shark fin antenna can’t really see it it’s mostly here so it kind of goes up on here and then also on this side here which i don’t know if you can really tell the side doors also have this beautiful design so this card does have a push to start button so i’m going to turn the car on so you automatically have the display that comes

On with your last trip the summary of your last trip usually comes up here but we didn’t really go that far so it’s not really showing it shows you how much kilometers you have left until you have to tank up tells you the temperature the time and the overall kilometers of the car here you can see this button also shows you that the lane assist is on on this side

Of the car below the screen you have the heating system you have your heated seats here and then heated back window as well it’s very self-explanatory then below you have one little shelf here for any sunglasses you can keep your phone there this is how you connect your apple carplay so you have to use a cable unless you use bluetooth which you can also do you

Have one cupholder in here and then you have your gear shifter here right below it is the emergency brake button so it’s really convenient because it turns on every single time you put your car in park so you don’t have to worry about ever using your emergency brake because it’ll automatically come on you have your traction control and then you have the hold brake

Which is also nice if your foot is tired and you don’t want to use hold the brake you can automatically press this button and you can take your foot off of the brake and it’ll continue to break for you right under that you have another cup holder and then you have the glove compartment which i already filled with a bunch of junk there is another power outlet in

There then from the screen you go further right to your passenger seat it’s very clean simple you have the blue trim you have your button there and yeah that’s it you have another um cup holder in there these are also the weathertech matte nice i love the detailing of this car it’s just so clean and simple and it’s nice because this is fully fabric there is no

Leather on the actual seats which i personally like more than leather just because it gets really hot and then also really cold in the winter time so this is a good mix and both the passenger seat and the driver’s seat has heated seats so coming out of the car again and going into the back side of the car i love the handles that are up top here it i don’t know

Feels fancy to me for some reason you have the door which you have a cup holder the window button and a little handle then going inside the car you just have your basic um backside seats you have the two storage thingies for any little things that you want to store um you don’t have the middle um i don’t really know what it’s called the thing that comes out from

Here you don’t have that for cups or anything like that so it’s just you just have the two side cup holders on the side there for your drinks you don’t really have any other storage here um but it doesn’t really matter for us just because i don’t have any kids and no one is really ever in the backside except for my dog so that’s a little overview the window is

A little bit smaller than the front side just because of the way the car is built you also have a little light here cute this is the little thingy for the gas and then coming um to the back of the car you open the trunk which there’s a button um that you press and you have to pull it which i don’t like um i wish there was a button which just opens the car on its

Own as you can see here there is a handle that you have to pull the trunk down but it’s nice you do have a cover here for some privacy for if you have anything in your trunk um to store no one can really see inside um there has been a lot of carjackings and car theft in our area and in the gta so it’s nice to have that to protect from any person that’s looking to

Kind of steal stuff from your car not that i have anything important in here this i actually got from walmart it’s a little storage container which makes it easy to store like random stuff so i have just some random clothes in here my dog my dog seat cover and then a spray and a jumper and i have some gatorade and that’s the car so thank you so much for joining

Me in my car tour i’m so excited to be driving her around yeah thanks for watching and i hope you enjoyed bye

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NEW CAR TOUR I 2022 Toyota C-HR By Michelle Wozniak

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