new bmw xm mega powered concept
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New BMW XM Mega-powered concept

BMW’s M division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022 with only the second bespoke model in its history: the XM.

Bmw m is presenting a radically new vehicle concept in the form of the bmw concept xm bold powerful strong in character the bmw concept xm’s exterior forms a visually expressive silhouette exuding presence sculpted surfaces and extravagant lines create a unique design language top quality materials such as leather velvet and carbon fiber the front is fully driver

Focused while the m lounge rear compartment offers extravagant comfort bmw m and an uncompromising standard of luxury combined to produce something completely new derived from the bmw x7 it is effectively an x8 if you follow bmw’s traditional naming convention whereby the more rakish coop style versions of its suvs get even numbered names however the xm will be

Sold solely as an m car the first and only bmw since the seminal m1 supercar of 1978 to claim that exclusivity it gets completely bespoke styling drivetrain hardware and technology to further justify its creation and positioning and it departs much further in its styling from the model on which its base than the x4 and x6 the concept xm made its public debut in

Miami florida which is significant as the us will be by far the largest market for the production car uk sales will come however most likely by summer 2023 production of the model will begin at spartanburg south carolina bmw’s largest plant in the world and the home of its suvs later in 2022 the concept xm’s phev powertrain will be one of a number of features to

Make it to the production car largely unchanged bmw hasn’t revealed too much specific information but central to it is the firm’s twin turbocharged v8 engine this works with a single high performance electric motor that following bmw convention is expected to be mounted within an eight-speed automatic gearbox and drive all four wheels a battery with a capacity

Of greater than 20 kilowatt hours features promising an electric only range of up to 50 miles total system output is rated at 740 brake horsepower and 734 pounds feet making this by far the most powerful bmw road car yet the petrol-powered m5 cs currently wears that crown but will be outgunned to the tune of 114 brake horsepower by the xm this is a powertrain

That according to recently returned bmw m boss frank van miele is already destined for other models most likely next generation versions of the x5m x6m m5 and m8 all of which currently use the v8 to that end he refers to the concept xm as the first approach in a step-by-step electrification of our brand another notable feature of the production xm will be its

Positioning as a luxury suv as well as a sporty one van meal said that m car owners had been asking for more luxury to go with the performance and this is the first example of that new strategy being carried through to production indeed bmw design boston duke described the model as being an extravagant statement by bmw m in the heart of the luxury segment that

Luxury interior focus is shown through richer material choices including vintage brown leather for the front of the cabin teal diamond velvet for the rear seats and copper and carbon fiber trim elements

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