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Altair Club Cars New BMW XM Concept Revealed – Production-Bound PHEV Concept

New BMW XM Concept Revealed – Production-Bound PHEV Concept

BMW Concept XM Revealed: A Powerful, Polarizing, Production-Bound PHEV

This is the xm a 750 horsepower plug-in suv that’s bmw first standalone suv and model ever and the second standalone m vehicle since the m1 supercar of the late 1970s and it’s the owner of a grill so massive it makes even the ix electric suv look like pretty technically it’s the concept xm because it’s only bmw vision of how a future high performance bmw x model

Could look but we all know how these things work bmw admits we’ll see a production version before the end of 2022 and don’t go getting your hopes up that the styling will be toned down much before the first of the cars rolls out of the spartanburg north carolina plant we’d already been treated to a teaser image of the giant grill with its horizontal bars but the

Suv that bmw found room to attach to that grill is every bit as outlandish but let’s start with that face because you’re going to be seeing plenty of it the sheer height of the front fascia gives the xm an imposing look that’s firmly carried on throughout the design of an suv that looks almost militaristic in terms of proportions it has the tall flanks slim glass

House and tapering roofline that make the range rover veller stand out among more traditional upright suvs but the xm squared wheel arches which are stuffed full of 23-inch wheels and more complicated surfaces give it a heap more attitude than the land rover the roof itself which has led lights at its leading edge is finished in a contrasting color to the rest

Of the body while black a-pillars emphasize the sporty rake of the windshield and the presence of a charging port just ahead of the driver’s door makes it clear that bmw first standalone m-car since the m1 supercar is also m division’s first phev bmw doesn’t go into much detail on the powertrain but we know it comprises a v8 gasoline engine and an electric motor

Which together create a muscular 750 horsepower and pound-feet of torque in the absence of real data we guess at 3 seconds to 60 mile per hour while bmw does give us a clue about driving range 50 miles according to the european wltp protocol and an estimated 30 miles by u.s measurements but it’s the rear styling which employs huge exhaust tailpipes to make clear

This is no ev that’ll really grab your attention unlike other bmwm exhausts the xm2 pairs of pipes are mounted vertically not horizontally disappointingly they also seem to feature fake exhaust trims in the bumper something bmw m normally leaves to less authentic brands inside the xm blends styling details from other bmw concept and production cars but with a

Focus on traditional luxury materials that might confuse your typical current bmw m buyer instead of acres of black leather and shiny carbon trim you get textured woven surfaces made from carbon fiber and cooper thread plus lashings of rich brown leather mixed with turquoise velvet upholstery glance upwards and you’re treated to the coolest headliner we’ve seen

Since amc paired up with pierre carden to stripe the roof of a javelin the driver’s view forward meanwhile is dominated by bmw’s combined infotainment gauge cluster hardware running the latest version of idrive but it’s interesting to note that that idrive rotary controller is still in play in fact the presence of other parts bin switchgear like the gear selector

And console buttons makes it obvious that the concept xm is very close to dropping that concept prefix hope you are enjoyed the video if you are watching our channel first time please consider to subscribe thanks for watching do you

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