new bmw m4 vs porsche cayman gt4
Altair Club Cars New BMW M4 vs Porsche Cayman GT4 – Shootout | Fifth Gear

New BMW M4 vs Porsche Cayman GT4 – Shootout | Fifth Gear

In this brand new video, exclusive to YouTube, we’ve got another epic shootout. This time, Jason’s on track at Castle Combe to see if the brand new BMW M4 Competition (G82) trumps the mighty Porsche GT4. Thanks to BOTB for sponsoring this video. BOTB now give away TWO cars every week in their Dream Car and Midweek Car competitions. And they’ve now added £50,000 cash to every single car in the Dream Car line-up! You could win a BMW or a Porsche – with £50,000 cash in the boot – for just a few pounds.

Hi i’m christian from botb and we’re sponsoring today’s race with fifth gear because we have a huge range of bmws and porsches that you could win each car also comes with 50 000 pounds in the boot botb have just surprised over 600 winners and you could be next enter now at and i could be surprising you on tuesday now let’s get on with the race one track

Two cars and a stopwatch it’s a fifth gear shootout and this time it’s two high-performance germans in a fastest over-the-line challenge when it comes to engineering from germany this 75 grand porsche cayman gt4 might just be one of the greatest machines ever to come out of stuttgart but bmw have just released this it’s the all-new m4 and it also has a price tag

Starting at 75 grand its looks have divided opinion somewhat thanks to the all-new face it’s imposing but you’ve got to trust me on this it actually does look better in the flesh just not in this color performance on the cayman and the m4 are impressively close on the spec sheets the m4 make it up for its additional lardiness with bags of torque and extra horsepower

Although while both of these cars start at 75 grams these spec’d up are more like 90 grand i want to save you asking in the comments yes the m4 has the optional cup two tires fitted the same as the porsche so which is fastest around the track first up it’s the cayman first impressions just absolutely gorgeous in your hands and one of the reasons is the steering

They’ve just got it sorted you know on the move from hydraulic to electric they just sussed it and they’ve refined it we listen to that it revs all the way up to 8 000. oh man how nice is the change gear it’s also got like an auto blip function for when you’re going down the gears now ordinarily i don’t like any of those things because i can heal them so but

I have to say the system on this is brilliant it just times it perfectly kind of makes you a bit lazy but i like it it’s got carbon ceramic brakes which are mega however i’d like a slightly bigger master cylinder which would mean i don’t have to put so much effort so much force into the brake pedal i just feel it requires too much pressure and i’ll tell you

What’s really lovely about this they’ve managed to build into their chassis some elasticity to the grip when it’s on the limits and what i mean by that is if you get close to the edge you just feel it’s just stretching a bit at the back there’s no snap there’s no edginess and that gives you confidence you know i can be a bit rough and the rear will move or i’ll

Turn in a bit early and overwork the front and i’ll just create a little bit of understeer like there but i can power through that back to neutral again you cannot make the car do anything well the man is mega in it i quite fancy seeing what lap time it will do so let’s go for a quick one jesus christ have to concentrate then a little bit of oversteer there

Get that power in that’s an unbelievable time for roka one of the fastest i’ve ever recorded around castle combs circuit would i have yellow probably not so let’s see if the twin turbo m4 can beat it it appears on the paper to have quite a bit more than the port it’s over 500 horsepower it’s got roughly 50 more torque than the porsche’s got same sort of basic

Price you know 75 grand without many boxes ticked we’ve got 12 grand worth of extras on this car seats which are best part of seven grand not sure what that’s about but i guess the big difference in this car compared to the portion it’s heavy you know this is 300 kilos heavier than the porsche i mean this over 1700 kilos which is by any standards pretty heavy

The steering it’s very light there’s only steering weight when i apply input once i’m holding the steering at a given point doesn’t feel like there’s any resistance it just feels just too springy i’ve got no idea where the front grip is it’s a bit of a guess hello hello i mean it’s better at power sliding than the porsche absolutely i mean there’s no denying

It’s got some grunt it’s got a gearbox with all sorts of sexy acronyms here but it’s basically an automatic style not twin clutch dsg style you know and going up the gears gearbox feels fine it’s just when you’re going down the gears it’s quite quite slow yeah brake wise retardation is not as good as the as a porsche for two reasons today it’s weight but more

Importantly this is on steel brakes let’s look at some oversteer here yeah the rear comes out well enough but i’m not relaxed in it at all i mean i’ve driven some m3s before and i love them i sure like this funny that isn’t it and it’s probably a different kind of fish on the roads this is probably a lot easier to live with than the porsche because that’s a very

Much a sports car this is a bit soft a bit more subtle anyway let’s have a look what lap time she’ll do come on just quick round there 100 at the first checkpoint it’s neck and neck with a porsche there’s no doubting it is quick but it’s hard work i have to say at the second checkpoint the bmw is just lagging on the porsche but it’s gonna be close what have

We got uh one minute thirteen three so it’s what three quarters of a second slower you know the difference is the porsche you know i feel connected and part of it i don’t feel on top of this i feel like it’s it’s a bit ahead of me and it’s going to do stuff i really don’t expect it to do and that’s unsettling some people might like that so while the new m4

Might have the power it just didn’t have the finesse that came in on track as a performance everyday coupe the m4 might be of choice but on track and has an all-out driving experience it’s a cayman that takes the win don’t forget if you like what you see remember to click the subscribe button for the fifth gear youtube channel to be first to see our latest content

And maybe drop us a comment below if there’s a shootout that you’re dying to see for your chance to win a bmw or a porsche head over to now and get your ticket all of our cars are brand new and come with 50 000 pounds in the boot best of luck

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New BMW M4 vs Porsche Cayman GT4 – Shootout | Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear

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