new bmw m2 cs vs amg a45 s vs au
Altair Club Cars New BMW M2 CS vs AMG A45 S vs Audi RS3: DRAG RACE

New BMW M2 CS vs AMG A45 S vs Audi RS3: DRAG RACE

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Hi everyone matt watson here from car wow so i am sat in the new bmw m2 cs next to me is a mercedes amg a45s and next to that an audi rs3 sportback and of course we’re gonna have a drag race so let me tell you about this car it is the most exciting m car for a long time as far as i’m concerned you basically got an m2 which i love and they’ve only gone and stuck

The engine from the m4 competition in it so it’s got 450 horsepower and 550 newton meters of torque this one has a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox it’s got loads of other upgrades as well you’ve got column fiber bonnet copper fiber roof some special wheels it’s all rather lovely it’s blowing expensive 75 000 pounds for this car with the automatic

Gearbox actually this one with options because it’s got the carbon ceramic brakes 83 grand for an m2 what on earth is it made out of gold what’s going on some of the facts on this car it weighs in at 1 572 kilos and of course being a bmw it’s rear-wheel drive that mercedes it’s a lot cheaper whoever thought that a 57 000 pounds pot hatch was going to be ever

Described as being cheaper but it is there you go it’s also got a smaller engine a two liter turbo rather than the three liter twin turbo on this car still pumps out a lot of power though 421 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque it drives all four wheels though for an eight-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox it’s a bit heavier than this it’s 1630 kilos

That is a blooming fast car now moving on to the rs3 you see you’ve got a bit of a story to tell with that car the rs3 isn’t on sale anymore so that one is actually a 2016 car it’s been lent to us by a viewer so that card cost you 32 000 pounds if you bought it now and he’s had some things done to it he spent two grand on a tune intercooler intake a gearbox remap

And an engine remap and the engine now puts out 450 horsepower so the same as this car it has 750 newton meters of torque which is a lot of talk more torque than even i’ve got now it’s got seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox four wheel drive of course and a beautiful sounding 2.5 liter five cylinder turbo speaking of which let’s do the obligatory sound

Check so audi rs3 can you rev your engine a bit please mate so we can just enjoy its tone that is super loud part of the reason for that though is the fact that it’s got the audi sports exhaust fitted to it but it’s had a d cat and of course being a 2016 model there is no petrol particulate filter to mute the noise either let’s have a listen to the mercedes

I just double check that the mercedes was in sports mode yeah it’s in race i’ve got the sport exhaust on didn’t sound great did it i think the man summed up perfectly if he did my car i love the fact that bmw’s let your rev all the way up oh yeah when he’s stationary no soft limiter no we need to get on with the race don’t we now before we do though please

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Actually you can go there to check it out and subscribe there as well okay let’s do this buying a new car head to car wow to get offers from the uk’s top dealers car wow dot co dot uk the car buying comparison site you may be thinking wait a minute this is not fair you’ve got a tuned audi rs3 against two stock cars well we’ve raced the rs3 against the a45 already

And the a45 just beats it over and over again so we wanted to give the mercedes some stiffer competition that’s why the tune car’s there now before we race we’re gonna do the obligatory warming up of the tyres so let’s start off with that audi go on then audi warm up your tyres and try to slide if you can oh yes that’s definitely getting the outside front tyre

Warm that’s it is given up already however that mercedes has a very clever drift mode where it can somehow slide even though it’s a four-wheel drive car with a front-wheel drive bias but watch this that is awesome all right stop it stop it it’s my turn yeah he’ll do it i freaking love being dubious with this right i’m going to win this for she’s i’m at a slight

Disadvantage here because bmw’s launch control system only works when the stability control is completely off which means that the wheels will spin up i don’t have any help at all now i can dial down the revs a bit using the cruise control button but those guys they can launch with stability on to help manage the power a little bit so this is all down to me and

My skill or lack thereof so hopefully i’m not going to this up oh the a45 got a better start then can i haul it back come on bmw on you little beauty i’m gonna take the audi that is a photo finish so then what exactly happened well the tune audi crossed the line just ahead of the bmw but both completed the standing quarter mile in 12.0 seconds the mercedes

Came last crossing the line in 12.1 seconds which is still a very quick time interesting thing about that drag race is that rs3 i think has really benefited from that gearbox tune one of the problems with the very later versions of the rs3 the post facelift was that andy seemed to like kind of mute it slightly in first gear for the launch it didn’t launch as hard

As the pre-face lifted cars and so the times were never quite as good as they used to be that though just boom it was like back to the good old days anyway next challenge now we’re gonna have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour the car’s just in comfort setting this one is in efficient mode who’s gonna drive the m2cs in a vision mode ever let’s do it three two

One go floor it come on well that kicked out brilliantly gearbox to this is epic i thought that rs3 with the gearbox remap would kick down quicker but this is game over does this have a limited top speed let’s do 160. it doesn’t look like the top speed isn’t oh there it is right i was too far ahead to have any idea what happened with you two guys so mercedes

What happened my gearbox was better in that situation and i kind of took off first but nick was definitely creeping back in the rs3 there giving off roomie would just definitely come through so the gearbox remap didn’t seem to help in kickdown then no no not at all it still took a while to kick down i think it’s just when it bangs through the up shift that’s

Where it really comes good but i was pulling on the a45 and i think at around 160 mile an hour that’s when this thing came into its zone and started to creep ahead we’re going to do the rolling race again but this time the car is in a sportier setting and locked in third gear in manual mode so here we go three two one go oh the pickup’s wicked but it’s not much

Different at the moment between me and the a45 but no yes it’s the same story this engine is epic now they’ve given the m2 the fully tuned n4 competition engine it’s just improved it so much the m2 competition with the d-tune version of the m4 engine was good the original m2 with the not proper m engine was good but it wasn’t quick enough this is the daddy

I love it it’s a lot of money though in it but there’s a lot of performance so mercedes what happened that time well much more evenly might start time when gearboxes weren’t involved but again the rs3 started to pull away this time they’re probably around 130 540 miles an hour now then time for the brake test we’re going to cruise along 70 miles an hour when we

Reach the line into a full emergency stop see which car stops in the shortest distance this has carbon ceramic brakes they’re a six grand option i’m going to put this down because here comes the line here we go line this is so close i can’t call it i ate it when i have to get out the blooming car bear with me freaking no idea okay i have a result for you so

So so close but i think the order is this the mercedes one followed by the iod and last in the break test was the bmw but we are just talking centimeters difference between them still overall really impressed with this car those are two great hot hatches and probably for covering ground out on an unfamiliar road you’ll be quicker than those but this thing on a

Track on a roadie used to feel man i just love it right down to the alcantara steering wheel which i’m now getting all greasy from my sweaty palms anyway i hope you all enjoyed the video please make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that bell icon to turn your notifications on so you don’t miss a single drag race also why not follow us on instagram it’s

At car wow cars anyway thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time yeah all good all good always do that manual handbrakes good for handbrake turns not so good for idiots

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New BMW M2 CS vs AMG A45 S vs Audi RS3: DRAG RACE! By carwow

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