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Altair Club Cars New BMW 2 Series Coupe review: a return to form?

New BMW 2 Series Coupe review: a return to form?

2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe review:

Straight off the bat this thing is fun not kind of on the edge of your seat raucous porsche cayman kind of thumb it’s more refined than that we all love the idea of a sports car a racy two-door with a big engine and lots of performance a second or third car perhaps that we use on high days and holidays the thing is for most of us that’s just not a realistic proposition

Most of us need a car that can carry people and stuff as well as not costing a fortune on monthly pcp finance and one that is pretty cheap to run as well so what then if i could show you a car that did all of that and even a little bit more this ladies and gentlemen is the new bmw 2 series coupe the 2 series took over from the 1 series coupe back in 2014. the name

Change was designed to separate it from the family hatchback despite the fact it shared many of its parts and platform underneath new for 2022 is the car you see here but unlike the current one series which was revamped three or four years ago the new coupe ditches the car’s basic body and looks for rear rather than front-wheel drive foreign foreign so in a break

From the norm let’s first start what this car is like to drive and let me tell you straight off the bat this thing is fun not kind of on the edge of your seat raucous porsche cayman kind of fun it’s more refined than that we love what the bigger 4 series offers as a as a package it’s got a similarly dynamic drive a good range of engines but there’s space in the back

And it’s got a big boot as well and it feels like the 2 series offers everything that it’s bigger brother does but in a more compact and crucially cheaper package there are ostensibly three engines to choose from two petrols and a diesel the entry level model is the 220i but you can have the same engine in the 230i just with a little bit more power and performance

Then there’s the m240i a worthy three liter six-cylinder turbocharged range topper with 369 brake horsepower capable of naught 62 in a little over 4 seconds and then there’s this the 220d diesel but don’t write it off just yet this car is quicker than the 220i petrol and a whole load more economical it’s got 187 brake horsepower and 400 newton meters of torque that’s

100 newton meters more than the petrol it will do naught 62 in less than seven seconds so it feels quick it definitely doesn’t have the soundtrack of the n240i but if you want something a bit different to the usual 3 series or i don’t know the mercedes a-class diesel that a lot of people looking at this kind of car will consider and it’s definitely worth a look

I mentioned the 4 series and it’s sporty handling just now and there’s a good reason for that because this car is based on a shortened version of the four’s platform it feels agile it feels responsive the steering has a nice weight to it and the driving position is bang on there’s loads of adjustment in it which means it should fit anybody who needs it there’s

Something to be said for the extra talk of this diesel version as well the 8-speed automatic gearbox does a pretty good job of being in the right gear at the right time but a quick shift of this left hand paddle knocks you down a cog and you prod the throttle and you’ve instantly overtaken whatever it was that was holding you up the way it kind of picks up in the

Mid-range is even more impressive than the way it takes off from a standstill doesn’t even ride too badly either granted this one is on the smallest 18 inch wheels but they’re hardly small a few years ago 18 inches would have been considered massive so that mated to this diesel engine and strong refinement means that this is a car that you can get in drive for 300

Miles and get out the other side feeling as fresh as the moment you sat behind the wheel that’s only helped by the two single spec and strong kit list unless you opt for the standalone m240i this m sport trim is your only option it gets everything from led lights to part alcantara seats plus cruise control climate control and all-round parking sensors of course

This being a bmw there are lots of packs and options to add our car has portable blue paint for example plus a technology pack and a comfort pack if you want to know more you can find out everything you need to know at quality as we’ve come to expect from modern bmws is fantastic it’s built exactly as you’d expect it to be everything to a really

High standard the one thing i would say is though this setup up here the infotainment setup doesn’t feel as cutting edge as the latest electric bmw it’s the i4 and the ix for example and there’s a reason for that this is one of the very earliest new 2 series coupes which means it gets the older idrive setup up here if you order one now you’ll get the newer idrive

8 and well we’ve got mixed feelings about that it looks slick the the single panel the two screens which merge into one that looks great and the tech that’s within it is great as well but it’s just not as easy to use good thing though is that you will still get this click wheel down here on the center console some models like the new 2 series active torah do without

That and everything is buried within the screen one thing that will be buried within the screen though is the climbing controls you get buttons on this one but in the newer drive eight it’s all within the screen and it’s just not as easy to use now i did toy with the idea of presenting a nice piece to camera from back seats but let’s be honest nobody wants to

See how undignified i look clambering into the back this is where the 2 series really separates itself from the 4 series if you want to carry people in the back then the bigger car is undoubtedly better even putting children in here requires the body of a contortionist bestie this is a bit of extra storage space then for when you can’t get everything you need in

The boot but that might actually be less often than you imagine the boot is a good size it’s 390 liters so plenty of space for the trusty car buyer suitcase there aren’t many coupes on the market that offer this kind of versatility an audi tt for example it’s almost 100 liters smaller in that car you get a glass rear screen so you have to be really careful when

You’re putting big and bulky items in the back because you risk smashing the screen when you close it but the bmw 2 series really decent space and you can fold the seats down should you really need to using these levers in the boot we did touch on the benefits of running this diesel if you cover big miles and while the official figure of 60.1 mpg sounds good we’ve

Seen even better than that on a long steady run co2 emissions of 122 grams per kilometer are low but there’s no avoiding the fact that without a plug-in or electric variant the 2 series will offer very little appeal to those looking to lower their company car tax bill the 220i will according to bmw do 44.1 mpg while the m240i should return around 10 mpg less ier

For sure but not half bad considering the performance on offer right should we summarize with some deal makers and deal breakers the 2 series feels like a proper mini bmw fun to drive in any situation it won’t fail to put a smile on your face the 220i and 220d should prove pretty cheap to run too though without any electric options the 2 series is likely to be of

Greater interest to private buyers than company car drivers it isn’t very big inside but the boot will swallow a big suitcase with ease and you can always use the back seats as extra storage if you do need to carry passengers though we’d recommend taking a look at the three or four series your friends will thank you for not shoehorning them through those front

Doors the 220d is economical and the m240i is a rocket ship but the 2 series doesn’t get the same breadth of engine options as other cars in the bmw range all in though the 2 series feels like a a really capable all-rounder it feels more special than a 3 series and if you need those occasional rear seats or the big boot but don’t want to sacrifice driver appeal

Then it definitely trumps the style focused audi tt or even the driver comes first porsche cayman if you like this video then why not watch our review of the audi tt or our sports cars playlist thanks for watching

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