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Altair Club Cars NEW Bentley Flying Spur: Road Review | Carfection 4K

NEW Bentley Flying Spur: Road Review | Carfection 4K

There’s a new, third generation of Bentley Flying Spur and we took it to Monaco for a test drive.

Monte-carlo home of the rich and famous people with wealth can be the first to adopt new trends but they can also hold on to some traditional notions the rest of the world has moved on from mechanical watches fountain pens riding horses all used to be the only way of doing certain things but now are reserved for connoisseurs collectors those who can afford the

Higher prices they now all fetch and we’re regular people buying cars are starting to really turn their backs on the humble saloon car in favour of suvs and crossovers when you go further up the luxury chain to the more expensive manufacturers well they’re still making them cars in fact like this a new bentley flying spur which is waving the flag for the traditional

Three-box 4-door shape the modern incarnation of the flying spur came to us not that long after the continental gt came back so about 14 years ago but for the first two generations the flying spur always felt like well basically just a stretched continental gt but now for this bentley tells us in the third generation they’ve completely overhauled it pulled all the

Best parts of all the other cars and put it into something truly special and while the continental gt may be seen as the quintessential bentley of the modern era and the been take is by far the best-selling bentley the flying spur offers drivers something different something perhaps less fashionable but nonetheless exquisite now you could be forgiven for having kind

Of forgotten about the flying spur it’s not as big as the full-on limousine mulsanne but it’s longer and has more room in the back seats than the gt does it does feel like we’ve gone to a lot of effort to make this car visually stand out from the pack there is a much greater difference now between the flying spur and the gt than there ever has been this feels a lot

More well proportioned the stance is better the power line down the side is crisp and sharp those bentley haunches are there and they give it some real presence it’s also the least shouty of all the bentley’s the most subdued in presence the least flashy it’s a handsome ride but far more likely to quietly slide through traffic without drawing too much attention to

Itself and with the newly restyled flying ‘bee being able to be retracted into the bonnet you can turn this into a legitimate cue car at the heart of it all is a very familiar beast indeed up front there’s bentley’s very own 6-litre w12 engine the same as in the continental gt although bentley do make a great v8 the way the w12 delivers power is still to me the

Only way to have your bentley zero-to-sixty comes in just 3.7 seconds and if you find a rope long enough it will get all the way up to 207 miles an hour the gearbox is the same zf 8-speed dual-clutch units that the continental gt has which has been lifted from porsche think of it as a transplanted pdk and while i enjoyed the previous torque converter zf gearbox

In the previous generation if you’re going to find a new dual clutch gearbox then the porsche pdk seems the best place to go it’s not just the gearbox though the chassis has also been developed from that on the panamera making those cars brothers from other mothers and frankly i’m ok with that there’s now 626 brake horsepower on offer and a whopping 644 pounds

Feet of torque that huge amount of torque that the car now has can almost feel like too much torque it’s great when you’re going for an overtake and you just want to go from 60 to 80 miles an hour that’s fine but off the line my word this thing packs a punch considering how heavy this car is it’s really quite impressive the new three chamber air suspension allows

The car to have a much greater variety in driving modes in terms of comfort or performance and you can kind of dial it in with the bentley control dial into how you want it but keep it in bentley mode they’re kind of recommended automatic modes and you do get a nice balance between a absorbing the bumps and keeping you from rolling obviously it’s got the same 48

Volt anti-roll system that we first saw on ben tiga and is now on the new continental gt as well now in normal driving conditions its soft and serene and comfortable mbh is limited to an absolute bare minimum and it’s a very serene place to be but if you need to go for an overtake rhythm like that plant your food and that wave of torque just it’s quite scary quite

Quickly there is no disguising the flying spurs wait though and especially once you get it up to speed you do notice that there is some have to put about the brakes are good enough that they can stop you dead it’s the biggest steel brakes fitted to any car in the world although the power is only up a small amount in this car the huge amount of extra torque a new

Suspension system the gearbox it all ties together to make this a huge leap forward for the flying spur as a driver’s car it feels very similar to the new continental gt which is high praise indeed the new cylinder deactivation technology makes it more economical on long journeys to add to the serene comfort and ease of driving when you get to a more challenging

Stretch of road you’re rewarded with a much more engaging drive it’s perhaps slightly less direct on the steering than continental gt but the similarities on handling are noticeable the extra length of the flying spur over the conte is actually offset by rear wheel steer which really does make you forget how long the car actually is and massively improves handling

Obviously the bentley driving experience is maintained in this as you would expect so everything you touch everything you see everything you smell is amazing this is genuine bentley leather they may go for vegan options in future but for now whenever you buy bentley its clad with seven or more bulls worth of leather and as an optional extra in this car we’ve got

3d leather which at a glance looks like it’s quilted and padded but is actually this firm stuff in the door the metal surfaces have got these tactile knurled feels to it every stock every dial everything feels great to the touch the flying spur provides three separate kind of experiences there’s driving it as an owner driving the car as a chauffeur where you’ve

Got passengers who you want to ferry around in comfort and then this experience of being a passenger and you want to be able to enjoy all the luxuries that the car has to offer and the flying spur manages to tick all of those boxes the single biggest difference between the flying spur and the continental gt is this right here the back seat where is that the gt is

Technically a 2+2 the flying spur plenty of room and not just room comfort in abundancy these headrests are some of the most comfortable things you could ever hope to lay your head on and just you instantly want to nap the control systems that you have this new ejectable remote control here if i press the eject button should come gently out to me they’re nice and

Nifty feels a little bit like a very high-end mobile phone it allows me to control the media the seats i can slide the passenger seat in front of me forward to give myself even more legroom i can control the blinds it’s just an extra way of being able to control the car one of the coolest things is this gives me control over the flying ‘bee in the front of the car

I can either raise or lower it and the animation will show me it happening right there which is good because from here i can’t actually see the flying ‘bee now in the hands of a skilled chauffeur this seat back here can be one of the most comfortable places to be in the world if you have a spirited driver in the driver seat however because you’re so far back in

The car it can’t feel like you’re being thrown around a little bit so that’s improved handling on challenging roads you get as the driver can potentially come at a cost to your rear seat passengers my advice drive it yourself or hire a great chauffeur and that’s it the flying spur it does have supercar like credentials in terms of his acceleration its top speed it

Seems a bit of a cliche but we were doing some thinking it’s actually faster to 60 then a lamborghini murcielago it’s got a higher top speed than a ferrari 599 and it’s better-looking than me so it drives pretty much like a continental gt and it has similar practicality to ab antigua so why go for the flying spur while the world is turning its back on saloons why

Should someone still fight the tides of fashion saloon car has what’s got that executive vibe about it someone who knows their worth who knows how important they are but doesn’t need to shout about it quite so loud so why would you pick this over something like a bent a gun which i think is a far more valid comparison than comparing it to another saloon car because

Really bentley customers are going to be making that choice then take a super-popular you’re gonna see loads of the mats on the road maybe that’s reason enough to go with a saloon car be different build fashion stand out it’s like dressing like a dandy it’s something that used to get done an awful lot but now allows you to be a little bit different from the rest

In terms of practicality yes the been tegan might have a slightly more boot space if you fold the seats down if you have that option you can get a little bit more it and yes it has more ground clearance i will not accept the ability for it to go off-road as a feature that you’d make your mind up on because frankly who has ever seen a been takeoff rode the flying

Spur shows us that not only our saloon cars not dead they can still be some of the best drivers cars in the world let the masses indulge themselves in oceans of suvs for those who really know the value of a great car rides like the flying spur we’ll be waiting in the world thank you so much for watching all the way to the end don’t forget to subscribe and hit

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