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Altair Club Cars New Bentley Flying Spur: REAL WORLD 0-62mph Tested | 4K

New Bentley Flying Spur: REAL WORLD 0-62mph Tested | 4K

After shooting the main review of the new Bentley Flying Spur, Rory decided to see how close he could get to the the Bentley’s claimed 0-62mph time of 3.8 seconds.

For bentley flying spur comes with some big numbers 635 metric horsepower 207 miles an hour top speed four-wheel drive one champagne fridge and two amazing pillows in the back we’ve had a look at most of these figures in our recent review but one number we didn’t quite get to test was its claimed acceleration time of nought to sixty two miles an hour in 3.8 seconds

Luckily at the end of our filming day we had a little bit of time left over to do some proper consumer testing okay so we’ve got our timing equipment all good to go we’ve got our clothes road and we’ve got our bentley put it into sport mode smash the brake hit the accelerator off the rev limiter and there we go that’s 30 that’s 50 and that’s 60 it’s over in the

Blink of an eye it’s so quick this car honestly it just it kicks you in the back all right so the official time according to the draggy is nought to 100 kph in 4.1 2 seconds slapped me more than the official time so you give it one more go we’ll give it one more go and see if we can get it down to under 4 breakdown accelerator building the boost release little

Bit of wheelspin there and it’s all in auto the cars doing everything i don’t know how far that is officially but it feels so violent oh it’s quicker it’s quicker zero to sixty two in four seconds dead oh that’s that is so close to the official timing i reckon we give it one more go one more girl okay now i’m all set do you know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna do a

Couple of things to try and help myself out here it’s got a flying bean mascot on the front of the bonnet i’m gonna hide that to try and increase my aerodynamic efficiency and you know what just for the hell of it while i’m here i’m gonna put on a little lumbar massage cuz i’m in a bentley and why not okay here we go under four seconds is what i want to see and

We’re actually low on fuel right now we’ve got 20 miles of range left in the tank so this should actually help us out ambient temperature is 19 degrees we should smash this come on come on big bentley come on big bentley here we go no wheel spin could be a good launch always feels quick always feels quick no matter what oh yes three point nine eight seconds so that

Is that is a tenth and a bit over the official time i’d say that’s a pretty good result come on i would say that if i warmed up the tires a little bit more and i was on a stickier surface three point eight seconds to 262 is it’s pretty damn achievable so yeah little round of applause for bentley to be able to engineer a car that’s 2.3 tonnes that can do nought to

62 in under four seconds is nothing short of amazing right that’s it as always don’t forget to like subscribe hit the bell icon and as always we’ll see you on the next one peace

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New Bentley Flying Spur: REAL WORLD 0-62mph Tested | 4K By AutoTrader

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