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Altair Club Cars New Audi S3 Review – Is this nearly R1million hot hatch worth it, or should you wait for the RS3?

New Audi S3 Review – Is this nearly R1million hot hatch worth it, or should you wait for the RS3? is the best place to find a used Audi in South Africa. We have over 2500 to choose from!

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Next car right here we go you’ve clicked on this youtube title because you would like to know more things about the new audi s3 so let me do my job right so is it just me or does volkswagen have the best business model in the whole world they developed one chassis one drivetrain i mean gearbox engine all the rest of it and then they built four cars on top of

The golf the rda3 the sayyad something or other which we don’t get here and the skoda something rather which we don’t get yet but i mean that’s pretty smart you know that’s like when i had a pizza business that’s like me making one pizza and charging four different people for it it’s very clever but anyway so what we have here is an golf audi skoda sayat s3 um

With it’s basically the new golf r that’s pretty much what’s happening here we’ve got quattro underneath me sending power to all four wheels we’ve got a two liter four cylinder turbocharged engine up front pushing our 213 kilowatts and 400 of newton’s meters and that gives you a 0-100 time of 4.9 seconds a little bit of a heavy car that’s just under 1.5 tonne so

About the same as the new gti as well but a good 33 more kilowatts and a good 30 or so more newton meters so it should be a lot faster and let’s see if it is right sport mode using the world’s tiniest flappy pedals drop it into third foot flat that’s not bad yeah okay look it’s not slow i think we can give it that but it’s not i don’t know how to say this to

You guys it’s not uh it’s not very exciting yeah uh i mean i know they’re still gonna make the rs3 and that’s gonna be very exciting but i’m sure with its 2.5 liter five cylinder and all the rest of it but i i don’t know i’ve been driving this s3 all morning now and i’ve just done the front short pass one of the best roads in the country and i mean i had fun

But i’m not like whew let me phone my friends and tell them about this car i’m driving and that’s a little bit sad especially when you look at the prize right so i wanted to get into the pricing earlier in this video because i feel like it’s pretty important and uh let’s start with the base price 795 000 rand for this new audi s3 and it does look quite good and

You get these nice 19-inch wheels just good-looking car there’s and it looks i think it looks the part right it looks like an expensive fast hatchback i think they got that part right but this particular unit that i’m sitting in costs close to one million rad audi south africa have specked this with over 180 000 rounds worth of extras and that means that this is

A pretty much million round hatchback by the time the dealer adds on the road fees and all that other nonsense then you just end up you’re basically in a million round hatchback here a million rand for a hatchback i don’t know i don’t know about you but this is all starting to feel a little bit ridiculous i mean overall impressions for me this is a lovely lovely

Cabin it really is it’s all sort of angular i quite like this design of the air vents up here next to the the instrument pinnacle sort of on the left and right of the steering wheel it’s quite sort of jet fighter-ish i mean i’ve never been in a jet fighter but it’s kind of giving me that sort of feeling you know top gun kind of vibe but i think one of the problems

That audi and volkswagen have as a group is that the more luxurious the gti gets for instance the golf eight then the less premium the audi a3 the rds3s start to feel because there’s not a huge amount of difference between the quality of the materials and the design that you’re getting in here compared to what you get in the gti for a lot less money so you know

What’s the solution do you sort of make the dti feel a bit cheaper to make this feel a bit more premium or do you just keep going up the market with the audi so that it sort of justifies its badge and its price tag i don’t know it’s a tough one i’m not really sure what the solution is but i do feel in fact this for me is one of the best audi interiors out right

Now i actually feel like this is a more exciting interior than you get even in the new re-6 event actually there’s something quite cool about everything and yeah the way they’ve designed it and obviously being an audi it’s incredibly well built i mean absolutely no rattles or squeaks whatsoever they’re just such well put together cars they really are i love the

Design of the steering wheel the flat bottom it’s about the perfect width in my opinion the perfect sort of circumference the bit where your hands go and your thumbs go absolutely perfectly designed there’s a lot of nice touch points in here there’s a lot of nice elements which make you feel like you’re driving something quite special so i do think in terms of

Interior execution exterior execution they have got this car right but i think it looks and feels more dramatic than it actually is and that’s a bit sad right let’s have a chat about this audi s3 interior now as i mentioned when i was driving it is particularly lovely interior i do like the radical new design in fact i think this is probably one of the best audi

Interiors available at the moment actually but also like i mentioned while i was driving is this particular test unit is fitted with 183 000 round worth of extras and i wanted to take you through what that means just what you’re actually having to pay for extra in this car so list price is 7.95 now that feels quite convenient i think just below that psychological

800 000 rand barrier and what i do appreciate about audi is for us journalists they do give us a very detailed breakdown of our test units pricing and extras some other manufacturers don’t do this anymore bmw charges i’ve really got bad a lot of pollen now chip mercedes oh gosh sorry there’s something in my in my throat there so that’s hay fevery today anyway the

The thing that audi’s done here which is very interesting and which becomes very apparent very quickly is that they’ve stripped out some very basic equipment to get the price down so for instance you have to put in a rear view camera extra you have to pay extra for that six and a half thousand round i mean that’s such a cheap option that you get standard on a lot

Of very very budget cars and then if you want some nice things and you probably do like a panoramic sunroof that’s an extra 17 000 rand if you want these lovely seats and they are lovely they really are they’re called fine nappa leather seats those are 21 000 ram but if you want them to be electric and have memory function you need to spend an extra 19 000 rad if

You want your rear bench to fold a split fold that’s three and a half thousand round um these 19 inch wheels they’re not standard i thought they were those are an extra 14 000 rounds so very quickly you have a car which has a total price of 978 800 rad and that’s just to me i can’t get away from the fact that that feels like a lot of money for what is essentially

A sort of middle of the road performance hatchback i mean how much is the audi rs3 going to cost if this thing costs 9.78 so it is this is a good car it’s a lovely car it’s well made i mean audi always makes banging interiors and they make them really really well but goodness me this is an expensive exercise isn’t it but let me just show you some of the niceties

You do have in here down here is a wireless charging pad it’s a bit of an odd angle but it does work it’s got little things to hold your phone in and down here is something that is really starting to bother me in cars it’s not just audi volkswagen’s doing it as well even porsche is doing it this is your gear knob now this is how you select whether you want to go

Forward or backwards or park it’s this little switch thing and it’s just not very exciting i mean you’re putting your car in drive you’re going for a drive yeah i’m going into sport mode yeah i’m going to drive we’re going for a drive and then you go that’s it i mean literally opening my microwave is more exciting than that i swear anyway i’m not a huge fan give

Me good old-fashioned big dramatic gear knobs you know that’s what i miss otherwise heated seats although you do pay extra for those but those are lovely in winter beautiful infotainment system that works particularly well it’s got that nice haptic feedback as well so it sort of clicks when you push anything electric handbrake only so no more handbrake turns for

You youths you can’t get a manual s3 anymore that’s quite sad i think and then i do like this little innovation oh the engine just came on that was surprising i do like the little innovation here around the drinks holders because you can fold these out of the way then you’ve got a big storage area or if you’ve got some dranks then you fold those into place and it

Securely holds your tins very nice so if i could summarize my feelings about this car love the way it looks love the interior but the brand to enjoyment ratio here or the ran to thrill or the ran to excitement ratio it’s just a bit off it feels like you’re sort of outlay to what you’re getting back in terms of driver reward and driver fulfillment is just a little

Bit poorer it feels a bit to me like you might be able to spend less money elsewhere if if you’re enthusiast and get more excitement and more out of your car if you’re looking for a fast comfortable good looking hatchback with a premium badge then yeah the rds3 ticks all the boxes there’s nothing wrong with this car i just wish they’d cranked it up a little bit

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That already budget insurance affordable because you can’t afford not to

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