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Altair Club Cars NEW Audi e-tron S (500hp) – TESLA rival acceleration

NEW Audi e-tron S (500hp) – TESLA rival acceleration

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FAST acceleration test with the all-new AUDI e-tron S Sportback delivering a whopping 503 hp & 973 Nm of torque out of three engines! Yes its now as fast as the TESLA model X in the P100D spec but on pair with their “non-performance” models. Considering the weight & range of the car its just astonishing how it launches and handles. What are your thoughts? Should we do more electric cars on our channel or are you bored that it doesn’t have sound;) #Audi #etronS #etron

So hello everybody a very special day today because we are testing the audi e-tron s yes it’s more or less the first electric vehicle which we are testing on our channel and this is the first s model that also is electric from audi and we will be doing the test using our drift box to see how fast actually the car goes comparing that with other cars that we are

Usually testing they’re claiming something at around below 5 seconds and i’m anxious to see if we can manage that time or even better let’s see what is about the power output of this car and they’re having one electric motor in the front and two electric motors in the rear so that there also is some torque vectoring we can show you later on claiming about 500 hp

More or less 500 hp and almost 1000 newton meters of torque but that’s of course the system power which is not really comparable all the time to the petrol cars that we are testing so yeah without further talking let’s put it into the dynamic mode this is what we’re having em put the esc in sport mode let’s see if that is fast or not faster than the normal mode

And head out here wah-wah let the straw so honestly guys this car is seriously quick it seems to get quicker from time to time we have a 4.1 seconds now on the drift box 4.1 seconds let’s do one more try to see what time add us and also reset that counter amazing stuff it also feels extremely strong 2.1 seconds to 60 km/h that’s that’s the strong part that you

Feel you can even feel that in your head once the isolation is happening seems to be that there’s a good place here to launch the car let’s try it was easy off maybe that helps now 4.2 seconds again which is very very good let’s see if we can drift is actually pretty amazing how you can throw that car on the corner the cool thing is that you don’t have to

Turn it in with the steering at first in the corner but you can really just step on the throttle it’s sheer power and ya talk that you feel yeah so overall really astonished not only by the acceleration but specifically also by that handling i’m really in love with that drivetrain eager to also test that sometime in the year on the road as well yeah did not did

Not expect an electric vehicle to be such dynamic and i think the times that we did to 100 were amazing and also yeah how it drives and how the whole thing feels still like a normal car yeah honestly bit surprised you feel it and really liked it you

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NEW! Audi e-tron S (500hp) – TESLA rival acceleration­čĆü By Automann-TV

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