new audi a8 50 tdi
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New Audi A8 50 TDI

Audi A8 50 Tdi

Closed doors see that closed the city where’s your female able that’s my goddamn sweet whoa look at it ends up let’s play fencing an edge wait are those are the v6 as well welcome back to the video so whoa look at this look at it it’s a god damn melody man it’s audi a8 so this is josh dug i just bought this there’s a brand new one it’s not a 50 free plate

This is a private play glass wall look at that looks so nice well look at the size of it it’s huge can you see that see you’re zooming out look at it look at the wheels what are these uh right you killed these as well yeah this side as well yeah bro all the wheels the thing is no no at the same time all right yeah at the same time yeah bro this is goddamn chunk

Around right out man there’s no point of fixing it for them to just get because you actually have a diamond cut in it yeah but if you have a look see how the rim comes out more of an attire sometimes yeah so like when they like if you look at yours 21 inch well 21 no are they 23 i think 23 no cars so 22 22. look at the size picture and picture picture it yeah

Bang yeah and then go with it look at the gap man pop the pop the hood yeah it’s massive sleep i don’t know if they can capture everything you gotta zoom it out with me but please in the middle of it get the gap there going to turn it ten yeah ah see that z one i literally got services remember my 320d when it had bare spaces in this so that’s a four liter

V8 so right yeah so obviously they need this is the same shape the same shot yeah yeah yeah so basically like all that space would be for you know for a uh yeah v12 yeah let’s walk the chair’s got services though whoa look at this spider here look at him at home where’d he go all right all right jeff speaker through the door is it soft touch yeah you’ve

Got to close it like that and then it will close yeah mine is right see that mine’s soft closed doors see that closed oh yeah speak through the key yeah because there’s obviously keyless goalkid essentially bankers in it so basically now wait let me close the bonnet first i don’t lock the door for doors so close it yeah i’m gonna lock it locked yeah see if you

Now open the door yeah as long as the keys there it’ll open yeah as long as the keys die it’ll open see that now lock it again yeah just show them again are you seeing this yeah locked okay now lock it locks once again see if you don’t this is the thing with these newer cars they’re all wireless and keyless and stuff like that see this is free you’re not going

To rub the s3 without the keys yeah rfid blocker which basically is a radio frequency which basically blocks anything from now so even if i’m close to the car now yeah nice spray this little thing here little wallet what’s inside of that tin foil or something i don’t know what it is a carnival it is this is that material though you can even get like baskets of

Them as well like baskets you can throw your keys and stuff at home because obviously sometimes they can knock on you know sometimes if they’re close enough to the door or something and the keys are there they can obviously just move without without the key in it whoa look at the insides of the world that’s so good well we’ve got a beautiful alcantara what is

It anything else oh god damn man yeah it looks well does it have anything written there s8 no nothing there i’m not gonna lie it’s weird it’s luxury that’s what it is yeah that’s what it is look at it everything’s just like a whoa so advancing you’re seeing this it’s not cool stop burning down there oh yeah it’s not the key yeah i saw another dish got

A nice little um oh and it even shows shelby ultra stations let’s get this google maps oh it runs off google maps yeah all right so wait if there’s a subscription runs out then you leave your map no you’ll get the maps but you won’t do like traffic and stuff all right like live updates and stuff right interesting everything’s massive on this like it’s awesome

Are you looking at the events today push him open now that’s fancy that one all of them ever tough right so what if i turn oh no that’s propaganda as well leds of display is it active right now the window oh heads up oh yeah yeah that’s my god damn sweet man whoa look at it ends up let’s play bent on the edge all right we’re going to eat we’re winning out

Of the big space this one in the oppositors oh actually let’s do something else as well yeah it’s not gonna work now because i’m trying it now but it’s got one thing yeah it does it eventually man it’s very annoying sometimes well my dad does it yeah it works straight away bro and wherever i try bro it just don’t work it’s flipping weird you have to put is it

Unlocked though wait is it because the door’s open no wait let me try again foreign you’re wait so you got no battery in it oh the ignition’s i’m flipping it oh no yeah oh all this key listen i was wondering yeah because on the normal car you can’t blur the other ignition i told you something bro let me try and embarrass me out here whoa he got a lot of

Boot space in it come with a spare tire as well or no spare tires some of them do something it’s an option now in it isn’t it nice little space saver coming with it it’s not bad these new cars all right now hey quite quiet in it we’re in a diesel well this mic is a very good so a few people now is very low because this mic is very good normally the newer

Diesel’s yeah it’s all right that’s all right 1000. i don’t know maybe it won’t be much but yeah i think most of that noise coming from the room okay foreign exhaust bro holder slimy basket you wanna go for a ride in it see how smooth it is yeah the handles are like this they are but no difference what the what’s this one opening moving back hey so you can

Get off of people in it yeah but no what i’m saying is every car is on top oh right yeah move it but look look it’s like even though i’m not like hitting 40 right now if i do this it’ll automatically decided to the speed limit of the road and they’ve got a lane assist it’s got it’s got lane this is an under under system right now yeah yeah but it’s but it’s not

Going to work now because uh it needs to drive a little bit first oh right right basically what i can see now you can’t see but there’s green light there’s there’s what three white lines on either side which basically go green when it when it when it detects lanes in it all right and then it’s got this is that active cruise control so watch now it’ll go back up now

It’ll just speed as well now no come on pressing the brake yeah can you turn that off though yeah otherwise no i’m gonna drive myself now i press the brakes it’s just sometimes i mean man this is massive everything way too big london every other week for every every now and again it’ll go like every single week it’ll be like in london or something like that

Yeah so we need something fun for you he could have got a company car but he’s like i don’t want a company literally because the company can’t be like a golf or something you know i mean yeah it’s decent froze but not for my dad he’s got a lower back issues dynamics the spot mode but you’re stuck but like because it’s a big car anyway you won’t feel like the

Difference as much as like a as like an rs6 for example which is made for like sport and stuff but it does get more uh stiffer the suspension and stuff when you’re in there oh yeah yeah you’re feeling a bit in it yeah you will 60 days is a smooth yeah like it’s for a big car how much does it weigh like at least two tons i reckon it’ll be close to two tons i think

The only thing that keeps it lighter is obviously it’s not the fault it’s not the v8 yeah the v6 is lighter than the uh thingy so i reckon it’d be close to two tons about the minimum the city where’s your female able it might not it might not be aware of its original all right what is it what is it oh is that a cup sweet yeah but it’s going for something these

All your dance sweets they’re glasses like glasses like slipper free 400 pound bro yeah it must be yeah see the pee my finger see if it breaks itself sometimes it like delayed that it’s a bit delayed you can’t live in emergency room john miller john lennon over there it looks all right but again you are pretty dark oh when we look at it looks alright for 400 quit yeah foreign

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New Audi A8 50 TDI By H4 Torque

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