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Altair Club Cars New Audi A6 Avant e-Tron 2023 | Finally an Electric ESTATE

New Audi A6 Avant e-Tron 2023 | Finally an Electric ESTATE

New Audi A6 Avant e-Tron 2023 | Finally an Electric Estate.

All right guys today it’s an exciting day audi just announced the new a4 avant e-tron and what it’s exciting is the fact that it’s an electric car it’s one of the first electric estate cars that will come on the market next year we will expect probably more from volkswagen group and awoody porsche also work on the same platform with awoody and volkswagen and probably

In the future in the next years we will see even more estate cars i know the trend is not to estate cars the trend it’s going to suvs and crossovers but personally i’m a big fan of estate car i think they are much nicer much more practical much more efficient now guys let me present you the car and i hope you will enjoy the video as i said before the new audi a6

Avant has an exclusively electric drive system based on ppa platform develop under audi leadership it represents a new design concept with the same dimension as the new audi a6 sportback etron now the dimension of the car are 4 meter 96 centimeters long 1 meter 96 centimeter wide and 1 meter 44 centimeters high the new a6 avant will come with a drag coefficiency

Of only 0.24 this means the car exhibit minimal aerodynamic drag which initially translates into lower energy consumption and therefore extended range and it’s probably one of the most aerodynamic estate car on the market oh and by the way if you like to know the color name of this car is neptune valley now going back to the platform of this car the ppi is designed

Exclusively for battery electric drive system and can therefore take full advantage of all benefit of this technology the key element of the future ppi fleet it’s a battery module between the xl that hold around 100 kilowatt hour of energy in the avant version of the a6 etron concept using the entire vehicle base make it possible to achieve a relatively flat layout

For the battery the occupants of the ppi models will also benefit from the longer wheelbase which translate into a longer interior and more legroom in both rows of seats the new audi a6 avant etron concept comes with two electric motors and it’s capable to deliver 470 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque from what we know until now the audi a6 will come in

Two version all wheel drive and rear wheel drive the all-wheel drive system it will have an electric motor mounted in the front and one mounted on the rear they will use an electronic coordination to deliver all-wheel drive on demand in addition to e-tron family we’ll also include a basic version optimized for minimum consumption and maximize range in this case

Propulsion will come from a single electric motor mounted at the rear axle the front axle of the audi a6 e-tron concept are connected via a 5-link axle specially optimized for electric vehicle with a multi-link axle on the rear the concept car also features all the air suspension with adaptive dumpers now i would claim that in just 10 minutes it’s enough time to

Charge the battery to a level sufficient to power the car for more than 300 kilometers and in less than 25 minutes you can charge the 100 kilowatt hour battery from 5 to 80 percent additionally to that i would claim also that you can drive up to 700 kilometer with the new audi a6 e-tron family this is great this the numbers are great for long trips and i’m really

Excited to see the car and to test the car in the future and i’m really agree with that and i think those kind of advantage state cars station wagon cars can manage to have a lot of space great great uh quality and also a bigger battery and a great great system so as i said before i’m a big fan of those kind of estate cars now in terms of performance i would claim

That even the entry-level models designed for efficiency will accelerate 0 to 100 in less than 7 seconds now the top of the line high performance model can sprint in under 4 seconds those are really really nice numbers to be honest now when it comes to lightning audi and volkswagen group make one of the most sophisticated and elaborate lights on the market i think

They are the best in my opinion and also on this new a6 model it will come with digital metrics led light and digital or led light that make possible to achieve maximum brightness in a wide range of feature even with minimal surface area while at the same time offering customizable light signatures now if we talk about lightning customization let me tell you that

Digital metrics led light front headlights achieve almost cinematic quality if for example the audi a6 it’s parked in the front of a wall during a break to recharge the battery the driver and the passenger can pass the time play a video game project onto it also the rear end of concept car feature a new generation of digital oled element that has a continuous strip

Of light act like a display they can also be used to create almost unlimited customizable variation of digital light signature and dynamic light display that can be adapted to the customer personal taste one new feature in the taillights is the three-dimensional architecture of the digital oled elements that adapted to the shape of the body make it possible to

Perfectly integrate the night design into overall look that make it possible to experience the dynamic lights show not only in two dimension as was previously the case but with an impressive 3d spatial effect overall those are the information that we have until now about the new audi a6 event etron in the future we will come for sure with a lot of information we

Will do a full review a test drive and we’re looking forward to see electric estate cars on the market guys i hope you enjoyed the video i hope it was useful for you if you still have questions ask me down below whatever you want to ask thank you very much for watching my channel don’t forget to like share subscribe stay safe and i guess i see you soon in the next one bye guys you

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New Audi A6 Avant e-Tron 2023 | Finally an Electric ESTATE By SDA Dan Cars

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