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Altair Club Cars New AUDI A4 Allroad Quattro (2020) FACELIFT – first look, review & PRICE(40 TDI)

New AUDI A4 Allroad Quattro (2020) FACELIFT – first look, review & PRICE(40 TDI)

Taking a closer look at the new Audi A4 Allroad Quattro (FACELIFTED version). This is the 40 TDI version with 190 PS.

Hi guys welcome to the channel welcome to august 10th here at the vienna car show and today we are taking a closer look at the facelifted of the a4 allroad so basically this is dejected version of the a4 avant and you will immediately spot that it’s an older old version thanks to this plastic robust ik you know wheel arches you also have some new details on the

Front so basically what it is is the facelift so the new lights are here with the new elimination to go with the rest of the audi models also the new single-frame grille a bit flatter and wider and i love this aluminium parts here on the old road and you also have this special aluminium part to protect the engine and when you go off-roading now of course all

Road is higher from the ground so additional 35 millimetres of ground clearance you do have and all the models all role models come with the quattro as you know standard now let me show you how does the car now this one has the roof rails also the audi of facial you know ski bag here so i don’t know it looks very cool but maybe the car should be in some different

Colour this is maybe too much of a contrast for me to have the chrome and black and white but yeah cool but maybe in some different colour the biggest change are of course the life they have a new illumination and an old road version you have this diffuser this aluminium part also to protect the car and exhausts well they aren’t you know that fake the problem is

You only have it here on this side is just plastic so i don’t like this but hey it’s you know new age new trends on the market especially with the aldi but yeah we will forgive it ok so let’s check out the trunk and we have interesting thing here we have a dog here hello hello okay we have a dog so joke aside you do have 495 liters of space here so plenty of room

For everything you need even the dog in this case so it is secured and yeah well this is the trunk space tell me in the comments what do you think about this old robe now people are crazy for suv of these days and this is a great alternative for those who want the combination of a state and suv and maybe prefer the design of the state cars so tell me in the comments

What do you think about the design of this car let me show you additional thing here you have a very nice medium quattro sideskirts and this particular model states on this 18 inch wheels and now you see how much of a ground clearance there is and let me show you the car from inside all the logo is projected here have all road letters here at the door seal leather

Seats on this one flat-bottom steering wheel digital cockpit in front of the driver things that we are used to seeing and new thing about this car from inside is that there’s no more rotary push button so everything is now on this new screen this screen is 10.1 inch wide it is a touchscreen can control everything you know here but i don’t know i preferred the rotary

Push button i think this screen is great but you know i would love to have this rotary push button still inside no here actually i love this this sort of boot it goes with the old road team so this is a plus from me this is not a plus because this is you know black piano black plastic i’m not a huge fan because it gets dirty and looks used very very soon digital

Cockpit with different views and i can’t change them right now because you know we don’t have the key but yeah they is the all-new a4 allroad inside now all the a4 allroad models come with quattro as i said you have two litre petrol and diesel engines available this particular model has tdi so the diesel engine with 190 horsepower and 7-speed s-tronic automatic

Gearbox a4 allroad quattro starts from fifty four thousand three hundred heroes but this particular model is fully packed and costs you know bit more seventy six thousand euros so yeah this was the first look at the all-new a for all road tell me in the comments what do you think about this car would you take this or an suv any more fan of the estate cars or suvs

Do subscribe to the channel as there will be plenty of more videos to come from vienna car show and well yeah on that note i think it’s time to end the video that as i said plenty of videos to come do subscribe to the channel thank you very much for watching see you on the next one bye bye

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New AUDI A4 Allroad Quattro (2020) FACELIFT – first look, review & PRICE(40 TDI) By crospotter13

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