new arrival 2023 bmw x5 xdrive40
Altair Club Cars NEW ARRIVAL 2023 BMW X5 xDrive40i Alpine White on Black Merino Leather

NEW ARRIVAL 2023 BMW X5 xDrive40i Alpine White on Black Merino Leather

Introducing this beautiful 2023 BMW X5 xDrive40i in Alpine White with Black Merino Leather, I often feature X5’s with M Sport but we don’t often have many without M Sport so I wanted to highlight how it looks in comparison to an M Sport model. I prefer M Sport but I wouldn’t be opposed to non-M Sport if it came down to it.

Foreign this is alan from bmw durham back again with another video we have another new arrival it’s the 2023 bmw x5 xdrive 40i in alpine white all right so this is the 2023 bmw x5 xdrive 40i in alpine white with black interior so this is our first 2023 that i’ve seen that doesn’t have m sport on it so i just wanted to take the opportunity to share this vehicle

With you there are no schedule changes for 2023 x5 as there will be an early release for the 2024 which will have the lci design which so far we’ve only seen spy shots we’re not 100 sure exactly what it’s going to look like but i can assure you it’s going to look good and i just wanted to walk all the way around the car so you guys can have a look this one does

Have the trailer hitch at the back and it is already sold and we’re just waiting to have the customer arrives so that they can collect this vehicle so let’s jump into the car all right so from the front we can see we’ve got the bmw led headlights which look really good always look good like that we have the x line design down here so non-m sport we have the one

Piece chrome kitten grille which looks really good and at the very bottom there you can see the radar and we’ve got sensors all the way around the front looking really nice and over here we have the 20 inch v-spoke 438 wheels looking really nice there and because this is the non-m sport we do have the black surrounds over the fenders and we’ve also got the black

Rocker panel as well so down here we’ve got that little cutout on the front fender we’ve got the nice body lines going from the front all the way through to the back coming up into the rear door handle and right into the tail light and let me just get those tail lights on for you give me one second there tail lights look really good we’ve got a lower bumper design

With the freeform exhaust on the non-m sport design and also from the back here we do have the shark fin style antenna which i’m starting to see is going away let’s open up the tailgate here so it is a split tailgate all right and we have a cargo cover here which can be retracted there’s a button right there that you can press in order to release the cargo cover

And if i just lower the lower tailgate by pressing that button i can lift this up so the carpet floor mats are there in that storage space we have tow hook wheel lock key down here so that’s really nice we have a grocery bag hanger like this on either side we also have a 12 volt plug inside of here and on this side if i lift this up there’s a little storage space

Down there as well and i can press the button up here so i can close that other one is closing locks let me just press that and it will have both the upper and lower tailgates close simultaneously all right so you can kind of see that welcome light carpet there it’s a little bit difficult to see with the lighting but we do have lights on the door handle and we

Have comfort access on all four door handles inside of here i just wanted to show you so we do have the manual sun shade which can be lifted up just like so i’ve got the blue ambient lighting going on right here we’ve got the winter floor mats in there and take a look at these beautiful black merino leather seats that looks really awesome the two outer headrests

In the back can flip up if uh somebody’s sitting here but if nobody’s sitting here there’s a button on the back that you could press release levers on the shoulder here to fold down the seats in a 60 40 split we do have an armrest in the center here and there is some storage space here with some cup holders and when you put the armrest down it reveals the string

Here for the center posture that you can pull down on the back of each front seat we have a usb type-c charging port there is a little accessory port door here for bmw accessories we also have some pockets on the back of each seat i like the ambient lighting just down here that looks really cool uh we’ve got some vents on the back of the center console rear climate

Controls with heated seats on the two outer positions and there’s also a 12 volt plug at the bottom and there’s also some vents underneath the front seats and we’ve got some pockets on the side doors as well let’s take a look at the front seats all right so if i open the front passenger door so we’ve got some ambient lighting on the door there we’ve got a speaker

Down here we have the bmw door sill down here full power seat with lumbar and side bolster support so again let’s take a look at those merino leather seats looking really nice and then we’ve got the aluminum mesh trim on the dash we have idrive 7 and if i open this up so we do have the communication pad down there uh cup holders usb 12 volt plug and there’s your

Center there that we have the shift knob the idrive controller all of your three modes park assists traction control hill descent control and inside of here we’ve got the split armrest so we do have the usb type-c charging port in there and it’s also illuminated and the armrest will heat with the heated seats and this particular one does have heated seats as well

As ventilated seats let’s go take a look from the driver’s side all right so from the driver’s side there is a little bit of that welcome light carpet there as well light on the door handle if i open that up so we’ve got all of our window controls over here and we have your side mirror controls tailgate controls this is a button to use the driver’s seat controls

To control the front passenger seat you’ve got your memory buttons there to save your seating position side mirror position steering wheel position uh head up display position and ambient light colors as well as presets we’ve got full power seat over here as well lumbar and a side bolster and just another nice close look at that beautiful stitching there and

On the inside here we’ve got your exterior lighting controls there’s your steering wheel we have live cop cockpit professional and this vehicle does have the full suite of cruise control so we have assisted driving distance control and we’ve got heated steering wheel down here radio controls on that side and we have the paddle shifters on each side as well signal

Stock board computer automatic high beams and we have one click up to activate the automatic rain sensing wipers if the car was on you’d see a little light here beside auto illuminate and to turn on the rear wiper you just twist it from off to the on position and if you twist and hold it will spray the rear pull and hold will spray the front so looks really nice

In here let’s take a look under the hood all right so it is still the two-pole system just like the last one and i’ll lift up the hood there’s no manual prop rods it’s held up by these hydraulic prop rods uh there is the beautiful b-58 three liter inline six twin power turbos so this is the 335 horsepower 331 foot-pound of torque version positive battery terminal

Negative battery terminals that post there we have washer fluid here and overall looks nice and neat in here i like it and uh i know you like it too all right so i just want to do a remote engine start cold start so remote engine start is three clicks on the lock button so one two three we have to wait about four seconds and we’ll see the lights flash alright

So that was the cold start sound sounds pretty good all right so that was my tour of this beautiful 2023 bmw x5 xdrive 40i and alpine white uh car looks really good i wanted to display this one because it doesn’t have m sport a lot of our vehicles do have m sport so it’s not often that i got a chance to show you one that doesn’t have it so i hope you guys like

The video if you do make sure you like share and subscribe if you love the video give me a super thanks and we’ll see on the next video thank you so much for watching thank you

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NEW ARRIVAL! 2023 BMW X5 xDrive40i Alpine White on Black Merino Leather By Allen BMWDurham

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