new arrival 2022 bmw m3 competit
Altair Club Cars NEW ARRIVAL 2022 BMW M3 Competition Frozen Dark Grey Metallic

NEW ARRIVAL 2022 BMW M3 Competition Frozen Dark Grey Metallic

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Sharing with you this amazing Individual Frozen Dark Grey Metallic 2022 BMW M3 Competition with Black Full Merino Leather and M Interior and Exterior Carbon Fiber Packages! The way the light hits this awesome paint and the way the body casts shadows on its own muscular lines is a thing of beauty. Congratulations Michael! Hope you get it on a track and I’m with you when you do! What do you think of this gorgeous ultimate driving machine?

Hey everyone this is alan from bmw durham back again with another video we have another new arrival it’s the 2022 bmw m3 competition and frozen dark gray metallic alright so there she is this is the 2022 bmw m3 competition an individual frozen dark gray metallic this vehicle looks absolutely fantastic let’s take a quick walk around the entire vehicle so we can

Try and see why this vehicle is so amazing all right so take a look at those sculpted arches on the hood there we have the individual shadow line bmw led headlights we have exterior carbon package so we’ve got the air ducts down there and carbon fiber looking amazing if we come around to the side here we’ll see that we have the 19-inch 20-inch staggered double

Spoke 826 m wheels in black with the blue m compound brakes we have the m3 competition air breather on the side fender there we have carbon fiber wing mirrors looking fantastic and if we follow those lines all the way to the back of the vehicle you can really see the way the light hits the car with all the angles and take a look up here we have the carbon

Fiber roof which looks amazing we have the carbon fiber rear spoiler on the trunk lid and then we have m3 competition i’ve heard in 23 they’re going to add an uh mx drive badging over here i’m glad actually that it doesn’t have it down here we’ve got those vertical reflectors quad exhaust in the black chrome and the carbon fiber diffuser down there as well

Which looks fantastic let’s open up the trunk there so down here we have the release levers here and here to fold down the seats in a 60 40 split there’s a pass through through the center as well grocery bag hanger here tire inflator kit with tools down there and then we have 12 volt plug on this side some space down here as well got the nice lights on the

Door handle so let me just open the back door here so we have the black full merino seating here m seat belts headrests in the back can flip up there’s the pass through through the center here and look at that we have m carbon bucket seats here which look amazing we have vents on the back of the center console some rear climate controls with two usb type-c

Charging ports there’s also some vents underneath the front seats but overall this looks fantastic now from the passenger side we have the blue ambient light going on we have the m3 competition down there power seats with side bolsters carbon fiber trim running across the entire dash looking amazing down here we do have a communication pad for digital key cup

Holders 12 volt plug but i just wanted to show you some more of that carbon fiber m3 competition down there i love the m and bows on the top of the leather shift knob red push start button and i love all the little red accents everywhere just to let us know and then we have live cockpit professional we have uh m sport steering wheel with the carbon fiber

On the front and the carbon fiber shift paddles with the red stitching on the back which looks fantastic let’s go take a look from the driver’s side all right so if we open the door from this side we’ve got some window controls here memory seats let’s take a little bit of a closer look at those beautiful m carbon bucket seats in black there’s the m3 illuminated

On the headrest there that looks really good and if we take a look at it from here that’s looking absolutely fantastic all right let me lift the hood up there and take a look at that beautiful s58 three liter inline six twin turbo we’re rocking 503 horsepower 479 foot-pounds of torque this is an absolute beast and also i just want to show you we have the name

Plate there bmw individual frozen dark gray metallic we have positive battery terminal here washer fluid negative battery terminal here this thing is amazing all right everyone so that was my tour of this beautiful 2022 bmw m3 competition an individual frozen dark grey metallic this car looks amazing this is with mx drive so it is an absolute beast what do you

Think of this vehicle if you like it make sure you like share and subscribe we’ll see you on the next video thank you so much for watching all right everyone so that was my tour of this beautiful individual dark grey

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NEW ARRIVAL! 2022 BMW M3 Competition Frozen Dark Grey Metallic By Allen BMWDurham

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