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Altair Club Cars New Acura Integra Reservations Massively Tilted to One Transmission

New Acura Integra Reservations Massively Tilted to One Transmission

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Hello it’s been a long time i feel like it’s been a long time because i haven’t done one of these videos because obs is a real something but uh it’s good to be back we’re here we’re good we got background and um my arms are shaken because it’s disappearing but it doesn’t matter but anyway this is an interesting story that the majority of people that are pre-ordering

The acura integra this is and they’re ordering the one transmission not that it was going to last but hopefully this sends honda something letting them know like people are still interested in the manual transmission vehicles um so let’s go ahead and cover this article i got two sources so and then i will also be leaving the link in the description if you want to go

Check it out yourself so there you go one transmission that everybody is looking to pre-order on the new acura integra now whether they’re getting a fair deal who knows but most of the dealerships are still playing these games unfortunately and um i hope that these people aren’t playing too much money because then we’re all gonna be suffering but you know it is

What it is if you really want something who am i to tell you you can’t get it because you’re gonna be overpaying but at the end of the day it’s your money you can do whatever you like with it but i just prefer you not doing it because then you are really letting them know like you don’t give a and you’re buying it anyway so whatever okay so here we go we got two

Different articles um like i said i will be leaving a link in the description if you want to go read the full article yourself and it says new acura integra reservation massively tilted to one transmission and that is the six-speed manual transmission just like with this article as well too great job everyone over 70 of 2023 acura integra reservations are for the

Manual that is pretty wild because i feel like the majority of the people that are ordering the acura integras are the hardcore fans but that’s just me i think it really is the hardcore fans that are really excited about the acura and like i said before too i think this is going to be successful it’s going to sell really well now whether the manual transmission

Will continue to be selling well that is you know it’s still yet to be determined because it is on the higher trim um but you get all the bells and whistles and the only problem that i have a problem with it is we don’t know how much exactly the car is going to be worth or how much honda is going to be selling it at least that hasn’t been shown yet but anyway

Let’s read a little bit of the article here i’ll admit that 2023 integra hasn’t grown on me yet calling the second generation stick shift ilx is something of a personal pastime that being said any illusion that in enthusiasts weren’t talking with the wallets has gone out the window the new integra is priced right the civic it’s based on has some special sauce

According to their very own editor in chief now we know that over 70 percent not seven not 17 but 70 percent of reservation have been optioned with the stick shift that is a big deal it’s a big deal for a few reasons the first is that we all know that manual take rates for normal cars especially inexpensive ones have been plummeting facts not a lot of people are

Driving manuals because it’s just a little bit more work and the fact that there’s a lot more traffic but during covet it was amazing to drive a manual transmission because there is no traffic there was nobody on the road so that was that was actually pretty nice you know being able to have the whole freeway to yourself at least you know not stuck in rush hour or

Whatever it was actually pretty nice so your feet didn’t get um you know cramped from pushing the clutch letting go gas clutch gas gas clutch clutch gas you know but for being such a heavy user of a manual transmission i no longer feel those pains because i’ve been driving it for years and years and years so now it doesn’t hurt as much anymore except when i’m in a

Completely different car and the clutch is completely different or if it’s a little bit harder then i really feel it but um i’ve gotten used to what i’m driving now and the clutch is just so smooth that’s civic clutch is smooth it’s it’s smooth it’s very soft and it just it’s it’s perfect in my definition it’s a perfect clutch just by the feel yes okay moving on

It’s a big deal for a few reasons the first is that we all know plummeting blah blah to see a car suddenly have more people interested in the stick that automatic is certainly significant the second thing is the original integra built between 1986 to 2001 only had a manual take rate of 50 percent both of these stats come courtesies of accurate spokesperson andrew

Quillin on twitter by the way fun fact 2023 integra reservations are trending over 70 manual transmission for historical context the manual transmission was around 50 sales from 1986 to 2001 damn 15 years only about 50 percent ah it’s crazy now this can only likely be attributed to mix factors the automatic may have been a more popular option if it wasn’t a cvt

And that is also true i don’t know why honda decided to go this route let me just turn this down a little bit there you go i don’t know why they went this route i don’t know why they couldn’t just uh take the transmission that was in the ilx and just you know retrofit it to the new acura integra and have the eight speed manual transmission i mean that would

Have been nice but they decided to go with the cvt and we all know cbt aren’t the best and i think most people would prefer to just drive the manual and then deal with the cvt issues later on down the road but you know honda is solid though when it comes to transmissions they’re solid new the new integros automatic doesn’t have a traditional gears that’s pretty

Disappointing from a seemingly purpose built compact enthusiast car but it is what it is the fact that manual is getting a higher rate take might be a combination of large numbers of enthusiast buyers facts that’s what i was saying a lot of people that are buying the integra at least the early adapters and here’s another thing too that you got to take into

Consideration honda is only making about 500 of those um well they’re taking pre-order about 500 pre-orders for the first adapters or early adapters about 500 of those people are going to be getting the new integra um so we don’t exactly know the number of cars that they’re going to be building so who knows if those people will actually receive that specific um

Allocations or whatever i think they’re going to have a hard time filling some of those like allocations because they tend to make more cvt based and manual transmission obviously because it doesn’t matter which which brand of civics that you buy the manual transmissions one have always been a little bit harder to get to like when i was buying mine i had to go

To a dealership like all the way over there in clover city in la just to get my manual transmission civic sport and that was in 2017 2018 roughly no 2017 2016 at that time it was still difficult for me to get the manual transmission civic sport and it’s going to be way more difficult now trying to secure yourself and accurate integra in manual transmission even

Though that is the top trim but hey you know what i could be wrong and honda can just you know do what they do best and just cater to the market as of now but i think the market will change and it will just even out eventually once the car fully rolls out whoops drop my controller it’s okay anyways moving on um pretty disappointing built-in company blah blah

Blah the fact that manual is getting a higher take rate combination of large numbers of enthusiasts the fact that these sorts of discerning customers have a general distaste for cvts that’s another fact i don’t i’m not a fan of cvts keep in mind that reservation opened just seven days ago it’s unclear how many people have put their name down for integra and the

Total mix when all the reservations run out has yet to be seen just the same acura has not stated how many reservations have been made that is also true but let me go ahead and open up acura’s website let’s see actually see if um if the reservations have all been taken because i know when um when subaru opened up the reservation for the um for the uh solara

That was gone you couldn’t find any at certain dealerships so obviously uh reservation seems to be opened and it still looks like it’s available it looks like reservations are still available if you you want an acura so there you go it’s still available i honestly struggle to care about the context of the data though it becomes clear that the opportunity to buy

A new stick shift cards are eventually going to run out and i’m happy to see what is the renaissance of manual enthusiasm cadillac porsche toyota nissan and other makers seems to believe that there’s still a considerable enthusiast segment of the market that is worth building a stick cars for acura as well as others have others that i mentioned are leading the

Charge to keep the roaming your own relevant and that is true manual transmission vehicles are dying but yeah you know but what i was saying is eventually you know car makers are going to be stopped making you know manual transmissions completely um honda has been abandoning the manual transmission you know starting with getting rid of well first they got rid

Of certain models like the coupe and then after that they got rid of the manuals on the civics regular civics sedans those no longer have manual transmission they used to have it um a generation ago the 10th gen had the manual transmission on the sedans and then they got rid of the manual transmission on the accords which was disappointing especially since the

Accord comes with a detune on the civic type r motor in it with less power but you can just tune it yourself or with honda pro or whatever you know and still get a substantial amount of power from your accord so they got rid of that so then now your only options are if you have the you can buy the brand new civic si which comes in only on manual transmission and

It’s always been that way or maybe it’s going to be changed in the future and then you have your civic type r and then if you want a manual transmission also you can get the civic sport which comes with the 2-liter instead of a 1.5 turbo so you’re sacrificing that power but at least you’re getting a manual transmission but if you want the 1.5 turbo then you got

To graduate all the way up to the touring model of the civic sport um you know hatchback to get that manual transmission with all the goodies and then they also introduced this which was i think this was the right thing for them to do to introduce the manual transmission on the acker integra because it has a long heritage a very amazing heritage i would have loved

To own an akira integra type ah but that is an impossible dream at least you know at least for now the older ones but who knows maybe they will make an accurate integra type r and switch up the gears i don’t know after the civic type part comes out maybe they should switch over to the acura integra type or make one you know that’d be interesting i would love to

Have one in my garage with my civic type bar to go hand in hand that would be just amazing to have in the garage but anyway um let me know what you think of this video if you enjoyed it go ahead and give it a like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already and i will see you in the next one right because i’m out

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