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Altair Club Cars New 2024 Kia Seltos SUV First Impression The Best Selling Compact SUV Is Back

New 2024 Kia Seltos SUV First Impression The Best Selling Compact SUV Is Back

Our new presenter, Mari Cho, tested the newly updated Kia Seltos SUV. This Kia Seltos has been the best selling small SUV in S. Korea for years. The latest model is back with refreshing looks and so many updated features. Check out more with Mari Cho.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the motograph world channel my name is mari today i’m here with the newly facelifted kia celtos let’s take a look at what has changed and how it has been improved inside and out biggest differences with the face lifted version of the kia celtos is the design aesthetics there’s not that much improved but they are saying that it’s

Not a full facelift it’s just an improvement for the future the biggest differences that you will see are the front and back with the face you have the changes in the grill here it has become a little bit wider and a bit taller as well and there is this kind of distinction that goes all the way to the center of the grill that happens on both sides which means

That it has made the front face look a little bit wider and a little bit more stronger if you have on the emergency lights you’ll see these three distinct lights that are flicking i actually do like the improved version of the aesthetics overall you might not notice at one glance that it’s completely different however there are subtle changes to the face so now

We’ve opened up the hood and as you can see you have the 1.6 liter turbo engine and it also has been upgraded to the 8-speed automatic transmission overall the horsepower has been improved to 198 horsepower so now we’re looking at the side profile i think the least of the changes has been done to the profile of the car if you start from the bonnet and it’s quite

Flat on top that’s what i liked about the previous celtos that although it’s a very compact size suv it looks a little bit bigger and it has that presence on the road because of the proportions of the car as well as how it is it’s designed from front to back so you have a very flat surface on the hood of the car and those lines just continue on until the back it’s

Very streamlined just very simple and because it’s a small car i think that it’s very important to be simple and now you have the 235 at 45 tires and you have 18 inch wheels as well and now we’re at the back of the car the backside has also changed a lot in fact we passed a previous generation celtos on the way here and you could really see the difference when you

Had the cars side by side um i do like the upgraded version it has coherence with the front face in terms of the design of the lights here you also have this kind of right angle going down and this lamp goes all the way through traversing the back of the car it gives it more of a streamlined and more cohesive design and here you see these three waves i guess that

That is in line with the emergency lights that were went on with the three lines so front and back it has been improved quite a bit so now let’s take a look at the trunk we’re going to do the mari trunk test but i would like to let you know that with the new version if you have your smart keys in your pocket or with you and once the car isn’t turned on yet if you

Approach the car the trunk will automatically open so it is a smart tailgate function that you have for now we’ll just open it up the conventional way and do the mari trunk test it’s quite easy to jump on because it does have a lower opening and as you can see it’s very spacious in terms of the width i do understand that because it’s a smaller compact suv it’s

Not as high however in terms of the width it’s quite spacious you could fit maybe two of mari’s inside because of the overall depth of the trunk and if you fold back the second row seats you’ll be able to have a much more flatter trunk inside and now let’s open up the lower compartment of the car it’s actually quite spacious you have a lot of room inside if you

Do need a little bit more space then you’ll be able to make use of this area as well inside you distinctly get the feeling that this is a kia design and a kia model from the subtle differences in how things are placed as well as the overall color scheme and the layout you do feel that this is more of a kia compared to a hyundai so the highlight of the facelift of

The new celtos is the panoramic display inside as well as the rotary for the transmission so these two are probably the most distinct differences that you’ll see inside the car i have mentioned continuously that i personally prefer the gear knob because of the entire lineups of hyundai and kia models are changing to this rotary design i guess that this is in line

With the other models the steering wheel is a distinct kia and even with the center console as well as the controls here you have the black gloss as well as a slightly metallic gray that you have for the buttons you also have the traction control here and this also provides great air seat cooling functions as well i had it on on the way here and it’s absolutely

Wonderful and it’s very quiet as well i personally thought that the center console armrest is a little bit too far back for my height and my taste the center console armrest can be adjusted front and back a little bit but while i’m driving i can’t really uh put my arm on the armrest so it’s a bit too far back for me but otherwise you do have a lot of space and now

Coming back to the seats the seats are very comfortable and the fact that you have cooling seats on this segment i think is a big plus you have the slightly perforated design in the middle and you have the two-tone seats for this one with camel and a slightly darker gray they don’t have that much cushion in them but it doesn’t mean that they’re not uncomfortable

It’s quite comfortable when you’re sitting in the driver’s position you have everything that has gone down a little bit and you also have the head-up display but even with the head-up display that is a little bit more of a protrusion you do have great line of sight and now inside the materials you might have guessed or assumed but because it’s the lower segment

There are use of materials that are a little bit more reasonable let’s say this is plastic and uh they have tried to improve upon that by using these matte plastics as well as the gloss function here but if you consider how much you’re paying for even a full option celtos i think that they’ve done a wonderful job so now i’m in the second row seats and as you can

See it’s very spacious the seats are the same as the front row seats as where you have the perforated seats you do have the heated seats as well and in the middle you don’t have that distinct line that kind of bumps you up so the seat itself is very comfortable however the center tunnel is a little bit high for this model so you might not feel so comfortable with

Your legs uh standing so high up the seats um can be adjusted in terms of their incline and recline so this is the first level and you can also push it back a little bit to have a little bit more comfort for the seats in the second row you also have the hvac as well as these two for your charging one slight drawback for our listeners and audience who love their

Panoramic sunroof maybe it’s because of segment but you only have that partial sunroof not the panoramic sunroof so if you decide to get an all-wheel drive for the celtos then you’ll have a different suspension for the back you’ll have the multi-link suspension but if you have at the front wheel drive then you’ll get the torsion beam suspension at the back so now

We’re out on the road and while we were getting to our first location i did feel that the drive of the celtos is a little bit different from other hyundai cars recently we’ve tested a lot of cars that were smooth gliding and very easy to drive but i’m personally a very sporty driver and i do like my cars to be a little bit sporty as well celtos is a little bit

Closer to that kind of drive one thing i noticed about the celtos is that it has a great sound absorption of course we’re not riding at high speeds right now but they did make it a point to say that they have added some sound absorption materials in order to lessen the sound level inside the car some of the cars that we had tested recently had really bad sound

Proofing inside and you could hear almost everything from the engine noise the wind as well as whatever the car picks up from the road but for the celtos even when you’re driving at a certain speed it’s very quiet inside even with the seats i don’t feel that much of the vibration from the road and overall i think that it’s a very quiet car and there we have the

Older version saltos that is uh going up ahead there’s a lot of a difference especially if you see from the back of the car another point is that when you’re idling usually for a lot of gasoline petrol versions you hear the engine running and also the diesel models as well but this one is extremely quiet so i would say that the biggest advantage of the celtos

Is that it’s quiet overall whether it’s just idling whether it’s running on the road when you’re inside the car see even when you’re running there’s a lot of sound proofing involved the handling and the responsiveness is quite good and now the new facelifted celtos has the eight speed auto transmission before it was the seven speed dct and there was a little bit

Of clunkiness and a little bit of uh a lag when changing gears but for this one you barely feel any difference when it’s changing gears it’s definitely an upgrade and with the upgrade from the seven speed to eight speed i do assume that at higher speeds and for longer drives you’ll get better mileage on the car i’ve just changed the drive mode to sport there’s

Not that much of a difference you get a little bit more push when you’re stepping on the gas and maybe a little bit of the change in the sound so right now i have the adaptive cruise control on and the car is following and adjusting the speed accordingly with the car in front of it and even for me an anxiety driver with with control issues it’s doing quite a good

Job as for the mileage mostly we were driving within the city limits and there was a lot of stop-and-go situations with the traffic for about 30 minutes right now the mileage stands at 11.7 kilometers per liter but depending on the road situations and how you’re driving i think that you could have even better mileage so that was our review of the facelifted kia

Celtos everyone so i hope that you enjoyed it please tell us your comments on what you think about the face lifted version and remember to subscribe i’ll see you next time you

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New 2024 Kia Seltos SUV First Impression "The Best Selling Compact SUV Is Back" By Motorgraph World

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