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More torque more horsepower all new turbo on the 2024 hd lineup from gm silverado lineup was released last week and today gm released the gmc version so let’s talk about it because obviously i have a 2020 gmc sierra 2500 hd 2024 is that just released today it has been refreshed externally as well as internally and a little bit of performance as well for those of you

Guys that maybe live under a rock and you didn’t know that the 24s got released today i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about them so stay tuned let’s talk about some of the external refresh that the 2024 got it’s not a new body style it is still the same body style but what gm did with the 2024s is really similar to the 1500 lineup in 2014 they came

Out with that new body style for the 1500s and then the 17 got that refresh with slightly different front end as well as the 2019 got the whole new body style and then in 2022 refresh they changed the front end on those so similarly this that’s exactly what they did here body style is exactly the same but they changed the front end and the tail lights are slightly

Different they got new headlights which seem a little bit more aggressive than the clean c style that’s on the 2020 plus lineup right now and then the grille got significantly bigger in my opinion i thought when the 2020s came out the grill on those were huge but gm made them even bigger especially on the denalis the at4s grille sizes are about the same but on the

Denalis i don’t know if it’s just all the chrome but it seems much bigger than the predecessor so the headlights and the grilles have changed and the bumper change personally like the bumper on the 2020 plus much better especially the way the fog light housing is i and i think they took that design from the gmc and put it on the new 2024 chevrolet but yeah i’m not

A huge fan of the front bumper especially if you look on the front they added plastic trim that’s on the fender flare and they actually extended it onto the front bumper and i am not a big fan of that whatsoever because i personally all the plastic pieces i pay to get paint match and that’s just extra plastic piece that i now have to pay to get paint matched and

I think gm did that to make it more symmetrical to have the fender flares running all the way across whereas on the 2020 plus it stops on the bumper and maybe they thought that looked a little bit weird i prefer that look much better than this one where they ran it all the way across so i guess in a way it makes it look more symmetrical but i don’t like it because

I just don’t like any plastic pieces on these trucks you know you pay eighty nine thousand dollars and you know i feel like they should come paint matched from the factory visually front end that’s really the only difference and then when we look at the rear tail lights that are different it’s just different led style oh and then with the headlights they have this

Really cool startup sequence and a huge fan of that i think it makes it look unique and different that’s something you see on higher end vehicles as well as some of these really cool aftermarket headlight companies and i’ve always just been a fan of the startup sequence and i’m really glad that gm implemented that on oe application on these trucks that’s the front

End let me know in the comments below what you guys think i personally like the c shape on the 2020 plus trucks right now and i prefer my bumper as well but you know as i see more of these trucks and once they get released and we see them on the road we see them on we see them lifted leveled stance whatever i’m sure these will start to look better to me as of right

Now i prefer the truck that i have much better yeah i’m not a fan of that led it looks cool don’t get me wrong i’m not saying it’s ugly it looks cool but i just prefer the c shape i think it’s classier and just a cleaner look so yeah that is my opinion on the front end but i want to know what you guys think so let me know in the comments below what you guys think

Of the headlights and the front end next let’s jump into the interior gm finally stepped it up to where they refreshed the interior the digital cluster has more options and you can customize it a lot better than the current cluster for the interior wise let’s take a look at the denali ultimate because well that is the highest trim levels it’s really similar to

The denali ultimate on the 1500s and i’m really glad to see that because i personally really like this interior and this actually screams denali compared to previous generation denalis where you buy a denali but you really don’t see what’s so special about them compared to slts and even sl east only things special you got on the denalis previously was that you

Just had denali emblem all over the leather really wasn’t any special interior didn’t really have anything that stood out from the slt models if anything the all-terrain the at4 version stood out more i prefer my at4 over the denali because the at4s have the brown leather inserts i think this definitely takes the interior to the next level i know the 1500s the

Headrests have speakers i wonder if that’s the case with the hds although i don’t see it on their website so that may not be the case now something that we’ve all been waiting for it is bigger display it is 13.4 inch diagonal center touch screen the largest in its class so it is a tablet style touch screen 13.4 inches this way whereas the ram it’s like this way

And i say that because you look at a tv it’s shaped this way and not this way so i think to me it makes more sense all right lastly let’s talk about some of the really cool features that are new on this truck as well as the horsepower and the torque numbers i know i’m not the only one if you have a 2020 plus hd i know i was not the only one that tried to use the

Cruise control or adaptive cruise control because on the screen it does show like the distance between the car in front of you and it almost seems like there should be adaptive cruise control because super duties have them i tried using it and i couldn’t figure it out and later i found out that the hds don’t come with them which was really shocking to me because

You pay 70 80 000 and it should come standard on these trucks because they cost more than the 1500s and they come on the 1500s the 2024 hds finally have adaptive cruise control and you can actually use that while you are towing as well we finally caught up to the super duty duties with adaptive cruise control and they are available on these trucks now another thing

That’s new on these trucks would be the massage seats finally i know super duties had them for a long time and i’m not gonna lie they are pretty nice i would say if i’m not driving because i feel like i would fall asleep if if i had massage seats and i was driving i would definitely recommend using them if you’re the passenger if you’re a driver i don’t know about

That i know these trucks have like 30 000 cameras but we now have the transparent trailer view which is pretty cool because you could be towing like your camper it almost looks transparent and you can actually see behind the camper so enhances your towing experience all right and lastly it has 975 foot-pounds of torque and 470 horsepower and as far as we know

It is still the l5p duramax supposedly it has 25 percent increase and low end torque and that is due to a new design turbo that they have which i would like to know more about that and it’s also got enhanced exhaust brake and more powerful turbo vane actuator and upgraded valve springs yeah so it would be really interesting once these uh once this truck actually

Gets released i know it’s probably gonna have a brand new ecm now on the 2023s they can be tuned but you have to use your ecm i would assume these 2024s are going to have much harder to crack ecm so i’m probably not going to see a lot of tuning for these trucks for a while even just the stock numbers are very impressive so you probably don’t need tuning well let

Me know in the comments below what you guys think of these numbers and what you guys think of these new features and are you going to be ordering a 2024 let me know in the comments below or are you going to wait until the 2020 plus prices drop when these get released i personally i think i’m gonna keep my l5p for a while even though the interior upgrades are are

Nice i like the fact that my truck is tuned and it has more horsepower and torque than this truck and i also have an upgraded turbo so the new turbo on this truck doesn’t seem doesn’t impress me just because i got a bigger turbo on mine with all the new technology that this truck is getting it only makes sense for the price to go up i know the 2020 plus when it

First came out you can get the at4s for about 68 and then the denalis for about 72. uh i know and i just looked at the 2023s a couple days ago and now those now these trucks msrp is about 86 000 which is ridiculous and with the 2024s with all the new added technology i think it’s gonna be around at least 90 000 easily for the denali ultimate package i don’t see

Why it wouldn’t be a hundred thousand dollars one of the things a lot of people complain about these trucks was that you know it was lacking in technology and it was it was years behind ford and ram but those trucks msrp were about 10 to 15 000 more than the 2020 denalis so i really didn’t mind it too much now with the interior and the technology kind of being on

Par with ram and ford prices are going to be just as high as the platinums are limited i would be interested to know what the what the msrp on these trucks are going to be i know the 1500 denali ultimates are pretty high up there so diesels are going to be really expensive let me know in the comments below what you guys think pricing on these trucks are gonna be

That is it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed it and as always if you enjoyed it please give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button because we are trying to hit 100 000 subscribers by the end of this year so thank you guys so much for everything i’ll see you guys next time peace

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