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Altair Club Cars New 2024 Ford Mustang GT: Full Tour of the All-New Mustang

New 2024 Ford Mustang GT: Full Tour of the All-New Mustang


This is the new 2024 ford mustang it’s not often that a new mustang comes around but this one is totally new completely redesigned compared to the outgoing model with new engines and a lot of other changes and today i’m going to take you on a thorough tour of it and show you all the quirks and features before i get started be sure to check out cars and bids which

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To start on the outside with the exterior design at first glance a quick look at the new mustang shows that it looks fairly similar to the outgoing model that’s especially true for the profile the overall shape which frankly has been relatively similar for mustang models since about 2005. the designs have generally been more evolutionary than revolutionary and that

Is true on the all-new 2024 mustang as well now if you ask ford they’ll tell you that the big difference between this new mustang and prior models is it’s more chiseled it has more sharper edges and creases which give it a more modern look and that’s especially true around back where you can see there’s now a sharp horizontal crease going across the entire width

Of the car around back and it makes the entire rear bodywork point inward which is different from before and that inward point even includes the famous three vertical cold tail lights on each side which now have sort of an arrow shape or a chevron shape pointing inward with this sharp crease speaking of these taillights worth pointing out that just like in previous

Mustang models they still blink in sequence although as you can see they blink a little bit faster than before a little quicker their sequence blinking but still an iconic mustang design element that’s been kept for this model you can also see the front turn signals now also blink in sequence which is an interesting design change that kind of ties it into the rear

Turn signal blinking and one other thing i love about the front lighting is the way this car looks with just the running lights on you have these very subtle running lights three horizontal led strips that look mean and aggressive and certainly not overdone it is a very cool look for the running lights in the new mustang but anyway back to exterior design and in

The back ford says the rear haunches have been widened in the new mustang and they certainly look very wide and give the car a muscular look and once again you have kind of a sharp crease going over the rear haunches which is ford’s attempt to make the car edgier and bring it more into a modern look with design one other interesting element an easter egg around

Back is at the base of the rear window you can see silhouette outlines of all of the previous mustang models going back to the original and they’ve even included the mustang 2 the controversial mustang 2 is printed right there it’s outlined along with all of the other mustangs showing the evolution of this car to the present day version one other interesting piece

Of exterior design with the new mustang ford says they’ve intentionally sloped the roof line to make it easier to get in and out while you’re wearing a helmet so if you’re going on the racetrack and wearing a helmet the roof line is specifically designed to make it easier to climb in and out of the new mustang but with all that said i must say that the overall

Design of the new mustang certainly looks more evolutionary than revolutionary it looks like the outgoing model but changed here and there to make it a little bit more modern a little bit more attractive feel a little bit it newer but it’s not at all a totally new clean sheet look like some people may have been expecting frankly i was expecting exactly this the

Mustangs design changes have been pretty evolutionary for a long time now and that’s also true of its rivals the chevy camaro and the dodge challenger when they get updates they’re not massive totally new looks neither automaker is really willing to rock the boat all that much with design change so they kind of go with what works and just keep making tweaks and

Adjustments and that certainly seems like what we have here but anyway next up let’s talk power trains in the new mustang which are also very much an evolution rather than a revolution i say that because the current ford mustang the outgoing model is offered with two powertrains a 2.3 liter turbocharged four-cylinder or a 5-liter v8 the brand new fully redesigned

2024 mustang will be offered with two completely new engines that are a 2.3 liter ecoboost turbocharged four-cylinder and a 5 liter v8 but ford says they are completely new engines presumably with a lot more power than the outgoing model and that’s certainly true of the v8 powered mustang gt which is this car ford says the new 5-liter v8 and the mustang gt is

The most powerful mustang gt of all time now ford hasn’t quoted power figures yet but the current model is around 450 horsepower so we can presumably expect more from this upcoming one i also cannot show you the powertrain just yet because it is not production ready the way it looks under the hood but trust me it’s in there fortunately we can take a listen to

The powertrain and hear how the new v8 sounds in the new mustang here is a startup and rev from the new mustang gt now maybe more interesting than the fact that there’s still going to be a turbo four-cylinder and a v8 in the mustang is the fact that there isn’t a hybrid or electric version of the new mustang at least not yet hasn’t been announced hasn’t been

Discussed there was some speculation that the next mustang might go hybrid or electric but that’s not happening yet ford hasn’t announced anything other than traditional internal combustion engine powertrains ford also says there will still be manual and automatic transmissions 6-speed manual standard with a 10-speed automatic option and rev matching is standard

With a manual transmission at least in v8 models which will add an element of excitement to the driving experience but anyway next up we move inside the new mustang where there are bigger changes to this interior than what you see on the outside and frankly what you see under the hood the interior is also completely redesigned for the new model there’s some big

Differences in here compared to the outgoing mustang probably the most obvious is this interior is entirely dominated by screen you can see one massive screen stretching basically from the driver’s gauge cluster area all the way over to the center and it’s split into two different panels a massive screen filled mustang interior in here and you lose the famous

Dual hump design that previous mustang models have had with one on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side as you can see take a look at the new mustang interior that’s all gone replaced entirely by screens and frankly a slightly more traditional car interior in here so let’s talk screens in the new mustang interior because they have some very interesting

Crooks and features to go through and i’m going to start with the drivers gauge cluster screen which ford calls an immersive digital cockpit inspired by fighter jets really it’s just a large gauge cluster screen although it is a fantastic one very crisp displays looks very high quality and really well done done and it is quite configurable you can change it in many

Different ways one of which is colors you could play around with exactly what color you want to be sort of the main theme of this gauge cluster screen but more importantly it can change depending on your drive mode which is very cool this is the normal drive mode and so a fairly normal looking screen but you go into the sport drive mode and the sport screen you can

See it gets more exciting more aggressive more enticing better yet you go into the track drive mode and take a look at the screen now it almost looks like what you have the new ford gt supercar with this horizontal tachometer and everything that you might want on the track sort of first and foremost in this gauge cluster display you also have an interesting option

Here which is a calm gauge cluster screen that can kind of minimize other distractions and let you see only the important stuff like your speed and basically nothing else to make things a little calmer however my very favorite gauge cluster does display and the new mustang is a retro display that looks like the old fox body mustang so this was the mustang in the late

80s and early 90s and if you select that option and the gauge cluster screen it looks like that gauge cluster from that model like an 80s 90s gauge cluster just made digital it really does a good job of replicating the old fox body mustang cluster at night it actually lights up with a green glow just like old 80s and 90s ford models did well now they’ve replicated

That retro feature into the fox body gauge cluster 2 kind of an interesting retro throwback but anyway beyond the driver’s gauge cluster the other major screen component in here is the center screen which is 13.2 inches ford says and angled towards the driver giving you a little bit more of a driver-centric feel now this runs ford’s latest sync infotainment system

Sync 4 and it’s compatible with apple carplay android auto and frankly sync works really well you tap it it’s tremendously responsive very easy very intuitive simple to use you can have multiple things on the screen at once which is nice so like the map on one side the radio on the other meaning you don’t have to switch screens to see those different items at once

And it’s a pretty simple easy nice system and i like how it works now one potential drawback of this system is that it integrates the climate control functions into the screen however it’s worth pointing out that it’s all pretty easy to use those functions stay pinned in the exact same spot no matter where you are on the screen and then you can easily just make

Your climate control adjustments heated seats cooled seats temperature all that stuff at the base of the screen no physical buttons maybe makes it a little harder but not really a big deal but anyway another interesting item worth pointing out in the center screen the auxiliary gauges which show a lot more information than just your standard gauges in your driver

Gauge cluster screen and you can see there are several different views here different labeling of the gauges or you can add even more gauges if you want to see even more things all right here on the center screen and again angled at the driver for easy monitoring while you’re behind the wheel now you can also adjust the exhaust note in this screen and there are

Several different options you have quiet normal sport and performance all different exhaust modes and all configurable from in this screen and speaking of the exhaust modes one other cool feature in this center screen you can turn on something ford calls quiet start mode you have this on and when you start up the car it will be quiet and that way you don’t wake

Up your neighbors and your community when you’re starting up your mustang then once you’ve backed out of your driveway and you’re out on the open road you can turn the exhaust louder to make it more exciting and fun it’s a cool idea next up also configurable in this center screen is a new feature that ford calls an electronic drift brake the idea here is it’s

A drifting specific brake that will enhance your drifting prowess in case that’s how you want to use your mustang do a little drifting you can turn that on and then it will enhance your drifting capabilities and by the way speaking of kind of interesting new features like that and the new must thing there is now a new feature that’s available called remote rev

Which allows you to rev the engine from the key fob which i suspect will be met with either eye rolls or a lot of excitement depending on exactly who you are but a new remote rev feature will let you rev the engine from the key fob which i have to admit is kind of a cool idea when you consider who’s buying these cars and what they’re looking for but anyway next

Up moving on from the screens and the new tech some other interesting items in this interior for one thing a flat bottom steering wheel you can see it here in ford sites it is new and it is now standard on all mustang models you have this flat bottom wheel which looks more sporty in performancey ford also says new mustang models will be offered with overhead usb

Ports that make it easier to plug in like a dash cam or a camera for recording your race track laps so you don’t have to have like wires all running throughout the interior this car doesn’t have it but that’s a cool idea adding usb ports up there for cameras and other devices man next up another nice touch in the new mustang interior you can see this particular

Example is equipped with a manual transmission which looks old school and fun and cool just like you’d want from a mustang same deal with the parking brake no electronic parking brake here you have this old school looking handle that you can lift up for drifting or sliding the car around and that’s frankly what you want from a mustang however despite those old school

Touches it’s worth pointing out that the new mustang interior has been upgraded with better materials than before a lot of nice contrast stitching nice trim just some general upgrades one other nice example is the seat belts you can see this nice color matched line of trim going through the seat belt just gives it sort of a more luxurious more upscale look now in

Back you still have back seats just like prior mustang models and they are still tremendously small just like prior mustang models but they are there in case you want to stuff a small child back there for a short period of time that’s pretty much all you could possibly do now speaking of the seats you will notice that this particular mustang has recaro seats which

Look very cool heavily bolstered you have holes in the top for racing seat belts to go through there’s a very high quality track focused seat and that is part of the mustang performance package which is offered as an option on these cars both the four cylinder and the v8 offer the performance package and it comes with quite a few upgrades like for example wider

Rear wheels and tires as you can see here these are the performance package rear wheels and tires it also comes with a limited slip differential a front tower brace and brembo brakes upgraded brakes front and rear and here’s one cool easter egg the brembo brake has a little pony logo on it the mustang logo in addition to the traditional brembo logo on the caliper

Which is cool to see now because this particular mustang is a v8 power gt model its performance package adds a little more than what you’d get in the four-cylinder the performance package gt also adds brake ducts for additional brake cooling and an extra engine oil cooler for additional engine cooling if you want want to use it on the racetrack now if you get the

Performance package in the new mustang you also unlock a few options that you can’t get in a standard mustang for example magna ride suspension which is a very cool feature and i’m excited to test it out in this car also these seats which are not standard with the performance package but available only with the performance package and a performance exhaust which

Once again not standard with the performance package but only available if you choose to get it on mustang gt models equipped with the performance package you also get the word performance printed very small on the gt badge and back you can see it here a little easter egg in case you’re still not sure if you’re looking at a performance package car take a look

At the badging and then you’ll know and speaking of gt specific extra items it’s worth pointing out that ford says the gt model and the four-cylinder model will have completely different front end design so you can easily distinguish a gt from a four-cylinder just by looking at the front the most obvious difference is on the hood where the gt models will have

This hood event that you can see here i guess for heat extraction four-cylinder mustang models won’t have that feature and so that’s a pretty big and very obvious difference but there’s more than just that the gt also has just a more aggressive front grille with these vertical bars as you can see that’s not going to be available on the four cylinder and the lower

Grille portion is again larger wider more aggressive on the gt larger openings intended to be for better engine airflow but also it just looks cooler and so it’s more fitting with the v8 powered gt by the way also worth pointing out a new design feature for the new mustang is something ford is calling the mustang design series which is intended to provide kind

Of additional customization options from the factory i guess ford is getting it on this very lucrative customization trend and they’re kicking this off with something called the bronze design series package which will add some bronze accents on the outside of the car specifically bronze wheels and bronze badges they’re going to offer this on both the gt and the

Four-cylinder and i suspect we will see some more mustang design series customization packages coming throughout this car’s life cycle and so that’s the new 2024 ford mustang unfortunately i can’t drive it just yet the new mustang has just been revealed to the world and it’s not yet ready to get out on the road but i look forward to getting behind the wheel in the

Next few months for now that was your most thorough tour yet of the new mustang

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New 2024 Ford Mustang GT: Full Tour of the All-New Mustang By Doug DeMuro

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