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Altair Club Cars NEW 2023 Nissan z *NISMO* LEAKED FOOTAGE + Horrible Production News…

NEW 2023 Nissan z *NISMO* LEAKED FOOTAGE + Horrible Production News…

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Finally 2023 nissan nismo i believe it’s been almost a year since i made this video and the thumbnail looks surprised background noise good bro all right we’re back to it so i made that video the thumbnail and the picture i use for the 370z nismo what it’s going to look like it’s very similar to pictures that were recently leaked of the 2023 nissan z a lot of people

Didn’t think it was real and then this video came out yes that’s the nismo on the track and then a couple days later this picture came out by the official nismo page themselves and that put the whole internet in an absolute frenzy all the nismo sticker lovers out there they were going crazy too it is a race car based on the production model that nismo grabbed

And they’re actually using it to enter the knappak fuji super tech 24-hour race in fuji speedway in japan that really got me thinking although yes it does look pretty cool we’re gonna talk about what it has on in just a second this may be a problem and here’s why okay so what is nismo in case you don’t know it’s basically a company that works alongside nissan to

Make race cars and when the race cars that we’re making back then started becoming more successful they started making nismo a production line which changes the whole body kit of the car and it adds a little bit of better suspension work since it is coming from the renaissance race car and here’s where i find the problem with uh the nismo that we’re looking on the

Screen right now wait for it cold start the first thing i noticed while looking at this picture bam that is never going to be a production car i’m sorry but no one is buying a car that has hood pins at the end of this video i am going to literally describe what i think the nismo c should look like and i do someone feel like a party pooper trust me i think that’s

It looks very cool it looks much better than the factory one let’s do a little rundown of what it looks like we got the vented hood which i think looks absolutely epic we got the stock side skirt still stock fenders but if you can see the firmware part looks a little bit different the grille in the front doesn’t quite look as disturbing as the uh oem one i’m just

Kidding it’s not that bad but it looks quite different we also got the red tow hook this one is controversial but we do have a little wing in the back it’s just a little a little sun to give it a little more edge but this is track oriented so i don’t quite know why they went with such a small wig in a way i feel like they would have gone with like at least an

Adjustable one a bigger one more downforce faster track time i know you all hate electric cars but we’re gonna be driving this in a little bit we right away pulling up to meet in the little smart voice i will say though that little wing that looks like it came off right off amazon does give the car character it looks a lot cooler i don’t know how much better it’s

Performing on the track i’m guessing they’re throwing all these modifications on and not really telling us what they are just because they’re testing to see if they actually work on the track and maybe they’ll put that towards the actual nismo z production car but you can’t tell the car is lowered a slight bit is it gonna come like that for factory probably not

Do i want it to yes is it probably gonna i don’t think so and although i love like seeing what’s gonna be on the new z what’s not it’s gonna look like there’s a nismo version is it not the problem might lie in the fact that a lot of people that saw that post think that’s how the nismo is going to come out i’m like 90 sure it’s not and although it’s a problem to

Think that i don’t think that’s a bad thing we’re going to get into that later but next up is the wheels i have the name here although they are race wheels i don’t know which uh style of wheel they are but i did write a couple down it really reminded me of the ce 28 and a eight spoke wheel obviously one with race they need something lightweight for the track if

The new nismo came with rays i’m gonna be so happy especially those absolutely love those wheels that style looks epic i’m gonna give them that aside from that the next thing i notice is we do have huge breaks up front obviously the rear two i think they’re like six piston brakes up front but the good thing is i do believe those are gonna come in the performance

Version of the car and two-piece rotors which we’ve never had that before in previous z’s so i’m very excited for that we did see a roll cage obviously a car for an auto fracture is not going to come in a roll cage that would be absolutely hilarious i would actually love that but it’s not going to happen and then when it comes to performance i’m pretty sure they

Tuned the car they had to have tuned the car and it probably also has downpipes with an aftermarket exhaust if you have those mods and you tune it probably like 450 wheel horsepower 450 fuel torque and if you look closely at the front of the car you see an aftermarket huge heat exchanger the heat exchanger that comes in the q60s that also has the 3.0 liter motor

And i’m also putting that motor into a 350z so be sure to subscribe if you have not but i too had to change the heat exchanger because the sock heat exchanger looks like an absolute so we did have to go ahead and install a bigger heat exchanger that’s coming in the upcoming video when we drive the car for the first time we finished the plumbing heat exchanger

Everything super exciting so why is it a good thing that the factory model is not going to look like this well look at the 350z base look at the driver designismo look at the 370z base look at the 370z nismo if they don’t at least change the body style to something else or give it a little at least throw some red trim on it like you always do yes nismo is for

Performance i understand that blah blah blah but face it ninety percent of you are driving to the gym to work to see your girlfriend to go buy groceries i would say out of 100 people maybe 10 people take the car to the track and actually use the nismo performance stuff that it comes with for your track stuff that you never use so you know where you buy the nismo

Model it looks absolutely epic yes performance but it looks epic so if they just literally put a little spoiler on and just i i love the wheels but i’m not gonna be happy with that i’m honestly not and it’s going to be a little bit of a letdown so i’m going to wait i don’t believe this what it’s going to look like better not now with that out of the way this is how

I want the new z to look like this is the rundown of what an epic freaking z would look like all right wheels can stay the same so same wheels hood i would love a vented hood so let’s keep the vented hood there’s no pins that’s a little weird you don’t have to run pins that’s kind of just like for the track same wheels vented hood vented fenders and everything

Will be amazing if they were both carbon fiber they don’t have to be carbon fiber but if they were it’ll be incredible spoiler i don’t let’s go with more of like a nismo style spoiler where it’s not like the two little skinny lights that skips leg day and then like the skinny might be better for the track but we’re talking about production i don’t like that if

You do a better wing same wheels vented hood vented fenders you don’t really have to do anything with the front bumper rear bumper honestly maybe just like a lip all around maybe like a front lip side skirts rear diffuser i think that would look absolutely amazing i’m also very very curious as to see how the seats are going to be as you guys know the 370z nismo

Seats are absolutely legendary and they cost way too much also isn’t it crazy that there’s a centronismo a leaf nismo a minivan that snis can you imagine a minivan on the track that’ll be funny this isn’t out of schedule post so i wasn’t supposed to post this video was supposed to be the first drive in the vr33 with the z but i saw on the internet and i was like i

Want to get my two cents on it make a video about it i hope you guys have a beautiful lovely day it is official the newsie has been delayed in production due to ship shortage shortages and the economy going to crap we have had the worst stock market since 2008 that’s a fact look it up we’re down bad boys but the car industry is also kind of dumb bad the article

Says you like to september but let’s be honest if you were me guessing i would say the news is going to come out late november early december worst case scenario january this is my opinion though but i literally did not upload this video yesterday because i saw that made or after finished editing and i was like i need to include this in the video so yeah has been

Delayed not very happy about that i guess we got more time to have fun with our currencies save our more money i guess that’s the bright side but the newly has been delayed

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NEW 2023 Nissan z *NISMO* LEAKED FOOTAGE! + Horrible Production News… By Danny Z

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