new 2023 mercedes eqs suv first
Altair Club Cars NEW 2023 Mercedes EQS SUV First LOOK Electric GLS Exterior Interior Walkaround

NEW 2023 Mercedes EQS SUV First LOOK Electric GLS Exterior Interior Walkaround

I AM BACK with the all-new 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 AMG Line on our YouTube Channel featuring stunning paintwork in selenite grey! 😍

The star here which is illuminated and a beautiful interior wow and it moves the driver’s seat as well as these two seats so you have space to move to the plus two seats in the back this is one of the most gorgeous interiors on any mercedes-benz car hello guys i am back today welcoming you all with this right in front of me i have the all-new 2023 model mercedes-benz

Eqs suv and in today’s video i will be doing a full tour showing you the entire exterior afterwards also check out the interior and finish it off with a resume i presented you the all new eqs suv a few months ago and now we are here to fully experience it in the us we are in denver right now with mercedes-benz and here we have the eqs 580 the 4matic one uh 400

Kilowatts around 544 horsepower finished in delanite gray beautiful exterior paint which i’m a huge fan of we also have the us spec right over here and yeah let’s just go ahead and start with the walk around first of all just looking at the front something that’s extremely nice but for the us only is the star here which is illuminated i really love this and i wish

That we had this option for the european and the german market in specific as well looking at the headlights you can already see that this is a eqs just by the three torches here in the digital headlight unit i really love the led light band which we have which we also know from the eqs here in the front also with the eq specific front panel with the mercedes-benz

Star and the amg line specific front bumper in addition with an izilla neat grade looks absolutely beautiful so now let’s talk about the side of the all-new eqs suv and there’s some things that i have to mention first of all the site fantasy are finished in black gloss i don’t think that we have the option for going with the exterior paint instead of that we also

Have the plastic ones which i’m really not a fan but having decent black gloss i think they don’t really fit since we don’t have the night package these are finished in chrome and here you can see the nice line of the eqs almost looking like a coupe in the rear we also have the rear axle steering with 10 degrees reducing the turning circle of this huge car talking

About the here you can instantly see the eq family member i really love the helix design here of the taillights something that i have to show you is with the eqs we have the helix design here and with them we have five of the spokes you have one two three four five with the eqe we have four also here with the led bind the taillight section i really love this 4matic

Batch chrome mercedes-benz star chrome eqs580 batch also finished the chrome and the amg line specific rear diffuser also you can just open up the trunk by pressing the stock and we have the seven seater option with this one looking absolutely gorgeous you can also put them down to have way more space all the five seats here and this is just so cool to see also

With a nice bright interior let me just close this for you so how do you like the exterior of this eqs 580 so now let’s talk about the interior we also have the store handles which you already know from the eqs and the beautiful interior wow what a nice looking interior let’s just step inside guys and in the inside we have this beautiful interior this is one of

The most gorgeous interiors on any mercedes-benz car the inside here is finished in i think macchiato beige if i’m not mistaken and it’s just super super nice looking i just love the feel of this interior in addition with the hyper screen unit the 144 centimeter interior unit with the three separate displays the driver’s display the center display and the core

Drives display as well and also with the ambient colors makes the interior looks absolutely gorgeous and super luxurious i think you only have this mercedes-benz interiors and no one no other manufacturer can get up to that level of interior perfection in my eyes looking at the seats here also these are illuminated this is so beautiful also with the kosher kissing

Here feels absolutely nice something that i had is that the floor mats are finished also in the same color tone which is not good for daily drivers so go for black floor mats if you love your mercedes-benz interior as i mentioned we have the seven seater option here also the back seats and the plus two seats in the back looking very very nice you can also put the

Middle one down so you have six seats in total all of them with the crucial case in here i love this so much and also in addition to that we have the wooden trim in the interior super beautiful you have these cup holders as soon as you push the drinks in they move around we have the wireless charging usbc charger ports we have a lot of space inside so inside the

Eqs suv it’s super super spacious we have space down under here on the door panels obviously left and right hand side and also inside here as soon as i press this you have a lot of space in here which we don’t have with the s-class for example you see it’s really really going down on the here end you can fit a lot of things inside also you have a lot of space in

The inside headspace enough definitely makes this drive absolutely great and amazing and just sitting inside with this seating position with this interior and the feel oh this feels so nice just to mention it guys the eqs suv is only coming as a my bar there is not going to be an amg version of that coming so imagine this interior with the mibach makeover can’t

Wait to see that something that i hate and i have to mention again and again is the air bitcover why would you place a plastic air back cover in this fully luxurious interior this feels super cheap i mean most of the time we rather look on the roads and also mainly on the airbag cover just the displays airbag cover road these are like the main things we we focus

On and this should be definitely looking way better you know leather as an option maybe that would be a point everything here illuminated with the ambient colors i’m just so in love right now guys how do you like it leave it in the comment section below but now let’s get it on and finish it off with a resume before we do that let me also show you the back seats

Opening these for you and with that we have the optional infotainment systems here let me just have a seat inside even though i have them see it move to the back guys there’s a lot of space here also with the display units here which are optional i’m honest with you guys i’m 190 tall it’s about 6.6 foot two or six for three i’m not sure i have a lot of headspace

Here it is extremely comfortable inside something that i don’t like is i mean we are sitting inside an eqs i wish the seats were a bit more comfortable but i mean eqs suv comparable to a gls i can kinda understand but i wish we had more luxurious seats but these i guess are coming with the mibach here with the kosher kissing it’s just so nice and you can put this

One down there we go you have the tablet you have some cup holders in here as well and you can also move that out ah cheap old 2014 samsung tablet here i wish mercedes would upgrade and update this one as well there we go you can put that in even these are illuminated guys for the seat belts and you have the ac controls over here with a small display yeah let me

Also show you the sixth and seven seat as well so let me also show you the optional plus two seats which we also have here in the back of the eqs suv as soon as you stand like this you have the button right over there and it moves the driver’s seat as well as these two seats so you have space to move to the plus two seats in the back let me just do that for you

Uh i’m honest with you there’s really not enough space for me to sit here but i think for children this is enough no way heated seats even in the back you have usbc charger ports and even a cup holder in the back also the ac here the air vents it’s just so cool let me just put them back and let’s see if this will work out i don’t think it will work let’s try it

I think it would if it would be this way with this gap it would be enough for me but moving them a bit more back ah okay this is already nice it won’t work it won’t work but just to demonstrate you that there we go and you can move that forward again yeah and that’s it let’s now step outside as soon as you leave you can just push this button again and the seats

Will move back again to their position you see that i think you have to press that again to adjust it there we go a lot of space inside the eqs suv so that’s it basically for today’s video guys how do you like the all-new 2023 model mercedes-benz eqs 580 suv would you go for the exact same color option as we have here with the zelenet gray or would you rather go

With the high-tech silver or the zotali blue or the diamond white that we have in the back over there i really love the color tone here also in addition with the interior spec of this i’m a huge fan of this car i’m honest with you i really love it and i can’t wait to experience this in germany as well looking forward to see you all again and wish you a nice day i will be back

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NEW 2023 Mercedes EQS SUV First LOOK! Electric GLS Exterior Interior Walkaround By Mr. Automotive

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