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Altair Club Cars NEW 2023 Mercedes AMG G-Class GT63S | 1 OF 1 Will.I.AMG Review Sound

NEW 2023 Mercedes AMG G-Class GT63S | 1 OF 1 Will.I.AMG Review Sound

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Foreign this is one of the most exclusive amg’s i’ve ever seen in the world this is the will i amg it is a combination of the g-class sls goldwing and the gt4 door coupe so in this video i will show you the full exterior interviewer and all the special features of this will i amg so i’ve got the key in my hand and here you can see this is a usa specific key with

A triangle and this is because it is customized by mercedes amg will i am and west coast customs and i will show you immediately the interview because this is amazing first of all the door it is around 1 meters and 90 centimeters in length so let me go inside that will show you all the special features and it opens extremely wide almost 70 degrees so let me get

Inside and here at the entrance you can already see the will i amg at the door side and yes this is an official gt four-door door but it is extended all the way to the back so let me close the door amazing and i will press the button for the electronics work and my first impression is this is an amazing interviewer first of all it is completely changed here at

The top it has this halo-like view with this one bar in the center with also bird message surrounds on stereos on the top and on the sides and the full open tower roof line and pillars make it a very luxurious interior also bright leather and let me close the window a little bit more and there you can see the beautiful carbon fiber this is actually meth carbon

Fiber not glossy furthermore the floor has changed will i amg and of course it just is a beautiful very long two-seater so let me press the button for the electronics to work even more and we’ll start the engine in sport plus and let’s listen to the sound foreign furthermore you can swipe through the menu so if you hit the home button you can go to the left and

This is not the facelift so no mbrux but you can still have a look at all the key elements like navigation radio media and telephone you can actually hover over the key elements and then this way it will change on the screen so let’s go to navigation and of course this is a us-based model so right here we have the usa but tell me guys where are you from so just

Like my gle the will i am chose for a matte carbon 5 interior usually this is glossy carbon fiber but with method it’s just a soft touch and it looks not so shiny and light foreign storage space over here and he has beautiful napa leather seats with beautiful amg patterns but one amazing feature of the will i amg are the seat belts because over here you can’t grab

It it’s actually all the way in the rear and therefore i have to open the sls like doors but horizontal get out and grab it over here and this should extend all the way to the front i think it doesn’t fit all the way in the front seats but i can also use this kind of solution let’s go and now it is time to have a closer look at the details especially in the front

And the rear but we’ll check out the site first and therefore i’m now on the other side i will just open the door a little bit more there you can see the beautiful matte carbon fiber and of course the huge door opening and over there it has the amg logo which is fully illuminated and a huge gap so let’s get out and here i also notice the matte carbon fiber on the

Side plus the burmester which has been authored to will i amg furthermore on the side you can notice the beer like characteristic from will i am also in the front with the nose so let’s move over closer to the front where you can notice the g clause characteristic like headlights round shaped and of course a power bonnet has extreme lines on the top furthermore

Some coolers also met carbon fiber and you can notice from the roof line that it has the metal halo-like design but let’s get closer because the grill is also completely new and this grille is again in meth carbon fiber with a lot of horizontal lines more hov-like and this is very funny because this is based on the gt4 door the wall silhouette furthermore you

Can notice also the lower front bumpers this fully met carbon fiber so let’s go over into the side where you can also notice here from the front bumper an amg pattern inside and of course the bare logo with a mercedes star over here when i close the door you really see the gt4 door coupe line in the rear and i really love this silver exterior color very classic

Mercedes one of the amazing features in the rear is definitely this batman-like spoiler this is in the body color so more matte gray and it really matches the matte carbon fiber at the wear diffuser with these exhaust pipes beautiful aerodynamic lines and of course the will i amg lettering and on the other side the gt will amg furthermore it has a mercedes star in

The center with a bear and the heart knows so let’s have a look at what is another bonnet therefore i have again to open the door beautiful suicide doors and i will just pull the release and let’s open the bonnet there we go it opens extremely high and there you can see this is the gt63 engine the v8 by turbo it produces over 630 horsepower and over 800 newton

Meters of torque there you can see a signature by will i am and of course the amg engineer was responsible for creating this engine handmade and thanks guys for watching merzman’s king i hope you liked the video and i hope to see you guys next time bye

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NEW 2023 Mercedes AMG G-Class GT63S | 1 OF 1 Will.I.AMG Review Sound By MercBenzKing

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