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Altair Club Cars NEW 2023 Mercedes AMG C43 | NIGHT Drive Review Little C63 Sound Exterior Interior

NEW 2023 Mercedes AMG C43 | NIGHT Drive Review Little C63 Sound Exterior Interior

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Second of all it is a two liter four cylinder engine but still a real amg so with the driving select you can change the characteristics of the car if you look over it you can first notice this new bar but let’s not try this here in the city hello guys welcome to merge ben’s king this is the all-new mercedes amg c43 so in tonight’s video i will take it for a

Drive in the night here in france the c43 has changed in many different aspects first of all it has the rear axle steering in two and a half degrees it moves in the opposite direction when driving below 60 kilometers an hour above 60 kilometers an hour they move in the same direction so that makes it a very agile amg pay attention to the lights how the exterior

Lights illuminate and also the digital lights on the wall there it says mercedes and amg of course it says amg and most of you guys already know this is the first time that we have a c43 with a two liter four cylinder engine but i will also show you why this is a real amg and therefore we go to the interior first of all beautiful ambient lighting and i will quickly

Immediately open the bonnet for you guys to see what’s underneath and over here with the bonnet open you can see it has a pretty aggressive engine cover if you look over it you can first notice this new bar which is meant for stabilization it is very comfortable and stable on the road but you can also see the four cylinders in a lingual way so not horizontal

Like the a45 used to be and this is the most important part why this is an amg because you have the one man one engine emblem over here so one person is responsible for building this entire engine so let me close the bonnet and we’ll check out the interior but before we do that check out the new lines over here you can notice that it has the side skirts in a

Little curvy way and in this way the c43 looks very round and aggressive on the side it says now turbo electrified so let’s go to the interviewer and i will show you how it drives of course keyless entry and a beautiful interior with an amg logo on the display it has a red contrast stitching so let’s go inside i will press the button for the electronics to

Work there you can see the beautiful ambient lighting this is the new porch red style screen in total it is double the size of this horizontal screen and this is a little bit tilted towards the driver six degrees so it is a very sporty orientated way of driving so let me close the door and there you can notice it has the new turbine style air vents also three

Above the display and yes it has an optional carbon fiber dashboard furthermore the amg sport cup seats but you can also have it in full napa leather this one is in artico so over here you have the new steering wheel with alcantara on the side red stitching as i mentioned the flat bottom so with the driving select you can change the characteristics of the car

But for the same time you can also change individual settings for example the suspension tool comfort and in this way you will still be driving in sport plus there are also some fast buttons over here you can also change the content if you go to the pencil and then setting select and here you can change the content on the right side or left side of the buttons

But one of my favorite button is the 3d one over here so if i press this the camera will appear and here you can have a 360 degrees view of your surroundings beautiful and it matches the spec of your car including the color if you choose it wisely so let me press the button for the engine to start and before i do this i will hold the up shift for the emotion

Start so let’s listen with the window open of course you can also go for the double gloss for acoustic isolation let’s go perfect you can also change the content in the front by pressing the home button and moving to the right or left and here it says understated which is of course a very minimalistic way of looking at your gauges a full navigation screen

Assistant surface but let’s go to the more basic ones the classic which is one of my favorites sport just like in the s-class and super sport only for amg so now you can only change the center of each screen track base is also solely for amg so let me put it into drive and if you look closely you can see the rear axle steering in action so of course it is very

Important to see the curbs so i hit the park button the left curb is pretty close the right curve i have more space so i can go to the right correct on the left side over here two cup holders and a wireless charging pad for your phone and i will enter the ticket let’s go so there it opens you can also see it here on the front view camera and as you can see

It has the new digital lights and therefore a high frequency in blinking amazing check out the ambient lighting inside guys hey mercedes how can i help change the ambient lighting to red okay i’m changing the color but for now we will just focus on the drive because this of course has the full amg powertrain suspension steering which is very sharp and the

Overall feel of course we can have it in the comfort sport plus mode and there you can already see the characteristics with the drive suspension dynamics and let’s listen i will put it in the classic mode and as you notice they change something with the technology of the turbos if you are in high rpm and push the gas again it does immediately power and

This is because it saves some of the turbo and you don’t have any lag amazing it is the gas exhaust turbo charger the new electrified technology so we are currently driving in france close to the border with germany and let’s go to moon house on our left and check out again it has full carbon fiber interior i will turn on the light so you can see it even better

Also here so and one amazing feature is the lounge start so if you put your foot on the brake and hit the accelerator i will just show you how it looks like but let’s not try this here in the city you can see that in my day drive video but the sound is definitely nice especially from the interior i already mentioned there’s the rare axle steering it is only

In two and a half degrees so you don’t really notice it that much but it is significantly a value add for the supportive driving feel because cornering makes it so much more agile i really love this thick steering wheel so as we are driving in the support plus i will change the suspension to comfort as we are driving in the city in this way it stays on sport

Plus but you’re just having a more comfort suspension so you don’t feel the bumps that much so in total this c43 has 408 horsepower 500 newton meters of torque and this takes it from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just under 5 seconds there’s a small roundabout over here and i’m very sure also with two and a half degrees you’re very agile in the city so guys

I hope to like this video with the c43 in a night drive in the city here in kolmar and i hope to see you guys next time bye

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NEW 2023 Mercedes AMG C43 | NIGHT Drive Review Little C63 Sound Exterior Interior By MercBenzKing

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